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July 2011 Newsletter

Driving the Model T

It is true, anyone can learn to drive! Henry Ford proved that by putting an affordable car in front of millions of horsemen.

The Model T History and Mechanics
Planetary Transmission

I attended "Class One" of  WAAAM's first ever  Model T Driving School in June. If you had never driven a modern car... This would not seem quite as strange. As it is, I do drive both a standard transmission and an automatic. I want to say that the three floor pedals all have different know and use every day and the throttle is where I automatically reach for my windshield wipers! So this class made me think, and panic just a bit, as I quickly used the entire 7 acre field behind the museum to learn a new skill.  


I would like to thank my instructors Gene Wright and Andy Anderson for a dynamite class. and to say to my class mates " I enjoyed the day.. who is going to get their own Model T? I am!"  


July 23rd is the next Model T Driving School... Don't Miss Out!


Teaching the Model T and the safefy equipment needed

Instructor dons the safety helmet!

Class Mate Solos the

Classmate Solos!


WAAAM Camp fly


2011 WAAAM Camp 


Alpha. Bravo. Charlie. Do you copy?


All the students who attended WAAAM Aviation Camp  do--that's  A B C in pilot radio talk.  And they can tell you the names for all the parts of an aircraft, the function of theinstruments and pedals in the  cockpit , and why you take off into the wind.


This summer's WAAAM Camp for kids age 8 through 11 gave 10 students an exciting and fun packed week  impossible to forget.


The class was taught by Donna Davidson,Tex Newman, Russ Paddock and Roy Pettitt, all waaam volunteers.


Through a combination of oral instruction, writing applications and hands on tasks these students learned A LOT  in 5 short days.


Each student built a balsa wood glider, hand sanding the airfoil to the necessary shape to create lift so their plane can fly.  Each student was challenged to make his or her plane "fly right". It was not a pre-packaged toy. As Davidson explains " It flew because they made it fly".



The students were taught how to read an aviation map, decipher the legend, and chart a course.  It all sounds like high level stuff. And it is.  As Davidson will tell you "there are a lot of concepts that are college level principles of flight and the kids get it."


Half time breaks included snacks and refreshments and play time in the kids play area of the museum, which is filled with miniaturized models of cars, aircraft and a submarine.


A popular segment of the curriculum included instruction in the operation of radio remote controlled airplanes and helicopters. Each student practiced taking off and landing the helicopterunder the guidance of  museum member and volunteer Roy Pettit. Pettit explained the differences between fixed wing and rotor wing principles of flight.


In keeping with its function as a living museum of antiquetransportation, students experienced the inside of  an L Bird cockpit, a World War II military jeep, plus a ride in a 1914 Model T Depot Hack driven by museum founder Terry Brandt.


Brandt instructed the students on how to start the engine of this 100 year old vehicle. With something called a "crank" of course.  And why there is almost nothing on the dashboard but extra pedals on the floor. And why it's called a depot hack. Brandt made it look easy as the students hopped in for their cruise around the concourse. But as the adults who attended the June Model T class at WAAAM can tell you, it's harder than it looks.


The last day of class presented a special bonus, not on the regular curriculum. Russ Paddock, another WAAAM volunteer instructor who taught the map reading and navigation portions of this class, provided a true flying experience for all the students in a Cessna 172  on Friday.


He is also a licensed pilot and a member of the EAA (Experimental Aviation Association) which operates the Young Eagles program for youth to promote education in aviation.


Paddock is proud to have his grand niece Megan Eshleman enrolled in the class. And he wants to enrich the experience for her and all the students by providing a real flying experience,  something  he has done many times before. A small patch on his EAA cap reads "100 Missions"  representing how many young people he has provided a flying experience to enrich their lives and stimulate new dreams which flying has a way of doing.  


Paddock will  present each student a Certificate issued by the EAA which reads: 

"Let it be known that, student named, has experienced the true adventure of flight and has become a Young Eagle. This name has been permanently entered in the World's Largest Logbook at the EAA Air Venture Museum in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

The students were also rewarded with a WAAAM Museum Pass which is good for 12 months so they can visit the museum as often as they like throughout the year for free."

 WAAAM Camp Ride

Don't miss the next camp! WAAAM Aviation Camp will next be offered for youth ages 12-16 this August 15-19. The cost is $110 .Registration is through  Hood River Community Education.


Story by Susan Tunno, WAAAM Member Volunteer 



WAAAM Planes over Hood River 

On 4th of July,  

Look for WAAAM.

In the Sky, In the Parade and at WAAAM 9-5  


The L-Birds will be flying over the Hood River Parade  

and the Military Jeeps will lead the way.


Shout out to us! We love your support. 

   WAAAM in parade


What is New 

Check this out when you get to WAAAM

A 1941 Linclon Zepher auto was donated and is on display 


A 1919 Republic Truck is now on loan



Where did it go?

The Beautiful Stagger Wing Beech has taken to the skys and is on an across country trip to the largest fly-in in the United States.
EAA's Air Venture multi-day show in Oshkosh, WI





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Learn to Drive a  Model T!

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Call WAAAM 541-308-1600

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