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November 16, 2011

Hero Celebrations      

AISD honors Col. Neely

Whenever veterans are asked to stand during Veterans Day ceremonies it often has a somber effect. When vets gingerly stood during Shackelford Junior High's evening ceremony on Nov. 7, you could feel the admiration. The Speech Club read war statistics, which told the packed crowd in the school gymnasium how many soldiers were engaged in battle on foreign soil and how many never made it back alive.| The Shackelford Junior High Speech Club reads war statistics during the school's Veterans Day ceremony.

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Saving Green    

Young Junior High's eighth-grade volleyball team won the city championship

The AISD is going green to save green. When teachers head for home next Wednesday for the holiday break, the doors will shut and lights will go out right behind them until Monday, Nov. 28. | Williams Elementary's Watt Watchers program has a Student Council member patrol the school each hour to turn off unused lights.  Read more...     

Learning Early    

AISD Access Struggling in school is rarely the result of one thing; it's often a perfect storm of issues that collide and ultimately bury the student in academic frustration. A way to prevent later frustration is by engaging children in learning at an early age - including reading. It's never too early for a child to pick up a book. |  Pre-K students from Rankin Elementary visited George W. Hawkes Central Library as part of United Way's Learn Well initiative.

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The Championship Titans    

Pentatonix performs at Ashworth Elementary This may or may not be an exact science, but the junior high team that wins the boys city track meet in the spring is usually the front-runner for city football championship in the fall. | Ferguson Junior High's eighth-grade football team celebrates winning the city championship.  Read more...  

News Briefs
Roark Celebrates 50 Years
Roark Elementary will celebrate 50 years of inspiring excellence Friday, Nov. 18 from 4:30 to 6 p.m. Call 682-867-2900 or email to RSVP.
Student Holidays
Nov. 23-25 are student holidays.
Upcoming Events
Nov. 17: School board meeting
Nov. 18: Report cards distributed, PK-12
Nov. 23: Staff development/student holiday
Nov. 24-25: Student/staff holidays
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