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May 2010 - Museum Newsletter
WAAAM's First "Second Saturday" 
 A Bang Up Success!

Hundreds of visitors showed up at our first ever Second Saturday.
"The day was special, really a fun time" said WAAAM Director Judy Newman. She added that "each month on the Second Saturday we will crank up some of the relics and give them a go."
Visitors were honored with a special gift of rides in some of the old cars, seeing old motorcycles operate and the Fleet fly.
       Hupmobile and Fleet Stanley Steamer
"It is always a process to get these old babies going... we think that is part of the fun, showing you just how much effort goes into  keeping the museum artifacts alive. It took hours of propping and coaxing the Fleet into starting. It is not magic, just a lot of effort. Every time." says Newman
SEE YOU ON THE  8th of MAY!      9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Second Saturday of the Month
* The Boeing 40 leaves  today, starting it's summer tour
* Our Beautiful new  Bird is scheduled to fly
* We will attempt to get the WACO with the OX-5  started
* The Dodge Brothers auto is ready to go
* Restoration experts are answering questions  10am-2pm
* Coffee and  Donuts in the AM
* Hot dogs and pulled pork  for lunch
*  More... More....More, we don't want to give it away, some see us.
Come learn, be fascinated and get involved in our wonderful past.

Member's welcome to every Second Saturday for Free.
Something Old is New Again 
This last month new  artifacts have made their way to WAAAM.  Come see the our rare:
1928 Stearman C3B
 1928 Stearman C3B

 The Bird and Her Lady will be featured in June at the Museum 
Historic Bird Model A Aircraft
1929 Bird Model A

'71 Velocette Le Mark III Motorcycle

'71Velocetter Le Mark III
Stearman C3B Story by the Yakima Herald
 Active Duty Military personnel are honored every day
with Free Admission!
 An Automobile Story:
1930 Model A Ford Coupe
Restored by Andy Anderson
Andy Anderson and 1930 Ford Model A Coupe
1930 Model A Ford Coupe
I found this car outside of White Salmon, Washington in a open shed April 1984. The engine did run but with the help of Gene Wright we rebuilt it anyway.
It was a body off the frame restoration with every nut and bolt taken off and of course went to many  swap meets looking for better parts.
I actually did restore the body and motor in the basement of our house. It is restored to original condition with some re-manufactured parts and looks just like "Henry" had them come off the
assembly line in 1930.
Restoration was completed in 1999.
It is owned by our daughter Debra. She just loves driving it and she located the oooga horn and the vacuum wiper motor for it.
Andy Anderson
WAAAM Volunteer

 Volunteer Spotlight
John Moore & Ruth Hall
John and Ruth's Project.
09 Brown Hwy Sign Going Up
You have seen it on I 84... the big brown historical interest sign for WAAAM. Ever wonder how it got there?      Volunteers!
Things happen because people get involved. Husband and wife John Moore and Ruth Hall of Hood River did just that in April of '09, when they offered their expertise as  lawyers to WAAAM in helping get the brown signs installed.
"We wrote letters, facilitated meetings, and provided advice leading to ODOT placing signs on I-84 and secondary roads to WAAAM". says Ruth.
Thank you John and Ruth.
You help make WAAAM wonderful! 

A Disney Day
"Disney Give a Day" Volunteers  make a difference!
Our many thanks to for the following volunteers for their recent day of service: Charmell, Oliver & Josiah Dines (10), Mark Rucker (15), Cetara Davis (13) & "Mom",  Aimee, Josh (10) and Christian Joachims (9)
It takes a lot of elbow grease to keep a museum the size of WAAAM going ... luckily each volunteer came armed with two elbows that helped:
Washed windows
Cleaned display cabinets
Polished brass stanchions
Piloted a push broom over the entire display area
Painted the fence supports for the kids play area
 Stained display pedestals
Picked rocks & debris from along side of Air Museum Road

WAAAM Volunteer Coordinator, David Elkins had this to say:

"They were all very hard workers and  seemed to enjoy the museum and the volunteer work that they accomplished. We had hot dogs and cookies for lunch. - on the new hot dog  machine!"

Here is a comment from one of the parents:
"It was a blast! ...
My son asked when we are going to go back!

We will need to volunteer again in the near future. If you could tell your volunteer team they where great! It truly was our pleasure to work with a group of wonderful people."

Issue 5 - 2010
In This Issue
Something New
An Automobile Story
Volunteer Spotlight
Visitors Quote
"Nothing in California can equal your fantastic museum!"  -
Earl, Orangevale CA
It Happened Here
The Bite of the Gorge 
 WAAAMS Volunteer Appreciation Night
 Sister City Banquet
Mom's Day 
May 9th is Mothers Day.   Happy day to all of the mom's out there and a special hug to my mom.... you know who you are!

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" Second Saturday" 
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Second Saturday
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