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Garth's Event Calendar
Yakima Valley Library
Yakima, WA

September 21, 2011

7 pm 

Richland Reads
Richland, WA
September 22, 2011
7 pm

Bedtime Stories
Seattle, WA
September 30, 2011
6 pm

Kirkland Bookfest
Kirkland, WA
October 1-2, 2011

Timberland Reads
Tumwater, WA
October 4-5, 2011

Eagle Valley Library
Avon, CO
October 27, 2011
6 pm

One Book, One Denver
Denver, CO
October 28-29, 2011

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The Enzo Store

Autumn has arrived, along with weather perfect for hot drinks and playing in the leaves.

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The Enzo Store
Enzo's Vet
What if Enzo's hip dysplasia could have been better treated? in his blog, Los Angeles veterinarian Patrick Mahaney notes that a multitude of medical treatments and alternative therapy can ease the discomfort of dogs suffering from this and similar conditions.

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Field Trip to Europe
Garth took some time off to visit Europe this summer with two of his sons. The trip inevitably brought them to Maranello and a private tour of the Ferrari factory. No cameras were allowed inside. In fact, the privacy surrounding the factory is so intense, it's said that Roald Dahl did his research for Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory in Maranello.


Other stops included London, Paris, Venice, and Rome (where Garth learned to appreciate air-conditioned cars. Italy in August could make even a Texas summer feel chilly.). Having made a previous trip in his college years, Garth knew all of the best (i.e. "educational") stops to show his sons.

The view from Garth's hotel in Rome.

Between the obligatory tourist pictures--London Bridge, Notre Dame, and St. Peter's--Garth also took the time to find the tours and views that a casual tourist might miss. If you've never visited France, you now know what the Eiffel Tower looks like from underneath.

What Jonah must have seen from inside the whale: beautiful but terrible.

The vacation ended with sore feet and a safe return to the US. Time to get back to work!
On The Road
Most libraries discourage dogs from accompanying their owners into the stacks. The Newark Free Library welcomes them. Three service dogs attended Garth's presentation at the 2011 New Castle County Reads in Delaware.
Visiting with the dogs
My Boy...Doing the Win Thing!
On the TrackEvan York, son of Kevin York, has been competing in the U.S. Legends Dirt Modified racing series this year in the #3 car. Art of Racing in the Rain trivia buggs probably already know that Kevin York was Garth's first driving coach and formerly worked in Seattle at CarTender--an auto service center on Capitol Hill - which served as the basis for Denny Swift's place of employ.

Kevin York competed in the KONI Challenge racing series in 2008, with as a partner sponsor. With Evan York, has been able to take a front seat in sponsoring his racing. Evan's blue car has been tearing up the red clay while sporting the cover of Racing in the Rain: My Life as a Dog.

Evan has four third place finishes, one fourth place finish, one fifth place, and one first place. He is currently in fourth place in the season-long points championship. is looking forward to Evan York making a great run for the points championship as the summer winds down!

For more, check out Evan's Blog.


Celebrating in victory lane.
Miata Reincarnate
The hood to Garh's Spec MiataSome cars never die. Garth's old Spec Miata ended its racing career in a crash--in the rain, of course. He sold it for scraps, only to see some of the parts turn up again. The hood decorates the wall of TC Motorsports (Auburn, WA), now the "Garth's Brief Racing Career Museum."   


Real Life Coincidence

"I was in the bookstore with my daughter 2 days after I had to put my baby, my dog of 12 and a half years, to rest.  He was an amazing and beautiful lab mix that we had gotten at the pound.  We named him Mugzy and  we called him Muggs.  He was my buddy and the day we had to put him down was, next to burying my father, the hardest day of my life.  


"...I am not a book reader, and I never buy books, unless they are for my daughter.  I saw your book, read the line on the cover, and had to have it.  Imagine my reaction when I opened the book and saw the dedication page.  The first chapter was so unbelievable to me, as it described, almost in total accuracy, what we had been going through with Muggs for the past number of months--all the vet visits to try and manage his pain--and the 'shove my face into his crotch' made me smile, as that was something that Mugzy did every time we came home.  I used to have to explain to visitors that he really wasn't trying to take a sniff-he just wanted an ear scratch, and that was just the height where his head landed.


"Anyway, I just needed to let you know how much I loved the book.  I cried --actually I sobbed at the end.  But I found that it gave me great comfort in an unbelievably difficult time.


"I am just so curious to know who Muggs is to you.  If you would be at all inclined to share that with me, I would truly love that.  I know that people are extremely uncomfortable talking with a mourner about their loss.  But I have found it to be great comfort for me to talk--and to remember.  I am just so curious.


"Thanks so much for the book.  I felt, in some way, that my dog was trying to reach me somehow.


Very Sincerely,



Note: The Art of Racing in the Rain is dedicated to Muggs, the Stein family dog during Garth's childhood. Garth grew up viewing her more as a sibling than a pet. 

Lulu lets her attitude showIf you haven't checked out Garth's Facebook page yet, it now hosts more than daily Twitter updates on his writing and touring. It also includes pictures from fans both human and canine. Despite this, we still receive even more photos than we can upload. Among some of our favorites:





Seymour fell asleep while waiting for Santa. 


Caught in the act!  

Crosby shows off his literary sensibilities. He recently found his forever home with the Barse family of Connecticut. 

Happy Manifesting,
Garth Stein