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February 16, 2012

Destination: State       

Bailey DI

The Arlington ISD will be well represented April 13-14 in Corpus Christi for the Destination ImagiNation State Competition. | Bailey Junior High students Laura B., Kate K., Alyssa H., Megan G., Allie B. and Garret W. and Hill Elementary student Darcey B. tied for first place at the Mid-Cities Regional Destination ImagiNation Competition.

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Spelling S-U-C-C-E-S-S   

Spelling Bee Champs

You might be somewhat surprised to hear that Sophia V. didn't seek out the spelling bee; the spelling bee sought after her, in a way. While in third grade at Ditto Elementary, she entered the schoolwide bee not necessarily because she had this burning desire for words but because all students were asked to participate. That's when Sophia learned she had a knack for spelling words by merely hearing them. | Butler Elementary's Helen H. and Young Junior High's Sophia V. won the area spelling bees Feb. 8 and will compete in the regional bee March 7.  

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Prose and Poetry at Foster  

Author and poet Richard MichelsonAuthor and poet Richard Michelson came to Foster Elementary with some startling news: he didn't care for writing as a kid. He thought it was difficult and a little boring. When he asked for any aspiring writers among this batch of fourth graders to raise their hand, just a few did. | Author and poet Richard Michelson spoke to students at Foster and Pope elementaries as part of the Texas Rangers Storybook Series.

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Stepping on GMT   

Pearcy SteppersWatching Good Morning Texas hosts Ty Treadway and Amy Vanderoef attempt to learn a few step moves is indication enough of how the Pearcy Elementary Steppers make something that can be awfully complicated look so smooth and effortless. | Pearcy Elementary step team member Maddyson R. showed Good Morning Texas hosts Ty Treadway and Amy Vanderoef how to do a few steps.     

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News Briefs
Transfers Begin Feb. 25
The PEIMS department will accept transfer requests Saturday, Feb. 25 through Friday, March 30.
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Click here to see a video about the new STAAR accountability system that replaces TAKS. (Espaņol)
Upcoming Events
Feb. 16: School board meeting
Feb. 17: End fourth six weeks
Feb. 20: Student/staff holiday
Feb. 21: Begin fifth six weeks

Feb. 24: Report cards distributed, PK-12

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