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March 2010 - Museum Newsletter

To Honor Our Presidents  

2010 President's Day aerial view
The L-birds of WAAAM took to the sky again on February 15th.
Kris Parks, a volunteer pilot, flew the L-3 with passenger/volunteer/pilot Karla Schaapveld in the front seat. " It was a beautiful day in Hood River for Presidents Day and the museum had a good turn out" reported
Director Judy Newman flew her Defender (also on display in the museum) along side Parks for the annual Presidents' Day Flight
Sponsored by WAAAM.  
WAAAM partakes in many annual holiday celebrations: President's Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, 4th of July and Veterans' Day and to name a few.
Active Duty Military personnel are honored every day
with Free Admission
Mark the Calendar!  Save the Day!
"Second Saturday" is on the Way!
WAAAM's Day of Action will start April 10th.
The antique Aircraft, Automobiles, Motorcycles, Remote Controls, Tractors, Military Jeeps and Engines will get their day in the sun again as the museum volunteers get ready to show visitors that this is not just a bunch of old stuff, but that life goes on for our artifacts.
Each Second Saturday of the Month, WAAAM will get the engines running. " We want to show you that life is easier now, take for instance the process of  starting you car. One doesn't even give it a thought now, but in 1917 it may have taken a half an hour to get the oil warm enough to crank a Model T's engine to life. Or to get the water in your Stanley Steamer hot enough to get you moving. It was life... only slower and we want to share it with you" said WAAAM's Director Judy Newman.
Come learn, be fascinated and get involved in our wonderful past.
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WAAAM and Disney
Team up to get things done.
Give a day. Get a Disney day.
"Give a Day. Get a Disney Day." is a reward offered by Disney to promote volunteering. 
When you volunteer at WAAAM, DisneyParks will give you a voucher for a free day at one of thier parks. Really!
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 An Automobile Story:
      1925 Ford Model T 1 Ton Truck       
    Owned & restored by Jean and Andy Anderson of Hood River, OR
While I was working up on a telephone pole overlooking a prune orchard in Morgan Hill, CA in April of 1966, I spotted a wood spoke wheel sticking out from behind a barn. After completing my work, I just had to see what it was. It turned out to be this Model T truck. Just a bunch of rust.
 Mar 2010 Model T 1 Ton Truck 1925After deciding that I could not live without it, I located the owner and    we agreed upon a price of $100.00. Actually, I got  2 Model T trucks. The other was a 1919. I used it for some parts and discarded what was left.
The hardest part was getting the $100 bucks - out of Jean. (That was just about a weeks salary at that time). Upon getting it back home in San Jose Jean actually cried saying "you know how much bread and milk that would have bought for our 3 kids."
I had worked on it quite a bit in San Jose. Got it running with the help of an older neighbor and much the body work was completed.
Switching jobs with telephone companies we moved to Hood River in Sept. 1969. We went back to San Jose in the spring of 1970 and hauled it home. After years of going to swap meets and meeting other restorers looking and getting better parts, I finally got it on the road in 1978. Final paint went on in 1999.
It is equipped with a 22 horse power motor, Hassler shocks in front, outside Rocky Mtn. rear brakes, a 6 speed Rocky Mtn rear end, factory built flat bed and unique window risers (leather strap with 3 holes for 3 different window positions).
It is restored to what I believe it was as it came off the assembly line back in 1925 at a cost of approximately $295.00.
It is on display at WAAAM, located off the left wing of the Jenny.
Andy Anderson      
 Volunteer Spotlight
 Mar. '10 Volunteer Spotlight Ron Wilkins
Ronald Wilkins
"I wanted to go to WAAAM but never seemed to get to it. But for my 70th birthday, in October 2009, my wife and children gave me a family membership. That was the best present ever! I have taken my grand daughters to WAAAM several times since joining and they always want to go back whenever grandpa is taking care of them. Jean and Andy Anderson, whom I worked with at Sprint Telephone Co., twisted my arm (repeatedly) to become a volunteer and I have been hooked ever since. I love aviation and was shocked when I read Bob Spielman's spotlight article and discovered that I worked with Bob at United Airlines back in the 1960's as a sheet metal mechanic on the overhaul docks in San Francisco. What a small world!
In 1958 I joined the USAF and became an aircraft engine mechanic on the R4360's on the KC97 aircraft. Then, a rocket engine mechanic on the Jupiter missile system. After the Air Force I earned an associates degree in Aeronautics as well as my A&P rating and private pilot rating in helicopters. While earning this degree, I supported myself by working as a machinist making castings for Douglas & Lockheed Aircraft Companies as well as making explosive noses for 20mm ammunitions. Next, I purchased a wrecked Cessena 140A, rebuilt it and started flying it. Later, I moved to Tonasket, WA and worked as an A/C mechanic and got my ag apprenticeship in a Piper Super Cub. Moving back to Grand Junction, Colorado, I worked in an aircraft repair shop and flew Super Cubs for the Civil Air Patrol in the Rocky Mountain area. Following my love of flying helicopters, I moved to La Grande, OR. and worked for Rambling Rotors doing agriculture spraying and Forest Service contract work. While there, I flew for the movie "Paint Your Wagon" with Clint Eastwood and Lee Marvin. I flew Clint Eastwood, Ed Sullivan and many other celebrities and cast members into and around the wilderness movie sight.
I went to work for United Telephone Co. (now Century Tel) in Hood River in 1973. and flew for telephone construction doing sling work, engineering, and VIP transport. Over the years, many people flew with us, including: Ken Jernstedt, Bob Packwood, Governor Dixie Lee Ray, Senator Mark Hatfield, and Mayor Kenji Nakano, from Tsuruta, Japan, just to name a few. I retired in 1998. Although I retired from flying and aircraft work, I will always love all aspects of aviation. Throughout my career of over 14,000 flight hours, I have held the following ratings: A&P, Commercial Single & Multi-engine land, fixed-wing, instrument, single engine seaplane, helicopter ATP, CFI instrument, external loads, ag spray operations.
My wife, Shar and I have 3 children. Etta is just about to turn 50, Jason is 38, and Julie will be 35 this year. We have 6 terrific grandchildren and this year we will be celebrating out 40th anniversary.
My post-retirement interests now include working on old airplanes and automobiles. I am currently rebuilding a 1949 Chevrolet Pickup that has been in my family since it was new and caring for my collection of over 500 helicopter models. This collection has been growing since 1958. Many are factory and one-of-a-kind models. The rest of my free time is spent enjoying our grandchildren, fly fishing, and helping where I can with the Hood River/Tsuruta Sister City group".
Thank you Ron, you help make WAAAM wonderful!
Issue 3 - 2010
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Antique Airways Beacon 
NW Aviation Conference
Our attendance at the Northwest Aviation Conference (Feb)  in Puyallup,WA was a huge hit. Volunteers Lainey and Brian Brandt, Tom and Joyce
Murphy, Ken Olsson and Wes Valpey  spent the third weekend of February in WA promoting WAAAM.
The 1930 Waco Primary Glider project, WWII Ford GPW  Military jeep, 1942 Military Harley
Motorcycle and a '29 Packard  were all
trucked to the Puyallup Fairgrounds and placed on display where thousands got a taste of what is offered at the museum.
By the next weekend, WAAAM had many new visitors because they had seen us at the conference.
Keep spreading the word.
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Featured Article
Louise May a Curtiss Robin

 An Aeroplane Story: 

My 1929 Curtiss Robin was restored by John and Louise May Thurmond of Animas, NM.

The airplane was purchased by Richard Holly in 1935 and taken by ship to Alaska.  It served as a bush airplane until after World War II.  After the war is was disassembled and shipped to Oregon where John Thurmond purchased it.  At that time it need to be completely restored and they worked on the restoration now and then until around 2000.  Louise May did the fabric work and John did the mechanical work. 
I purchased the airplane from the family in 2002 and, after additional restoration work, have flown it on a regular basis to air shows as far away as Oklahoma.  The Robin is a model J-1 with a Wright J-6-5 engine of 165 hp.  That is the original engine for this model Robin.  The airplane is  based in Yakima, WA but it is presently on loan to WAAAM.
Dick Pingrey
Western Antique Aeroplane & Automobile Museum 
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