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October 19, 2011

A Vision for Life   

Students received free glasses as part of the Vision for Life program

Dayana B. remembers sitting in class, staring at the chalkboard and seeing nothing. Actually, the Anderson Elementary fifth grader could make out numbers and letters but couldn't quite figure out which numbers and which letters. | Fifth grader Dayana B., third grader Benito C. and kindergartener Malachi T. show off their new glasses at Anderson Elementary. 

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Math, Science Kinder Style   

Math and science night at Pope

Last year when Pope Elementary came up with the idea of doing a science and math night for kindergarteners, a couple of questions loomed. What could be done that was age appropriate and would parents be willing to head back to the campus on a weeknight?| Pope parent Candace Carr and her kids, Chance R. and Cali R., participate in math and science night.

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DTR at Gunn    

Activity Day at Gunn

It's called DTR with a mixture of affection and pride, and when you say you earned it at Gunn Junior High, some pretty good things happen. | Gunn eighth grader Judy K. celebrates during Activity Day.

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And Now AISD News   

Students anchor the AISD-TV newsPriscilla P. has it all mapped out. She'll graduate from Lamar High School and then move on to college. After that, she'll become a television reporter, then an anchor. Finally, she'll make it as a talk show host. | Jamie S., Taylor C. and Priscilla P. make up the team at AISD-TV's weekly news show, where they write their own stories and then report them during the broadcast. Watch it online

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