September 27, 2012

Engaged Community   

Operation Graduation = Success     

Operation Graduation

Dale Duncan has a soft spot for high school dropouts. Not just because education - she holds a master's degree in educational leadership - helped her escape the poverty of her small town. She knows exactly what they're going through. | Hundreds of volunteers canvassed the neighborhoods surrounding AISD high schools encouraging students to return to school.

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Effective Leadership   

Community Learning at Shackelford      

Shackelford PLCs

Know what you're going to teach and how you're going to teach it. Know whether students learned the material and what adjustments must be made for those that didn't. For students that got it, what can be done to take them even higher? | Shackelford Junior High eighth graders Madison G., Makaylyn C. and Scarlett M. wait outside before school starts.

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AISD Access

Effective Leadership    

SOARing Mentors     

Project SOAR

Bowie High School junior Nicole I. attended Tuesday's orientation for mentors participating in AISD's Project SOAR, listening to what to do - or not do - with mentees, though you could say she's sort of been there, done that. At least from the mentee point of view. | Senior Kiara F. of Bowie High School, sophomore Edgar C. of Arlington High School and senior Frida A. of Sam Houston High School participated in team-building exercises during Project SOAR orientation.  

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Notable Alumnus   

Unconditional Love for Film 

Brent McCorkle

As a student at Little Elementary and later Martin High School, Brent McCorkle was a different sort of moviegoer; he didn't need the cinematic flavor of the moment to get him rushing to the nearest theater. He found himself being immersed in the storylines, in the music, in the messages of a variety of films. | Martin High School alumnus Brent McCorkle's feature film, Unconditional, opened in theaters Sept. 21.

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News Briefs
Dean Corey Marching Spectacular
The Dean Corey Marching Spectacular will be held Tuesday, Oct. 2 at UTA Maverick Stadium beginning at 7 p.m.
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New School Name Nominations

The Board of Trustees is now accepting nominations of namesakes for the new Sherry Street elementary, scheduled to open fall 2013.
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Student holiday/staff development
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