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June 2010 - Museum Newsletter
                   Memorial Day

The WAAAM Grasshopper Pilots and deserved museum volunteers took to the air Memorial Day, in memory of those who fought and lost and those who supported all who fought for our country.
WAAAM Pilots visited numerous memorial events within the Columbia River Gorge. Hood River received an initial salute from the formation of three Liaison birds of World War Two and the group continued over to the site at Mosier, then on to The Dalles which included the Veterans Home. The formation broke and did some individual fly-by's for the Veterans who were outside waving and enjoying our salute. On the return to home base, the formation regrouped and flew two more fly-by's of the Hood River event with a hard breaking formation salute to end the day. At the Idlwwild Cemetery in Hood River, WAAAM attended the service by driving the 1942 Willys MB WW II and 1950 M38 A1 Korean War vintage vehicals to the site.   
By Kris Parks

Vintage Jeeps were driven by  museum volunteers Brian Brandt and David Manley. Antique aircraft were flown by volunteers Bill Veach, Kris Parks and Jeremy Young

                 What is Memorial Day About? Glad you asked!
After the Civil War ended in 1865, many communities both north and south began holding memorial days honoring those who died. Yale University professor of history David Blight holds that the first commemoration was held at the race track in Charleston, South Carolina by liberated slaves in 1865. Purportedly, the freed slaves unearthed a mass grave for Union soldiers who died in captivity at a prison camp nearby, and re-buried the soldiers in individual graves and declared these a Union graveyard. In 1868 the freed slaves returned on May 30th to decorate the graves with flowers, creating the first "Decoration Day." A parade and picnic were held to commemorate the dead.

General John Logan, commander of the Grand Army of the Republic, officially proclaimed May 30 as Memorial Day in 1868. The holiday was recognized by all states who had been members of the Union by 1873, though many of the states that had seceded refused to honor the holiday. As the commemoration became more common across America, communities tended to honor all who gave their lives in the service of their country in all wars and conflicts.

The introduction of the sale of artificial poppies to support charities for widows and children of fallen soldiers was instituted following World War I, and was originally inspired by the poem "In Flanders Fields" by John McCrae in 1915. Memorial Day became enshrined in federal law until 1967.  By Brainz.org

2010 Memorial Day L Birds  Memorial Day Grasshopper Flight  Flight of the Grasshopper    
Veterans always receive a discount
Active Military receive FREE admission every day.
Thank you for your service.
An Airplane Story:
Pretty Bird
Ameila Earhart, Melba Beard and WAAAM tied together by a Bird 

A few months ago, with generous donations from donors and supporters of WAAAM, we purchased a 1928 Winkle Bird. A three place biplane that is  flown from the back seat and used, originally, for pilot training and passenger hopping. 
The Birds were built in Brooklyn, New York by the Brunner-Winkle Company.  This is one of the 220 originally built.
Now for the Story:
This Bird, serial number N14K,  belonged to Arlene's mother, Melba Beard who learned to fly in 1929. She  traded baby sitting for half hour increments of  flight instruction. Her parents did not want her to fly so she did it on the sly, hiding her flying clothes in the bushes down the street from her house, she would leave her home in Pasadena, CA  and head off riding 5 buses and a cable cars to reach Alhambra Airport in the LA area. This girl had the passion to fly, nothing was going to stop her!
While at the airport for a lesson, she met her husband to be. When the  dapper Dr. William Beard showed up at her flying school for some safety instructions for his new Bird airplane, it was love at first sight. 
They eloped 6 weeks later and he gave her the airplane as a wedding present! 

Melba went on to win the Amelia Earhart Trophy Race in 1935 at Cleveland & was presented a trophy by Earhart. Melba won other airmeets in the 1930's and she was one of the Charter 99's along with Amelia. 
After having to sell the original Bird and (later searching for it years later to no avail....) she had a string of Birds, Wacos & Ryans. She flew many airplanes with original OX-5 engines (like the one on the our Jenny, Waco 10, American Eagle and Robin )  
Purchasing this Bird from Texas, Melba earned her A& P license so she could work on the Kinner engine and was called the "Flying Grandmother". 
Upon retiring from flying, She gave it to her flying daughter Arlene, who took it (N147) to Osgosh in 1991 where it won "Best Open Cockpit Biplane".
The Bird N147 was in the Movie "The Rocketeer"! Another movie personality at WAAAM.
This year WAAAM purchased this bit of history and Arlene donated
three Kinner engines for our museum in her & her family"s name.
Arlene is hoping to get up to WAAAM in June for our Women in Aviation Display which will run in second half of June & July, featuring women's contribution to aviation through air racing, 99's, WASP, etc.
We hope to see and talk with Arlene during Second Saturday.
Come learn from her, hear her stories.

Amelia Earhart and Melba Bird 6/2010 
A Bird for a wedding present 6/2010
Arlene learns to fly the Bird
 An Automobile Story:

  1929 Model A Pick Up
Restored by Andy Anderson
Andy & Jean '29 Ford Model A
 Pick Up
The Anderson's and their Model A Pick Up
I found this pickup here in Hood River on 18th street with a for sale sign on it as I was coming home from work in 1977. The family was moving out of state and could not take it with them.

It was pretty much worked over except for the back panels of the cab and
the pickup box needed some work.
I went to the Portland swap meet the next April and could not believe that there was a good set of back panels for $25.00. Made my day.
It is owned by my daughter Jodi Slabaugh of Coppell, Texas so she doesn't get to drive it very often!
Andy Anderson
WAAAM Volunteer


Boeing 40 Over Mt. Rainier

Check out this link to a photo and story of the Boeing 40 and the new
       Boeing 787 Dreamliner over Mount Rainier
Boeing 40 departs WAAAM

Addison Pemberton (Owner of Boeing 40) gave WAAAM's Founder, Terry  Brandt, a ride before meeting up with the   Dreamliner.
 Volunteer Spotlight
We would like you to meet Bud Pepitone.

Volunteer Bud Pepitone.
Historic Bird Model A Aircraft
One day each week you will be greeted by Bud, a smiling and knowledgeable volunteer who knows  what is happening around WAAAM.

Bud joined the ranks of the first vlounteers after a chance meeting and a challenge from Jeremy Young (director 2006-2008) at a neighborhood get together. Bud answered the challenge and took over Mondays at the front desk and as a docent. 
"I have nothing displayed at the museum but I fixed-up several things....shelves for cleaning closets, old clock over office entrance, "feet" for portable picket fences so they can stand alone upright" says Pepitone. As his other interest are gardening, light woodworking, and "fixing up" things, he is a handy person to have around such a  big museum!
When asked what his favorite WAAAM Memmory is so for Bud replied, "
The first fly-in....setting up and operating the beer garden!"
"My current WAAAM  project  is : A project in continum....learning the stories behind each of the Museum exhibits" added Bud
Bud  lives in Hood River near the airport and WAAAM, has three grown children all living "back east" and a sister that lives in Hood River.

Thank you Bud
You help make WAAAM wonderful! 

Issue 6 - 2010
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An Airplane Story
An Automobile Story
40 over Rainier
Volunteer Spotlight
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Visitors Quote
"WOW This place is sooo cool :) "  
Maya, age 9 
from Belgium
Father's Day
Sunday, June 20th is
Father's Day!  Dads love cars and airplanes. Things with engines, old relics that remind them of their youth.

Bring Dad to WAAAM.  
Ben & Eric

Ben & Eric Davidson Work to get the Wright Whirlwind Engine Running Smooth

Need a great gift idea?

Give him a Membership to WAAAM or coffee cup, beer glass or a great book. Check out the WAAAM Gift Shop.

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Andy Anderson His Dodge Brothers Auto
1930 Model A Ford Coupe
 OPPs. In last months Newsletter, I put the  wrong picture along with Andy's Automobile story. This is the picture that was in there and it is his 1928 Dodge Brothers which he had running and giving rides during the May Second Saturday. You will read this story soon.
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