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September 2010 - Museum Newsletter
Historic Bird Model A Aircraft

The Annual Hood River Fly-In is
 here again!
     Do you remember last year when
     231 airplanes joined flew in and joined the fun here at the
 Western Antique Aeroplane & Automobile Museum?

It is a sight!

With the beautiful Columbia River Gorge, Mt. Hood, Mt. Adams and planes galore, you will want to spend this weekend with WAAAM!

The event is an old fashion fly-in. A reason to get in your plane or maybe talk your friend into flying you over or just use us for an excuse to take a road trip on a beautiful fall day.

Start off the morning with a hardy Lions Breakfast
  • Airplane and cars arriving and departing throughout the day
  • Airplane and Helicopter Rides
  • Aviation Swap meet
  • Antique Car Rides on Sunday
  • Lunch on a yummy BBQ pulled pork sandwich
  • Dinner on Sat Night, Tri- tip feast, awards,music and silent auction
The FLY-IN is "Second Saturday" too!
Open to ALL
Thank you for your support.
The Hood River Fly-In is WAAAM's  fundraiser.
 We are  501(C)3 tax deductible non profit organization
and kept open only with your help.
No tax dollars are contributed to the museums operation.
Veterans always receive a discount
Active Military receive FREE admission every day.
Thank you for your service.
Pilot Night - Friday of the Fly-In
 Camp Under Your Wing
Spaghetti Dinner
Airplane Trivia Contest
Fire Pit Chat

Join Us for the Annual Hood River Fly-In 
Fun Fact : The set of 1930's EDO 3300 Floats donated to WAAAM (the ones waiting in Wisconsin for a ride to HOME)- spent part of their watery life under a cabin floating in a Canadian wilderness lake.
Who would have thought airplanes and house would be that tied together!
 An Automobile Story:

  1927 Model T 
Restored by Gene Wright 
Gene Wright & his 1927 Model T
Gene Wright with his '27 Model T
In 1974 while driving from LaGrande, OR to Elgin, OR I stopped to look at an old Ford sitting beside a fruit stand.
This car had been there for several years
and I had seen it many times. After looking
for a bit the owners wife said she wished her husband would sell it! The husband agreed. Sold!
After getting that car home I determined it
was a 1927 Ford Roadster.  It was in fair
shape but would not run. The dismantling
began with the car spread all over our back yard. One year later with lots of body work, rebuilding the motor and chassis, I was able to drive it around the block.
While doing the body work I found that the original body color was Straw with black fenders. In late 1927, you had a choice of five colors.
In 1979 the car was finally painted. Original wire wheels, upholstery and top and it was DONE!
I have taken it on national as well as many local tours.
The serial numbers shows it was built approximately one month before the end of the Model T production, May 31, 1927    
Gene Wright
WAAAM Volunteer


We All Have a New & Fun
(Sounds like great lyrics to a song!)

Submarine arrives at WAAAM
The Kid Submarine arrives at WAAAM

Come along Kids  
There are new things to do
and depths to explore,
A great place to use your
Gary Fisher and friends have done it again! Adding another work of art to inspire our youth to put their imagination to use. Gary sure has talent! Take a look at all of the "hands on" artifacts on display here for the kids.
See what a recycled propane tank has become!
Thank you to all who put in so many hours on this project.
 Volunteer Spotlight
Supporting WAAAM from afar
WAAAM has many faces. Some you see each time you visit the museum. Others are in the background, living far away but still giving their time to help this museum thrive.
Today, you will meet a few. Maybe you will be inspired to lend a hand too, from wherever you live, giving what you can, when you can. It all makes such a difference!
Zewiske & Rogers of WI
Meet Joe Zewiske and Tom Rogers who both live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They teamed up and volunteered to retrieve a set of donated 1930's EDO 3300 floats. Joe will store the  floats in his hangar in Wisconsin until we can bring them home.
These fellows first volunteered during an Army National Guard deployment to Ft Lewis, WA in 2003, when the museum was starting to take shape, Ben Davidson (museum chief pilot who also lived in WI and was on the same year long deployment) would bring a crew of soldiers for some R & R to Hood River where they would work on the collection, and do a little flying for fun. 
Laura Eastman of TX
Volunteer Laura Eastman from TX
Laura Eastman is from Gainesville, TX. She has volunteered to do research on the automobiles and to find fun facts about the era in which the cars operated. (You will see this new info soon).
Eastman is a private art teacher for home school students and a mom with one son,
 who asked how she could help after a summer trip to Oregon and a visit to WAAAM.  Laura soloed in a glider when she was in high school, her husband Tom is a corporate pilot and their son John shows a bit of interest in learning to fly (but mostly loves the cars!). Eastman said " We will be back".
Kent Couch of Bend, OR
Volunteer Kent Couch
Kent Couch of Bend, OR lent WAAAM a hand by volunteering and donating a powder coating on the museums four foot high letters for the exterior of the building. Couch, the Bend, OR business owner of
Armordillo Powdercoating ,first visited the museum with his Model A car club. He offered to help whenever WAAAM needed. Right away the museum had a project. The Orchard Machinery Corporation of Yuba City, CA donated the big sign letters for the exterior of the building. Before they could be attached they had to be powdercoated! Perfect timing!
Kent has lived an interesting life and one of his adventures was flying a lawn chair! Check this out! Couch Balloon Flights 
Thank You ALL!  
Joe, Tom, Laura and Kent
 you help make WAAAM wonderful! 

Issue 9 - 2010
In This Issue
FLY IN & 2nd SAT
Pilot Night
An Automobile Story
Volunteer Spotlight
You did this!
Visitors Quote
 August 2010
"Better than the H. Ford Museum, Dearborn MI" 
 Keep spreading the word!
Thank you Ken Olsson
for getting this thread going...
"On the South bank of the Columbia River where the windsurfers and kite boarders dodge one another in the stiff Columbia Gorge breeze lies the town of Hood River, Oregon. About 60 miles east of Portland, it rests almost directly between the peaks of Mount Adams and Mount Hood, two dormant Cascade Range volcanoes. In fact, from pattern altitude you can generally also see Mt St Helens, Mt Rainier and Mt Jefferson without squinting. The Hood River Valley grows much of America's pear crop and offers a range of fruit-related products in the Fruit Loop, a tourist route that circles the valley, featuring local growers ....."
 AOPA post about WAAAM
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Article worth reading
Roy Stevenson
"A vast, cavernous world-class museum crammed with antique prop aircraft and vintage automobiles is not something you'd expect to see in the small town of Hood River....."   read more
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Thank you to
Lainey Brandt
for telling Portland's KPTV Channel 12 "On the Go with Joe" about WAAAM. 
WAAAM was featured on the program in July of 2010

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