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February 2011 Newsletter

 WAAAM Thanks Google Grants!
We Love Google


In 2010, WAAAM was the recipient of a grant from Google Adwords that provided over $10,000 worth of online advertising.

 (Google AdWords™).   This grant provided funding that resulted in 12,894 additional visitors to the WAAAM website. This means that thousands of additional car, plane and museum fans found WAAAM in 2010 that would not have found us without the Google Grant.


 A huge heartfelt thank you goes out to Google.


 "When a giant company like Google takes interest in a new museum like WAAAM, you know we have something really special. Support from Google has been instrumental in getting the word out about this wonderful museum and we are delighted and grateful to be a recipient of this wonderful program. " says WAAAM Director, Judy Newman


Judy also added "With our volunteer Jo Masterson,

2 Morrow Consulting of Duvall, WA  to manage this grant we have really learned a ton and are so excited with the outcome of Google Adwords".


Learn more about how your company can support WAAAM with cash or in-kind donations by contacting Judy Newman at WAAAM.

Thank you for your support.
Memberships, Volunteering, Donations and Admissions 
(no tax dollars are received by WAAAM)

Keep WAAAM Growing. 


NW Aviation Conference.
See You There!
NW Aviation Conference 2011 logo
WAAAM has once again been invited to be apart of promoting aviation in the Northwest.

February 26 and 27 will bring out the crowds who want to be involved in something exciting. This is the place to spread your wings, learn about planes,
flying, and all that aviation brings into our lives.

Volunteers will man our exhibit during the show. We are taking a 1929 Heath Super Parasol Airplane to put on display and intrigue visitors to ask about WAAAM. We love introducing WAAAM  and talking about old airplanes (that still fly).
We won't be alone, 300 vendors and exhibitors along with 10,000 visitors make this an annual outing worthy of the trip.
Take the kids, Take your Dad, and don't forget about Grandma, she has her pilot license you know!

Find Out More


Northwest Aviation Conference & Trade Show
February 26 & 27
Western Washington Fairgrounds, Puyallup, WA. 


February 12 is Second Saturday


Come on over for a day, See what is new.

Enjoy the sounds of an engine sputtering then purring as we rev up  for the day. See them fly. Watch them drive.


Keeping this old stuff alive is what we do best!

TG 6 Glider
TG 6 Glider
  Special demonstrations and Exhibits 10:00-2:00
  • Held over by popular demand- Andy Anderson will be demonstrating the art of carousel horse carving and restoring.
  • Propeller carving demonstration
  • Hands on: build a wing rib to take home (fee for material)
  • Paper airplane build and fly contest
  • We will be cranking up a few engines (weather permitting)


Inside the Sub
Inside the Sub.

# 1 Idea on TripAdvidsor.com - Hood River


           Visit WAAAM.


(We are open every day 9am -5pm)


Since we have 2 acres of indoor exhibits you can get in a good walk, learn about the days gone by, and let your kids use their imagination in the Kids Only Area. Bring your parents or grandparents so they can share their unique stories about life during the days gone by. So much to see!


Boeing Model 70

 Our in house restoration facility has undertaken a huge project.
It is the Boeing Model 70. The Prototype of the airplane that helped launch Boeing into what it is today. Over 8500 Model 73,75 and 76 aircraft were built. Stearman was the Wichita Division of Boeing 


It doesn't look like much yet but some time this year we will have her flying again. As a fabric, bi-winged, radial engine, two seat, tandem, tail-dragger, this aircraft is what the legendary World War II Stearman Kaydet  trainer was modeled after.
Boeing 70 Takes Shape


Yes, this is the way we have to start a restoration project. Already a year in the making, it is a job that requires attention to detail, research and patience.


Tom Murphy is our aircraft restoration expert. Under him are a select handful of dedicated volunteers meticulously sanding, welding, and shaping the "70" back into a airworthy aircraft.


WAAAM is doing this restoration "in house". As of yet we do not have a sponsor for this one of a kind aircraft. Total restoration expenses are expected to reach $155,000. "When we have it completed," chief pilot Ben Davidson says, " We will fly her to Oshkosh." Oshkosh, WI is the United States largest airshow and fly-in venue.


"The Boeing 70 is a instrumental key in aviation history. The Kaydet trained thousands of pilots, and became one of the most successful crop sprayers in post WWII America.  Armed versions were even built and exported before production ended.


We will keep you posted and up dated. You help us find a sponsor!

2010 By the Numbers.

It takes a village to raise a museum!


 Greeting our visitors

2951 Hours of Operation                            

20,000+ Visitors


82 Aircraft

133 Automobiles, Motorcycles, Tractors

23 Special Events

9 Airplanes Annualed to FlyWorkings of WAAAM

44 Hours of Flight Time

18 Automobiles Driven for Events


12,613 Volunteer Hours                                  

125 Volunteers- regularly scheduled and

                             special events


Over 100 Items donated this year including: Aircraft, Automobiles, Motorcycle, Pictures, Victrola, Clothing, Fuel, Tools, Material, Kids Area Items, Firearms, Weapons, Engines, Chainsaw, Books, and more.



What a village we have!

Issue 2-2011
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NW Aviation Conference
Restoration Underway
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Visitor Quotes
"How can I say something to tell you how impressed I am? I can't !!"
"Awesome collection. Definitely worth the trip. we will be back."
Harrisburg, OR
"Great awesome museum. We will tell all we know that this is a real must."
Renton, WA

Available NOW


     Breaking Through the Clouds 


In August of 1929 . . .


Twenty women pulled on britches, snapped on goggles and climbed into their cockpits to race across the country.


It was the first women's national air derby.


There was the media darling, the Hollywood starlet, the aviatrix record breakers and the unforgettable foul-mouthed wife of a preacher.


Together these women were flying in the face of anyone who believed women belonged on the ground.


"Breaking Through

The Clouds"

is the documentary that tells their story.


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