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August 2011 Newsletter

It's September and it is all about the

"Fly-In" here at your favorite museum!


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The Hood River Fly-In is just days away:  Learn More



And now  ..... the History of Fly-Ins!


Just six years after the Wright Brothers launched their powered flyer, the first FLY-IN was organized in Reims, France.


This was the year of 1909 and it was ... The Grand Semaine d'Aviation (Grand Week of Aviation). The event was primarily a competition for record setting.


One American, Glenn Curtiss, competed among other world famous pilots like Louis Berloit, Henery Farman and Leon Delagrance. He set a speed record of 49.8 miles per hour flying a biplane pusher of his own design. This event attracted large crowds including 2000 spectators that traveled across the Atlantic (by steam ship) from America to be a part of history.


While the flying was exciting and new, so was mechanical transportation of any kind barely past the use of your own feet or perhaps a horse. In 1909 there were only 8,000 automobiles in the United States, just 144 miles of paved roads and the maximum speed limit in most cities was 10 mph!


My how things have changed.


Next year in 1010, The Los Angeles Aviation Meet, was the first fly in held in the United States. Again this was a competition-style meet with almost all the aircraft coming from France.


Aviation was still in its infancy, but the pioneers of the times took to the skies to propel this new activity into what we take for granted today... easy travel, entertainment, and military protection.


Click this link 2011 Hood River Fly-In Information to learn more.


Tip: Pilot Night Museum Trivia on Friday evening will have all questions based off the WAAAM App upgraded version!


Can you help? Volunteers for the weekend are needed in all areas: parking airplanes, pilot registration, ice cream and lunch counter, membership table, admissions, set up, tear down, car/visitor parking attendant, security, recycling, information desk .Email Ken@waaamuseum.org


WAAAM Camp Recap 

Learning is fun 


The second session of 2011 WAAAM Camp was a busy week for ten more junior aviation enthusiast.


WAAAM Camp2The August students from as far away as Eugene, OR really put their brains to work during the 15 hours of aviation fundamentals.


Just to touch on the class curriculum (and test your knowledge against what these kids learned) the WAAAM Camp volunteer instructors -Donna Davidson, Roy Petitt, Russ Paddock, David Hmeil and Pat Petitt want to share with you what they shared with the "can't wait to be a pilot" students.


They asked - What makes a plane fly? Well, let's built a glider, make it fly and find out... we needed to know about airfoils, weight and balance, aircraft controls, and how the air moving over the aircraft control effects the direction of flight. We also touched on - the phonetic alphabet, what is an N number and why do I need one, navigation, talking on the aircraft radio, and position reports.


Museum director Judy Newman took these students under her wing and let them each get inside one of the WAAAM WWII L-Birds and manipulate the controls reinforcing just what they would be learning and putting a hands on twist to the class. The class took a tour of the airport and FBO, learning about the age requirements for a pilot's license and watching planes take off and land.


Newman also arranged for Volunteer Andy Anderson to take the students for a joy ride in the museums 1914 Ford Model T Depot Hack and to teach them about the by gone era of automobile transportation.


The week ended with glider competitions, remote control flying and an offer from EAA member Russ Paddock for a Young Eagles flight.

Learn about the EAA Young Eagles program


A great group of kids... a great week. We look forward to next years camps



Adults, are you feeling left out?


WAAAM is making plans to have WAAAM CAMP for Adults.

Keep reading the newsletter for updates.

What'cha got now?

1938 Indian Super Chief motorcycle

RogerFolsom, Ralph Conley and owner Roger Woolf withtthe '38 Indian


Check out this old Indian!

It is a 1938 Super Chief on loan from Roger Woolf of Portland, OR

With a 4 cylinder in line engine this bike started life as a Chicago Police Department motorcycle and it has a left hand throttle for a right hand gunman!

What did I miss?


Madras Fly-In


WAAAM participated in the Madras Fly-In and Air Show in August. Volunteers, Jeremy Young, Brian and Lainey Brandt, and Ben Davidson took two L-Birds and a Jeep to the show. Other members of WAAAM also flew in, Lee Borchers , and his son Jon flew separate Luscombs to the event. Lee won first place in the classic division with his finely restored Luscomb. 


Jeremy Young volunteered to fly the WWII L-2 Grasshopper to Madras

The event included an aerobatics show Friday evening and Saturday. On Friday evening the show was concluded by a night time sailplane aerobatic routine that is nothing short of awesome.

Hundreds of WAAAM broachers were distributed to the crowds, and some folks have already found their way north to the museum, based on the contact they had at the air show.


Thanks Madras, for a great weekend.




Model T Driving School


"Advance the spark, hit the break... no that's not the break, a little more throttle... quit lugging the thing" stresses volunteer instructor Gene Wright while he teaches and reminds the adult students of the second " Model T Driving School " held at WAAAM this August. Funny coincidence: The other instructor Andy Anderson said pretty much the same thing!


See the story from Hood River News : The Model T and Me


The Model T and me
The Model T and me


Sign up for the October 15th class


by calling the museum # 541-308-1600   


Class fee is $150. Members take the class for $125

 9am-3pm lunch is included.



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 Second Saturday

September 10th
It is the Annual Hood River Fy-In
You won't want to miss what could be more than 200 planes from around the US.
Start off the morning with a hearty Lions Breakfast and enjoy a day of just plane fun!



Step back in time, relax,  take a stroll, eat and learn.

It is a good day at WAAAM.


The Second Saturday. Every month.  


Visitor Quote  
"I really relate to the aritfacts you have on display here, I have flown some of these planes and driven many of the cars. thanks for the memories."

Coming soon...

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The WAAAM iPhone App is due out mid Sept hopefully in time for this years Fly-In. Watch for it in the iTunes App Store.


Another example of WAAAM volunteers using their unique skills to support WAAAM.



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