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March 2011 Newsletter
Having a Ball at the
2nd Annual Ping Pong Tourny
WAAAM IT - a Ping Pong Tournament

 Ping pong, planes, and pulled pork, 


 Come on along! Everyone is invited to play


All funds go to support the Skyline Foundation's Meeting Space Project. Pre-registration encouraged; however, drop-in players welcome on a space-available basis.


If you've ever wanted to go to WAAAM, this is a great day and a great deal. Ping pong and planes for one low price! A silent auction and LOTS of extra fun activities will be going on at WAAAM as it is also WAAAM's Second Saturday event day.


See you March 12th!


Thank you for your support. 

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We Were There! Were You?
NW Aviation Conference.
NW Aviation Air Fair
"The wind and snow could not stop our hardy and determined  volunteers from putting on a good show and getting up to the Air Fair.  Their efforts to attend the Annual NW Aviation Conference last weekend were monumental!"

Museum Director Judy Newman says  "..you can't keep our crew down."  

Pictured are the 1929 Heath Super Parasol Airplane and the 1927 Chevy Race after they were unloaded and reasembled at the Puyallap, WA Fairgrounds on February 26th and 27th.

We have been taking something different each year to put on display and intrigue visitors to ask about WAAAM.

Booth volunteer Joyce Murphy said " Over and over again people would stop buy and say WE LOVE WAAAM, or We visited your museum and were so shocked by the size & collection and We can't wait to go again".  
We love introducing WAAAM  and talking about old airplanes that still fly and cars that still drive.
Be a volunteer and join these great people in getting the word out about WAAAM:  Ray Davenport, Brian and Lainey Brandy, Tom and Joyce Murphy, Craig NacViegh, Dan Cullman,
Gene Wright displays the Chevy racer at WAAAM. The Heath Super Parasol is owned and displayed by Tim Lunceford. 



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Ken Jernstedt :Our Hood River Airport is named in his honor. He sits as an Honorary Board Member to the WAAAM Museum. He was a Flying Tiger and still lives in the Hood River Valley.   
Going to the Station? Come along we will take you for a ride 

Pre-War High MPG Vehicles


WAAM has a superb collection of historic vehicles interspersed among equally historic pre-war and classic period planes.  As a member, I have a particular interest in a particular kind of high performance vehicles; those that go extraordinary distances on a gallon of gas.  Four of my high efficiency cyclecars and mini cars are on permanent loan to WAAAM, and two more will arrive this spring.


1915 Trumbull Automobile

The red 1915 Trumbull roadster is representative of the best of the USA and European cyclecar era, 1913-1915. 

Some 147 makes appeared in the USA alone. 

The Trumbull averaged over 30 mpg in an era when the Model T, a small car in its own right, averaged in the low 20s.  Big Packards, Pierce Arrows and Locomobiles (all on display) might average around 12 mpg.  Priced just a hair higher ($15) than the Trumbull, it was the

Model T that put cyclecars out of business.


1930 American Austin Automibile

The blue 1930 American Austin coupe was an attempt to market a high mpg car during the Great Depression.  Al Jolson, Buster Keaton and Ernest Hemingway were owners.  Though the company guaranteed 40 mpg, gas was cheap and the little car cost $5 more than a Model A.  The company lasted until 1934, and then was revived in 1938 as the American Bantam.  By 1941 it was gone, but not before the company had designed and produced the very first Jeeps for the US Army.  Circus goers will recall a dozen or so clowns popping out of an American Austin like this one.


1950 Crosley CarThe sea foam green 1950 Crosley was the last major effort by an American car company to make a high mpg car (the larger but still small Nash/Hudson Metropolitan was made in England).  The brainchild of Powell Crosley of radio and "Shelvadoor" refridgerator fame, Crosleys were produced between 1939 and 1952 and enjoyed their heyday just after WWII, scoring several US firsts: 1946 first mass market SOHC engine; 1948 most station wagons; 1949 first sports car (Hotshot), first disc brakes; 1950 Hotshot winner of the first Sebring Race (using a formula system widely used throughout Europe).


Following the demise of the Crosley, true mini and micro cars virtually disapeared from USA production, while American "small" cars grew into 6-cylinder Ramblers, Ford Falcons, Corvairs and Valiants.  Mini and micro cars became the domain of  foreign automakers and opened the door first to the European imports, and then to the Japanese "invasion."  WAAAM is developing a good collection of post 1950 US, European and Japanese mini cars: look for more about these in the April WAAAM newsletter.



Richard "Skip" Dunn



Skip and Hedy Dunn live in New Mexico and visit often in Hood River at the home of his daughter's family. 


He will be giving a Show and Tell on the Second Saturday in April on the fascinating history of all the minicars in the WAAAM collection.

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High MPG Vehicles
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"Very very nice and wonderful collection. thank you"
Tom and Kim Kirk
"Wonderful Museum.
To little time to look"
L.Goddard, Depot Bay, OR
"WOW! Amazing Place."
B. Masterson, Duvall, WA

Second Saturday -

A special day at WAAAM 


     A ride on the ChampCycle 


Six year old visitor

Mackenzie of Troutdale, OR was given a ride on member and volunteer Roy Pettit's ChampCycle

during the festivities on WAAAM's Second Saturday last month.


The Second Saturday of 

each and every month is a " Get the engines running and show enthusiast what WAAAM is all about kind of day!' explains Director Judy Newman.   


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When Duty Calls


We want to wish our Chief Pilot save travels as he answers the call from Uncle Sam for a deployment toDavidson Deployed Afghanistan. Volunteer and member Ben Davidson has been called up for his third deployment and will leave the United States for about 8 months. Davidson who has served in the United States Army for 29 years, flies everything and for our country he is a Warrant Officer III and a Pilot of a King Air 300.


The Mission is ODIN ( Google it to get more on the this)


Ben hopes to be granted leave in September so he can help (and fly) for

WAAAM's Annual Fly-In September 9,10,&11


Do you actively serve in the Military? WAAAM invites you to visit FREE


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