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November 30, 2011

Culture Night at Hale       

AISD honors Col. Neely

Attendees of Hale Elementary's Culture Night learned a few important things - how to do a Taos Round Dance, the lyrics to a Chinese New Year song and a Korean hand game. | Students and parents were able to see popular practices and keepsakes from cultures around the world during Hale's Culture Night.

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Maverick News     

Young Junior High's eighth-grade volleyball team won the city championship

Only in the Maverick Messenger will you learn that chewing gum while peeling onions will keep you from crying, that Batman is a cooler superhero than Superman or Spiderman, and that the latest fashion includes Nike shorts since they are extremely cute and comfy.| Messenger staffers Kian H., Noah N. and Danielle F. work on their publication.  

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Roark Turns the Big 5-0     

AISD Access The week before Thanksgiving, Roark Elementary experienced a blast from its glorious past. | Roark teachers Martina Salazar, Robin Hicks, Michelle Quigley, Dennille Ferguson, Amy Myers and Magda Hilarion celebrate the 60s.

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Carter's Fun Work Day     

Pentatonix performs at Ashworth Elementary Carter Junior High students, parents and teachers said thanks in their own way this year. They went out into the neighborhood to clean streets, sidewalks and grassy areas around the school. | Carter students Jacqueline A., Alisa N., Alan C. and Airam S. and Berry Elementary student Aaron N. enjoy the Turkey Trot luncheon.  

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Speer Celebrates 60 Years
Speer Elementary will celebrate its diamond anniversary Thursday, Dec. 1 from 7 to 8 p.m.
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Reliant's Power Your School program allows AISD families, friends and supporters an opportunity to leverage residential electricity service to generate funding for the AISD and specific schools in the district.
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