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 May 2011 Newsletter


Model T Driving School  


Our Model Ts are cranking up and you are invited to attend our 6 hour driving school. Yep, we are serious. You will learn about the care and feeding of the "Tin Lizzie," and we how to drive the car that changed the world (hint... it is not as easy as it sounds.) The class includes lunch at the Museum and a photo of you in the Model T. Upon successful completion you will be awarded a Model T driving certificate from WAAAM. A drivers license is required. 


Don't miss this amazing opportunity. It will be an unforgettable day! Lunch is included.  Special Bonus -  Successful graduates will have the opportunity to drive WAAAM's Model A as well as the Model T.


Learn to Drive a Model T


Classes are forming now for June, July and August

Space is Limited -Sign up today!

Call WAAAM 541-308-1600 or Email WAAAM




  Model T Driving School Prices:  

  $150 Non Member  -- $125 Member -- $75 WAAAM Volunteer

  (This makes an amazing gift - I am thinking father's day?) 



WAAAM's 1st Annual

 Vintage Auto Classic

Get ready to join us for the 1st  

Annual WAAAM Vintage Auto Classic on July 31, 2011! 

Start putting the finishing touches on the vintage wheels in your garage and polish the chrome, It is time to reveal your treasure to the world!


"A Show Off Your Car Day."  


10 Categories for Judging and Awards
Show Participants: $10/car,  includes entry to WAAAM museum
Food and Fun -  Open to the public

Mark your calendar now. We will bring you more details next month.


We need volunteers to help make this Drive -In as memorable as our Fly -In's. To Volunteer, please E-mail WAAAM with your contact info and we will be in touch 


1912 Indian    

              A motorcycle story:

by David Tong

The pre-WWI era was the dawn of motorcycling, and Indian, as the #2 American made brand after Harley-Davidson, used racing competition success to provide marketing success.


Oscar Hedstrom and Oliver Hendee started the company in 1901, with a single cylinder machine.1907 saw the first V-twin powered bikes, as this engine design lent itself to the efficient space usage of the bicycle derived frames of the time.


The museum's 1912 example has an early valve train type known as "Inlet Over Exhaust," or IOE. The valves were not placed in the cylinder head along side one another as is conventional today, but a side mounted inlet valve was placed into a port into the head, while the exhaust valve is placed in the cylinder or crankcase.


The reason for the design was that the design allowed for the fitting of much larger valve sizes, which in those early days, translated into flow and power, compared to placing them side by side in a cylinder head, plus somewhat better cooling for the exhaust valve, in the days before metallurgical improvements for valve guides and seats.


The bike also features bicycle pedal starting, a multi-leaf spring mounted over the front fender for suspension, and chain final drive which replaced earlier leather belts and pulleys for strength and easier gearing changes for racing. It also appears to have a carbide lamp for a headlight.


Indian remained on the American market until the 1950s, most notably with the art deco inspired "Chief" model with its huge valenced fenders. Several companies have resurrected the name in recent decades, offering Harley  cloned engines, which is a sad state of affairs for "America's Other Motorcycle Manufacturer."


Volunteer Spotlight

Better known as Donna 

Donna and her son Eric

Donna and son Eric


Donna Davidson has been writing this newsletter since issue one - 2 years ago.  This month Donna needed some help filling in as she was traveling and so I am taking the opportunity to spotlight her in her absence.   


Donna lives in Boise, ID, but still wanted to volunteer - so she has been and has been writing the newsletter remotely - for 2 years!


" We have lived in three different states since we have been volunteering at the museum. Writing the newsletter is something I can do from afar,  though I would rather be on the museum floor talking with visitors or working on projects! I enjoy staying in the loop!"   


WAAAM- Advertize when you can

As I write Davidson is driving from Wisconsin

(with her dad Alex Newman who also volunteers for WAAAM) where she was remodeling a house  and offered to haul a trailer to retrieve a set of donated 1930 Edo airplane floats that once floated a cabin in the canadian wilderness. Notice the advertising on the picture? 


Donna has been involved as a volunteer at WAAAM since before the doors opened to the public. Starting with sweeping floors in the original hanger, washing planes, moving sprinklers, and the Grand Opening of WAAAM. She also traveled to Hood River to serve as a volunteer Assistant director for three months when the Museum was in transition.  


Donna grew up in Hood River and learned to fly at the airport here. Starting at age 15, soloed at 16 and licensed at 17. Holder of a private, single engine land, sea and glider certificate.


"My favorite airplane is a J-3 though I have never owned one, I have made due with a Supercub!  and a few other classics.  I came for the planes and  I have learned so much about the cars! My favorite there is the 1917 Detroit Electric." 


Hubby: Ben, her high school sweetheart, have actually known each other since 5th grade, is now deployed to Afghanistan with the Army National Guard. Ben is the chief pilot for WAAAM. They have been married for nearly 27 years and have one son, Eric, who currently serves in the Army and has soloed a power plane but prefers gliders!


Donna has told me many time how impressed she is with here fellow volunteers. Saying " what fun people gather at WAAAM."   


Thank you Donna!  People like you help make WAAAM wonderful! 



Second Saturday - May 14 
Schedule of Events

  9 am   Museum Opens 

10-2   See our 1936 Cord and the Hudson Hornet drive. Maybe you   will be lucky enough to get a ride!

The WACO RNF, Taylor Young and PT-19 take to the skys!  

             Come see and learn.

11 am    Lunch is served  ( 11 - 1) Grilled Burgers &  Dogs
12 - 2     Lots going on! Stop by! Bring your Dad and his brother today. 
  5 pm    Museum closes. Thanks for a great day, see you tomorrow!    


            All you car owners...come drive your car & show it off!


Step back in time, relax,  take a stroll, eat and learn.

It is a good day at WAAAM.


The Second Saturday. Every month  



All My Sons : A Play

All My Sons- A Play

Joe Keller, a successful, self-made man has done a terrible t hing: during WWII, hurriedly trying to meet an order from the Army, he knowingly sold them defective airplane parts that later caused the planes to crash and killed 21 men. He engineered his own exoneration and falsely turned in his business partner; now, his son is about to marry the partner's daughter, the situation is revisited, and his lie of life is revealed.
Columbia Center for Arts


When:  Opens, May 12th, at 7:30pm with a reception by WAAAM

Western Antique Aeroplane & Automobile Museum 


May 13,14,19, 20 and 21 at 7:30pm & Matinee on May 15th at 2pm

WAAAM is partnering and sponsoring this play to help support local arts and will serve coffee & snacks. See the play and bring your friends to WAAAM. Both are so worth your time! 




Interested in helping ? Share your interest inWAAAM. We need volunteers to hand out brochures and serve refreshments.


  Please let Judy know if you can help 

Issue 5-2011
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Drive a Model T

by reservation only

Call WAAAM 541-308-1600  

Women in Aviation Month


June 9th
-Fathers' Day at WAAAM
June 11th



Drive a Model T

by reservation only

Call WAAAM 541-308-1600


July 4th

Museum open 

July 9th
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July 31st
- Annual Vintage Auto Classic Car Show


- Drive a Model T

by reservation only

Call WAAAM 541-308-1600  


August 13th
-Second Saturday
September 9,10,11
-Annual Fly-In
-Second Saturday

Visitor Quotes
"I am speechless"

Good Times


Bite of the Gorge 4/2011 

Bite of the Gorge.  

500 supporters pack the hangers to eat, drink and support the  

Columbia Gorge  

Arts in Education  


A great event!



 The Lions Follies  

Mash and WAAAM   

Lions Photo shoot at WAAAM 4/2011

Did you enjoy the Lions Follies this year? WAAAM did. The 2011Mid-Columbia Lions Follies performed...


M*A*S*H the Musical!"


The Lions shot their poster shoot here and borrowed some props to keep things authentic.  

          A great show!     


          Thanks Lions!

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