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August 2010 - Museum Newsletter
Get Ready for the Annual Fly-In  
 Sept 11th and 12th  

2010 Fly-In Poster

Visit WAAAM the weekend AFTER laborday   
and see hundreds of planes, row after row, arrive to show the variety of aircraft being flown in General Aviation and to support WAAAM's annual fundraiser. Many of these flying machines are antiques quite different that what is on show at the museum. Others are home or kit built, trainers, or bush planes.   
 WAAAM Museum is open 9-5
Special event admission price $10 adult
 5-18 yrs old only $5 
Lions Breakfast  7am to 10 am Sat and Sun ($7 adult, $5 kids)
Sat Night Silent Auction, Dinner & Music 6pm ($20 person)
  Aviation Swap Meet
Biplane Rides
Scenic Rides
Helicopter Rides
Food, Beer, Wine
The NEW Kids Submarine by Gary Fischer
Come on and bring the family!
See what car clubs show up & who flies in. 

Special Night for Pilots
and their Guests
Come on over Friday Sept. 10th.
Are you a pilot?
 Planning to fly in and camp under the wing?
Are you planning to visit without your plane?
Friday evening is reserved for you.
Speghetti Dinner $7.00
Planes and Flying Triva
Firepit for a bit of hanger talk
Veterans always receive a discount
Active Military receive FREE admission every day.
Thank you for your service

 Local WASP visits
WAAAM and talks about her roll as a 
Woman in Aviation

Women in Aviation 2010
On July 24
WAAAM continued to celebrate and honor
 Women in Aviation.
" Since Amelia Earhart's Birthday was July 24th, that gave us a great excuse to have a cake, coffee and a time to chat with the women who fly and have flown" said museum Director Judy Newman.
The Women in Aviation Display will be featured through August 
Three of our honored guest are pictured above.
(photo by John McNutt)
Anna Flynn Monkiewicz (center) of The Dalles, OR is a 92 year old ball of fire who flew as a WASP during WWII in the  P51 Mustang, delivering planes to training facilities around the US.
During World War II, a select group  of young women pilots became pioneers, heroes, and role models...They were the Women Airforce Service Pilots, WASP, the first women in  history trained to fly  American military aircraft Twenty-five thousand women applied to join the WASP, but only 1,830 were accepted and took the oath, and out of those only 1,074 women passed the training and joined. Anna was one of them. Each female pilot  freed a male pilot for combat service and duties. The WASP flew over 60 million miles in all, in every type of military aircraft 
 Dava McNutt (left) and Joyce Rust (right) both of Washington each flew to WAAAM in their own Cessna 182, spending the afternoon sharing stories of flying.  
An Automobile Story:
 1928 Dodge Bros. Victory 6
 Four Door Sedan
Andersons with their 28 Dodge Bros. Auto
Restored by Andy Anderson
I was told about this car setting in the weeds outside of Willamina, Or in 1991
by a coworker whom I worked with over the phone.
Shortly afterward Jean and I went to the coast for a weekend and on the way back we stopped to look at it. Unlike her crying 25 years earlier when I brought the 1925 Model T truck home, she said "you are  going to buy that aren't you?"
I just about swallowed by tongue saying "yea, sure I would love to have it."
It sat in the garage for about 1 1/2 years while I finished the 1930 Model A coupe.
Once I started working on it I found that parts were hard to come by. Swaps meets weren't much help so I found out about the Dodge Bros. club. Joined it and have driven to Calgary, B.C., Idaho, Colorado and have kept UPS busy delivering parts.
Most of the parts are original. 
Finished restoring and had it painted in 2005 but still having motor problems.  
-Andy Anderson
      Volunteer Spotlight 
Volunteer David Manley keeping WAAAM Green 
Introducing David Manley:
David recently moved to Hood River, OR from California and jumped right into helping at the museum.
 Manley volunteered to move sprinklers to keep the field green and lush. " Twice a day someone had to move the water,   I saw 
                                  the Founder Terry Brandt and Director Judy Newman were taking turns ( along with a few volunteers) and offered to help. They said YES right away!" said David.
He plans on helping the museum around his work schedule with whatever needs done.
Thank you David, you help make WAAAM wonderful!
 Aviation History Magazine writes about WAAAM 
Writer Roy Stevensen featured the Western antique Aeroplane and Anutomobile Museum in the Sept 2010 issue.
Roy wrote about the 1917 Jenny flying and on display at WAAAM 
 Visit the New WAAAM Web Site
New Website June 2010
Be sure to check it out at WAAAMUSEUM.ORG, and send your friends there whenever you want them to know about and share in WAAAM's growth, learning, and fun.

Our New Look is on the Web.
***** Two NEW Planes *****
Arrow F
1937 Arrow F: powered by a
Ford Flathead V8 engine - 85hp
                                                       1937 Funk: powered by a
Ford Model B engine - 75hp
Both aircraft, two of just a few makes and models ever certified by the CAA (now FAA) to be manufactured with automobile engines for the standard catagory.
Issue 8 - 2010
In This Issue
Hood River Fly-In
An Automobile Story
Volunteer Spotlight
Second Saturday
Best Western Hotel
YouTube & WAAAM
Visitors Quote
Zui from Israel wrote:
"This was an exciting visit and an unforgettable one. The place is just breathtaking!
 A Blast  from the Past  
14 year old Passenger John Eastman receives a ride in  Russ Paddocks 1924 Model T Truck    
A ride in an OLD Truck
Fun for Future Pilots
 Two young visitors use their imagination flying the helicotpter in the Kids can Touch area
Kids in the Kopter
Does it fly?
Nope it's for laughs.
the Bedrock Bomber is powered by a hit and miss engine, has spool wheels and flapping wings. What a hoot!
Bedrock Bomber. does it fly? 
Starting up the Stearman
C3B with the Wright Whirlwind engine
Historic Bird Model A Aircraft
it happenend on... 
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Each Second Saturday of the month is our day of action.
Vehicles Drive and
Planes Fly !!!   ---
always something going on.
 food and fun
 and Writing
 A few weeks back it was a rainy Sunday and a guy rode in on a Harley
Davidson Electra Glide.
He came inside carrying a camera and a smile and
warned that he had only a little time to spend. After a short while in the hangars he was back at the desk and we talked for a minute about
what he was doing out in the rain. As you know, I ride, so we easily found common ground. It turns out that Jason Fogelson's a freelance
writer and does a travel blog for Best Western Hotels --and he was on his last day of this trip.
Here's the link to the item we're in:
Best Western Hotels Blog Story and note that he linked our website in the post. I'm glad we brightened
his rainy day.

Ken Olsson
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