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April 2010 - Museum Newsletter
See you Saturday, April 10th
WAAAM begins "Second Saturday" 
WAAAM's First Day of Action will start April 10th. 9am-5pm
Aircraft, Automobiles, Motorcycles, Remote Controls, Tractors, Military Jeeps and Engines. Just the thing to see on each 'Second Saturday" of the month when you stop in at the Museum. We are cranking the engines, lubing the motors and excited to share this working history with you  Our fantastic and knowledgeable volunteers are ready to show visitors that this is not just a bunch of  dusty old stuff...but that there is still life here.
All day you can count on THINGS happening. Our plan is to take you through each step on getting the airplanes flying and cars operating. Getting them out of the hanger, fueled, preflighed, started and flown, cranked and tied back down, It's a process and it is fascinating!
 10:30 am  Auto restoration speaker
  2:30 pm  Aircraft  restoration speaker
Morning coffee and donuts
Afternoon pulled pork and hot dogs
(members receive a food discount)
Come learn, be fascinated and get involved in our wonderful past.
Become a member today.
WAAAM It!  was Fun, Fun, Fun
 The Skyline Foundation, WAAAM and 87 people of all ages joined together for some big time fun in the
Event Center at WAAAM.Play it- Ping Pong Fun
Ping Pong for Everyone!

All ages and abilities participated in what is now planned to be an annual event. Each tournament player was guarenteed 3 matches, so everyone got plenty of table time. Lunch was a dynamite pulled pork sandwich served with a smile!
We played hard and laughed out loud. It was a great day.
WAAAM It ! 2010
We  will keep you posted
as to the date for next years "WAAAM IT "
Practice up! 
          Active Duty Military personnel are honored every day
with Free Admission!
 An Automobile Story:
      1925  Model T Ford Roadster Runabout
Owned by Mel & Golda Anderson of San Jose, Calif.
                                                Restored by Andy Anderson
My brother Mel bought this car in pieces in San Jose, Calif. in 1968.
No motor, no headlights, no steering wheel, no top irons and not much more for $300.
He and I went to swap meets, met other Model T people and to buy parts that were missing. We actually bought a running motor for $25! 
 Andy Anderson and 1925 Model T Runabout
I moved with my family from San Jose to Hood River in 1969. Mel lost interest in working on it so I ask him if I could haul it here and work on it if he would buy the parts that I came up with.
He gladly accepted.
In the summer of 1977 I brought it to Hood River and got it all together and finished except for paint and a little tinkering to do.
The summer of 1985 Mel and his sons came up and hauled it back to San Jose. He did some work on it but never had it painted.
Mel passed away in 1994 and the Model T was just setting there in half of a two car garage. I ask Golda if she would like me to bring it back up here. Again she liked the idea.
I had it painted and finished tinkering with it.
That... is how a California Model T got into our museum.
Andy Anderson
   WAAAM Volunteer   
 Volunteer Spotlight
Volunteers Larry and Jan Spencer
Jan and Larry Spencer Volunteers
Larry and Jan Spencer
"I have a love for airplanes & flying and I went to WAAAM before the first Fly-in in 2007. Jan and I were given a tour of the H-3 hanger by Jeremy before the first big hanger was built and helped organize and train the new volunteers.
I started flying at the age of 18 and it was off and on for many years...and now that I'm retired I have continued to fly...I'm ready for my flight exam &
testing again after 3 cross countries over many years." says Spencer.
When asked about life before WAAAM, Larry said "I started as a cadet at the age of 19, become an academy trained police officer working for the city of Kelso, WA. Later, my wife and I bought a grocery store in Vancouver, WA selling it after 10 years and returned to law enforcement in Bingen and White Salmon, WA.
I retired from White Salmon after 22 years, with more than 35 years in public service. As a police officer, I  was specially trained in Crime Prevention & Advanced Finger Printing by the FBI.
I've been in the Army, stationed at Fort Knox where I trained officers in Armor and  the Air Force with an assigned to the Portland Air Base with the 142 Security Police,  becoming a Master Sgt and in charge of the FGA (weapon reloading area).
We have 2 children (Teri & Tina) and a foster son (Steve), who are all are grown and have own families"
A favorite memory of WAAAM? "I was assigned to the
flight line during all of the Fly-Ins & I when the Boeing 40 came in...and...when I went to Madras for an Air Show with
Lee & Jeremy. I love the museum and all thats there (smells, sights, feelings & people) being able to give tours (docent)
and to have knowledge of what's there. Well, I think this is enough...      I LOVE WAAAM and all the interesting people who visit  and all the volunteers I work with." said Larry.
The Spencers have donated a few items to WAAAM (weed eater, gift shop signs & patio table) that they could see the Museum needed..
Larry received a dark wooden propeller with a plaque in the middle for the "Volunteer of the Year" award in 2007-2008 for
all the hours and enthusiasm he has brought to WAAAM,
Thank you Larry and Jan, you help make WAAAM wonderful!
Issue 4 - 2010
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Fun Fun Fun
An Automobile Story
Volunteer Spotlight
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14  Volunteers were accepted to participate in
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On April 20th, these lucky 14 will spend the day at the museum on a work party getting the outside grounds spiffed up and ready for the busy summer ahead. 
In exchange for the help,  Disney offered a day pass at any of the Disney Parks for each volunteer as a thank you.
WAAAM thanks all of our volunteers!!
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Welcome Back!
Jeremy Young 
It is great to have you home safe and sound.
The " Second Saturday" action day happens each month at WAAAM on the....
Second Saturday!
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