September 23, 2012

Inspired Learners  

Let's Move With the Mayor    

Let's Move With the Mayor winner

Wherever Bryant Elementary sixth grader Skylar S. went during the summer, her pedometer went with her, whether it was a few miles along a beach in California or a few steps from her bed to the bathroom. No wonder Skylar took more steps than any other participant in the annual Let's Move With the Mayor program that challenges students to count their steps while promoting fitness. | Mayor Dr. Robert Cluck, Interim Superintendent Dr. Marcelo Cavazos, Bryant Elementary Principal Randi Smith and Assistant Principal Melinda Schweig congratulate first-place winner Skylar S.

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Inspired Learners  

Play 60 at Larson     

Larson ES NFL Play 60

To rise to 6 feet in height, weigh in at a body fat free 210 pounds and become a cornerback for the Dallas Cowboys, Brandon Carr didn't consume a lot of fast food burgers. His favorite food? Baked chicken. Favorite drink? Milk. | Larson Elementary students interacted during a presentation by Dallas Cowboys cornerback Brandon Carr.

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Engaged Community   

Carter's Cleanup    

Carter Father-Son Cleanup

When Sam Nix took over as principal of Carter Junior High, one of the first things he did was survey the neighborhood, from the residents to business owners. One common response: too many kids out too early with nothing to do but wait for the bell to ring. | Carter Junior High teacher Mark Castillo and eighth graders Kyle R. and Ruben A. work on getting a bench in place in the courtyard.    

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Inspired Learners  

Martin a Gracious Host     

German student visit

One of many things Martin High School students came away with during a visit recently by a group of German youths was this: their lives aren't as foreign as their own. In other words, Martin teacher Juliann Warner said, "Teenagers are teenagers pretty much everywhere." | Martin teacher Juliann Warner, Principal Marlene Roddy and the eight visiting German students took a picture at the end of their visit.  

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