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January 2011- Museum Newsletter

WAAAM Looks Forward to 2011

Reflection and vision carry the Western Antique Aeroplane and Automobile Museum out of 2010 and into 2011.

"Starting the Second Saturday monthly event was a big step in sharing the operating artifacts with visitors. People like knowing when they can see airplanes fly and cars drive." said museum  Director Judy Newman.

Our Annual Fly-In is always a huge success. The Fly-In is WAAAM's largest fundraiser for the museum. Over the last few years this single event has boosted attendance both through the gate and via airplanes adding 4000 visitors to The Gorge. 

This year we are planning on adding a BIG Car Show. We'll keep you posted as this fundraising event unfolds.

Thank you for your support.
Memberships, Volunteering, Donations and Admissions  
Keep WAAAM Growing. 

An Automobile Story:

'32 Plymouth Coupe  
'32 Plymouth Coupe
1932 Plymouth Coupe

In 1970 Ray Splinter and his friend Jack Wolfe found this old girl under a heap of blackberry bushes in Battleground WA.
In only one hour of cutting blackberries the '32 was exposed to show that she was in pretty good shape. It had been a collectors car, but that elderly gentleman passed away, the surviving wife gave it to their son who was going to turn it into a street rod. Thankfully he never got around to it... so there she sat, for years.

Ray started to work on the ol' coupe right away. " I went at it hard for a few months, then lost a bit of interest as life happened. But I would get back going again, then off again. I am sure you understand" remembers Splinter.

In only eight years it was completed. Ray did the mechanical work, and Jack did most of the body and paint.

Buy 2009 Ray had found WAAAM, putting his car on show and giving permission to the museum to drive it as they see fir. Wow! Thanks Ray!



While at Chrysler, Joe Frazer (a Chrysler Company executive)  offered his opinion to Walter Chrysler about Chrysler's new low-entry automobile.

"Well, boss," replied Frazer, "why not call it Plymouth? That's a good old American name. Ever hear of Plymouth Binder Twine?"  According to Frazer, Chrysler (himself once a farmer) replied, "Every farmer in America knows about Plymouth Binder Twine."

Sources: "Kaiser- Frazer:The Last Onslaught On Detroit", by Richard M. Langworth; Collectible Automobile, April, 1988

Volunteer Spotlight 
Meet Volunteer Ray Splinter

 " WAAAM's the BEST THING that has happened to me since Ray retired" is what this volunteers' wife Deborah says!

Volunteer Ray Splinter
Ray Splinter working under the Boeing 40.
 Ray Splinter spends a day a week at WAAAM working on any number of projects. When the weather is warmer you find him in H-3 detailing the new arrivals donated to the museum. Getting them spiffed up and operating. " Right now, I am helping keep the drips (oil and and such)cleaned up from under the planes and cars. " says Splinter.

Ray and Deborah - married for 26 years - had been hearing about WAAAM for a couple of years. They decided to stop in for a quick look after hiking in Parkdale about a year and a half ago. " We thought we could look the museum over in about 15 minutes! Ha! We were given a great tour by volunteer Brian Brandt and became members that day!"

"I knew zero about airplanes when I started volunteering here. I am learning alot about that, love it and really enjoy PEOPLE I work and visit with. I am a car guy at heart and love sharing what I know with people too.
Ray is a car guy! He has- on loan- at WAAAM a number of cars and trucks. 
     '32 Plymouth Coupe
     '30 Hudson Sedan
     '47 Dodge Truck (Tillamook logo)
     '66 Dodge Truck ( That hauled wood shaving to horse barns)

Donations from this volunteer include a 1955 Plymouth Sedan and a couple of Dodge military vehicles.

Thank you Ray, you help make WAAAM wonderful!


2010 Fly In

The video for the September 11, 2010 Fly-In has been posted!
Check out the WAAAM Channel on YouTube 

A DVD has been given to Judy Newman, who can burn a copy for you if you want to view the video on a TV (better resolution) or show it to a group.

Over three hours of raw video and several dozen pictures were squished into a 15 minute video. 

 It's a little busy, but so is the Fly-In! 

The intent is not substitute for being there, but to make you want to attend the next one. 
 Please read the comments with the video.

Join us on January 8th
Second Saturday

What to do on a cold Saturday in January? 

# 1 Idea - Visit WAAAM. (We are open every day 9am -5pm)

Since we have 2 acres of indoor exhibits you can get in a good walk, learn about the days gone by, and let your kids use their imagination in the Kids Only Area. Bring your parents or grandparents so they can share their unique stories about life during the days gone by.

The Second Saturday of each month is special in that we gear up for a bit of action.

Kids Play Area at WAAAM
Kids Play Area at WAAAM

Jan 8th, 2011
Special demonstrations and Exhibits 10:00-2:00

  • This is the final month that Andy Anderson will be demonstrating the art of carousel horse carving and restoring.
  • Propeller carving demonstration
  • Hands on: build a wing rib to take home (fee for material)
  • Paper airplane build and fly contest

View from the lift at WAAAM Aeronca LC ar WAAAM
Issue 1-2011
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An Automobile Story
Volunteer Spotlight
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Second Saturday - Jan 8
What do they Say?
Oh the Fun!

Visitor Quotes
"Hood River  & The Gorge... They are lucky to have you!!"
"December 2010 Second Saturday was great.."
"Our kids LOVE it here!"

You Should Have Been There

2011 Holiday Party
Volunteers Have Fun
Ohhhh the fun we have as  WAAAM volunteers!!! 

This year's Volunteer Holiday Gathering was hosted by volunteers Brian and Lainie Brandt at the Hood River Golf & Country Club and will be hard to top!  


WAAAM provided the Prime Rib which was cooked to perfection by Brian Brandt. The delicious side dishes were lovingly prepared Pot Luck style by each in attendance.


After our fabulous dinner, we shared gifts in a hardy and loud  white elephant game.


Feel left out? Volunteer At WAAAM in 2011!



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