September 14, 2012

Engaged Community 

Officer on a Bus   

Officer on a  Bus

The AISD and the Arlington Police Department recently teamed up to remind motorists that with a new school year comes school buses - and students getting on and off. |The Arlington Police Department partnered with the AISD to have an officer onboard a bus during a morning route.

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Engaged Community 

Teacher Appreciation    

Thornton ES teacher appreciation

Usually it's the students getting first dibs on goodies supplied by an organization adopting a school, but at Thornton Elementary, the teachers were the ones getting all the love. | Carolina Villatoro and Natalie Huerta, kindergarten teachers at Thornton Elementary, show off their goodies.

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AISD Access

Inspired Learners  

Summer Advancement   

AVID summer seminar

Nichols Junior High AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) students hear Laura Rhodes toot the AVID-is-wonderful horn all the time, but it wasn't until a number of them attended an AVID Summer Institute that it sank in what a unique opportunity they have to be involved with this college readiness program. | Lamar High School students Karla F., Ana S., Darius A., Paulina M. and Kim P. attended the AVID Student Leadership Strand in Dallas over the summer.   

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Inspired Learners  

Bowie's Three Rs    

Bowie HS Freshman Orientation

Ready. Responsible. Respectful. Good luck walking the halls of Bowie High School without seeing those guiding principles written somewhere, whether on a poster board or scrolled across a board. | Bowie High School seniors Kris T. and Mykayla C. fire up the freshmen during Bowie Freshman Orientation and Pep Rally. 

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New School Name Nominations
The Board of Trustees is now accepting nominations of namesakes for the new Sherry Street elementary, scheduled to open fall 2013.
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