April 4, 2012

Thinking Big      

Entrepreneurship Contest winners

What most intrigued State Senator Wendy Davis during the What's Your Big Idea Art and Essay Entrepreneurship Contest Saturday was the shoe that changes colors with a touch of a button. For NBC 5 reporter and event emcee Mola Lenghi, it was the neat idea of taking his station anywhere with a foldable flat-screen TV.Some of the What's Your Big Idea Entrepreneurship Contest winners celebrate by raising their trophies. 

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AISD Access

$1 Million to the AISD      

Education Foundation grants

How's this for a novel idea: replace old, beat-up novels with new ones. Sounds simple, but when books - novels, dictionaries, thesauruses, you name it - are being held together by scotch tape, students find themselves imagining what's on the page that fell out and never made its way back. | Amos Elementary teacher Suzanne Dudek hugs Education Foundation Executive Director Kathy Jackson.  

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Shack's Gift       

Lamar HS Gold Award

Achieving Gold Award status among Girl Scouts is a lofty honor. Eighty service hours is the amount one needs to secure the award, and it can be a number of mini projects pieced together to achieve that total. Or you can do what Lamar High School sophomores April S. and Leann R. did: do one massive service project. | Lamar High School sophomores Leann R. and April S. achieved their Girl Scout Gold Awards through service at Shackelford Junior High.  

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Notable Alumna: Gretchen Polhemus  

Steve MoyaFunny what we do for a dare. Take Gretchen Polhemus. While a student at Arlington High School, she was the self-described eternal cheerleader. It was a dare, of all things, that made her enter a pageant in Bedford. She won it, then won another. And another.Gretchen Polhemus, Arlington High School alumna, was Miss Texas and Miss USA in 1989.  

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