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July 2010 - Museum Newsletter
Happy 4th of July.   

Visiting Car Club

   What do you have planned for the 4th?
How about a trip to the Beautiful and Scenic Columbia River Gorge.Then look for our Historic Jeeps and Vehicles in the parade and the Vintage Military Liaison Aircraft flying "COVER" over the town and throughout the Gorge.
 WAAAM Museum is open 9-5 
12:30pm - Parade at 12th & Pacific, Hood River
Come on and bring the family!
USA Birthday Cake
Enjoy BBQ pork served for lunch
See what car clubs show up & who flies in. 
Firework Show (Hood River Lions) on the Waterfront @ dusk (10pm)

 Veterans always receive a discount
Active Military receive FREE admission every day.
Thank you for your service.
Did you Know? Facts about the 4th of July

The Liberty Bell, which was melted down two times because it was
On 4th of July, about July 4th was not declared an official federal holiday until 1941

In July 1776, an estimated 2.5 million people lived in the newly independent nation. The nation's estimated population on this July Fourth: 309.6 million.

The "Star Spangled Banner", the American national anthem is sung to the tune of an English Drinking song, "To Anacreon in Heaven".

We may know the colors of the American flag to be red, white and blue, but officially they are Old Glory Red, white and Old Glory Blue.
Happy  4th. Remember our Soldiers past and present, and smile
because life is good!

 July is our Women in Aviation Month

The Ninety-Nines First President
 Amelia Earhart
 The Ninety-Nines First President Amelia Earhart
Yes women do fly and they have been at it since the beginning.

Many women fly as private pilots be it in float planes, wheeled planes, gliders, balloons, helicopters. or jets. Many have made a living making landing after landing as a tow plane pilot, fighting fires in the wilderness, or rescuing some one in need
One thing is for certain: sometimes you just need to be airborne for a few minutes to get an attitude adjustment, or feel the wind in your hair then you can get back to your life even if it is on the ground.
We invite you to look into our experiences as women pilots including:
Instructing, Racing, Military, Aerobatics, The 99's, Soaring, Exploring...
 See what is happening in the lives of Women with Wings.
Bring your daughters!  Introduce them to flight right here at WAAAM. If you have something to share please bring it by, talk to our visitors, help us get the next generation up in the air.
Mark your calendar for July 24. On this day, (Amelia's Birthday!)
join us at WAAAM while we visit, learn and hear the stories from and about  Women Who Fly.
 Come see what the fuss is all about!
An Automobile Story:

  1924 Hupmobile Touring Car
Owned and Operated by Roy & Pat Pettit 
1924 Hupmobile
 Ken Olson & Clyde Wilson
1924 Hupmobile takes us for a ride
Huppopotamus Tears

Folks have been getting rides in the 1924 Hupmobile during the first three Second Saturdays.  Here are a couple of noteworthy stories. 
A lady in her late 80's was brought to the museum by her granddaughter.  She got a ride around the museum complex, and as Judy was helping her out of the Hup, Judy noticed she had tears coming down her cheeks.  Judy said, "Are you alright?".  The lady said "Yes, it's just that during the depression years when I was a little girl, our family, including my aunt and uncle's family, came out west from the mid-west in a Hupmobile exactly like this.  It was loaded down with everything we owned!"
Then last Saturday a fellow who is 98 years old was brought to the museum by his granddaughter.  His name is Clyde Wilson, and Ken Olsson has been interviewing him for his stories from running NASA's wind tunnel (his mind is sharp as a tack).  Ken told him about the Hupmobile, so even though he is very hard of hearing and sight, he wanted to come ride in it.  It turns out he learned to drive in his father's 1926 Hupmobile.  As he was getting in he said "Oh, this is a Touring car - ours was a Sedan."  After giving him a ride, I was telling him about the lady in the story above as he was helped out of the car by his granddaughter.  When I got to the part about the tears, she said "Same here!".  I looked at Clyde, and sure enough there were great big tears welled up in his eyes!
For videos of these Second Saturday events go 
Watch for when the kid says "Love the Ahooga horn!" as Pat is giving him a ride!
-= Roy Pettit =-
 New WAAAM Web Site Goes Live
New Website June 2010
After seven months in development a new web site has been implemented for WAAAM. This world-class site gives WAAAM the professional "window to the world" we deserve. There is now more content, pictures, and facilities -- all presented in a user friendly fashion. The site is the result of a collaborative team headed up by WAAAM's new webmaster (or is it mistress?) -- Pat Case. Pat is a professional web developer who has volunteered her services for this museum project.
After seeing the Columbia Art Gallery site [www.columbiaarts.org], while involved with the joint Transportation Show last summer, and discovering it was done by Case Communications, Pat was asked if she would consider upgrading WAAAM's site using her artistic and computer talents. After consideration, and discovering who WAAAM is, Pat agreed to take on this major project. She has spent hundreds of man-hours collecting material, learning about WAAAM, and coding the site. The latter was not easy considering she had to meld her magic touch with WAAAM's unique needs and offerings. But it has finally come to
, and
Pat deserves a great big thank youfrom everyone at WAAAM!
                                  THANK YOU PAT !
Be sure to check it out at WAAAMUSEUM.ORG, and send your friends there whenever you want them to know about and share in WAAAM's growth, learning, and fun.

Our New Look is on the Web.
As Seen on TV.... WAAAM 
Channel 12
Channel 12 from Portland, OR recently filmed at WAAAM for a upcoming segment of
"On the Go with Joe."  

You can see the segment on the morning of July 6th on FOX Channel 12.
                             "There's always something to doVolunteers make over the  Welcome Desk." 
Volunteers Karla Schaapveld and Kris Parks, both from Camas, WA, help get the
Welcome Desk  re...Organized.
Issue 7 - 2010
In This Issue
Pulled Pork & 4th of July
Women in Aviation Month
An Automobile Story
New Web Site Goes LIVE
Car Show
YouTube & WAAAM
Visitors Quote
The May Family from 
The Dalles says,

Ring King's  Car Show 

July 17th is the Annual Ring Kings Car Show
Dubbed "Kenny's Cruz"
this year, in memory  of Ken Moe who recently lost his three year battle with brain cancer, The Ring Kings have once again pledged to give $1500 to the
American Cancer Fund for cancer research and this is a fundraiser to reach that goal.
Ken Moe's Cars on Display
Antique Airways Beacon

A day of fun is planned!
* Lions Breakfast
* Sponsored Awards
* Raffels
* Music
* BBQ lunch
$10 registration to show
Bring your cars
Show them off
Bring your friends
Show them what is fun!
Help us Kick Cancer
for Good!
 Contact Dennis
Book Your Event at the Museum Event Center
~ Car Clubs 
~ Reunions
~ Meetings
~ Field Trips
~ Pilot / Flying Outings
~ Senior Trips
Join Us on..
"2nd Saturday"
We get things rolling all day long! Come on over. It's fun!
Each Second Saturday of the month is our day of action.
Vehicles Drive and
Planes Fly !!!   ---
always something going on.
 food and fun
Open 9am-5pm
 Feel Left Out ?
See what you've been missing
Help Needed:
We need volunteers in all areas.  You can even volunteer from home.
- Write newsletter stories
- Blog, FaceBook writer
- Archive administrator
- Special events help
- Lawn mowing, landscaper
- Display design
- Grant Writer
 and more.
If you do it, WAAAM needs it!
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