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NYT Bestseller Update

Week 65: ARR at #6

(That's 1.25 years on the list!)
Featured Furry Friend

Featured Furry Friend with Ferrari

Is this your dog? We found this beautiful shot on Facebook. If you can claim this pup, and maybe the car too, email
for a special gift.


Do you want to show off your dog? Share a pic on Facebook. You might be featured next!

Readers' Two Cents

"Your book was so touching, delightful, tear-jerking, humorous that I couldn't put it down.  I sat down on
the couch at 9P and went to sleep at 1A after I read it cover to cover...what an amazing creative mind
and sensitive heart you have, Mr. Stein!"

"ARR was the best thing I could have read before having to let my dog go. It gave me a perspective that I might not otherwise have. Thank you."

Garth's Event Calendar

All Fairfax Reads
Fairfax County Reads Program
George Mason University, VA
Sept. 19

Richardson Reads One Book
Community Read Program
Richardson, TX
Sept. 21

Jefferson County Library
Port Hadlock, WA
Sept. 29

Jefferson County Benefit
Port Townsend, WA
Sept. 30

Bedtime Stories
Humanities Washington
Seattle, WA
Oct. 1

Crook County, Book County
Community Read Program
Prineville, OR
Oct. 8

Sunriver Books
Reading and Signing
Sunriver, OR
Oct. 9

The Novel: Live!
Seattle, WA and LIVE online
Oct. 10-16

Mercer Island Arts Council
Meet the Author talk
Seattle, WA
Oct. 23

Garth Speaks

The books, the process, the movie! Listen to and read some fascinating interviews.

Humanities Washington: Bedtime Stories Preview Interview

The Kathleen Show
Better World Books
Fairfax County Bookcast

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The Novel: Live!

36 authors. 6 days. 1 blockbuster novel. Live, in front of your eyes.

Sound impossible? Not for Garth Stein and friends.


October 11-16, 35 authors will join Garth at the Richard Hugo House in Seattle to begin one of the most stunning literary feats ever imagined. They will collaborate on a book-length piece of fiction in a marathon writing session over six days.

And the best part? You don't have to be there to see it! Watch the novel take shape before your eyes at Every word. Every edit. As it happens. Right on your screen. Straight from the authors' fingertips. Really! You'll also have access to live streaming video direct from the Hugo House stage. 

"Our mission with Seattle7Writers has been to energize the reading and writing communities of the Northwest," said Garth."'The Novel: Live!' is that mission, taken to an extreme. At first we all thought, 'There's no way; it's too crazy!' But then we realized we all feel the same way when we start a new book. But we pull it off.  And so we will with 'TN:L!'"


There will also be chances to participate in the story by offering suggestions, online comments, writing your own "fan fiction" and purchasing character naming rights.


Join the fun!

      The Novel:Live! Facebook fan page

      Garth's Facebook fan page

      Garth's Twitter page

Old Bessie the super cow

Old Bessie in the classroomDidn't you know? Garth's creativity extends beyond the written word. Check out Old Bessie, the milking cow he designed, built and painted several years ago for a preschool Fall Festival. The cow was such an outstanding success--she has working udders made of latex gloves filled with water--the school never gave Old Bessie back!

She's cute. She's engaging. She even has two sets of udders to keep up with demand. Garth is somewhat of a super hero to these professional milking tots.

Read Teacher Tom's story about how Old Bessie came to be.

Bring Garth to your community

ARR CoverGarth is gearing up for a busy fall full of much-anticipated talks and appearances, thanks to community reads programs in Fairfax, VA (Fall for the Book), Richardson, TX (Richardson Reads), Prineville, OR (Crook County, Book County) and Fort Collins, CO (Fort Collins Reads).


Would you like to see Garth Stein at your next Community Read celebration? Well, you can! And we can help. 


The idea for Community Reads events began in Seattle, WA where promoting literacy and bringing people together were at the center of the program. The idea has since been replicated in cities across America, taking shape as "One Book, One City," "Everyone Reads the Same Book," "The Big Read," and many others.


The Art of Racing in the Rain is a wildly successful community read in part because the themes are so accessible and universal, but also because Garth often visits in-person for talks and book signings to round out the program. His appearances are met with great enthusiasm and almost always sell out. His publicity team also provides Enzo-related lapel pins, bookmarks and bumper stickers to help develop excitement and a common bond between friends and neighbors.


If you would like to invite Garth to visit your hometown, suggest it to your selection committee and have them contact his publicist at Terra Communications. Garth would love to meet you!

Nicholas Sparks on ARR in Vanity Fair

Nicholas Sparks continued his public praise of ARR in a recent interview with Vanity Fair When asked, "What has been your favorite book so far in 2010," he said, "The Art of Racing in the Rain. I just loved it. It's a wonderful book written by Garth Stein. It's the story of a family as seen through the eyes of their dog. Terrific writing."


Thank you, Mr. Sparks!
Marvin Stein wins his first race

Marvin Stein wins the race

Marvin Stein, a horse named after Garth's late father, won his first race this summer at Emerald Downs. #8, you're looking very nice!

The price of fame

Chuck Robinson of Village Books in Bellingham, WA shared this comical phone call received by Sarah Hutton, the store manager:


(Ring, ring)
Me: "Village Books, This is Sarah."
Customer: "Do you have the book Going Fast in the Rain by Goldstein?"
Me: "We do.  It will be on the bestseller list under the title 'The Art of Racing
in the Rain."
Customer: "Right.  That's what I meant.'"


<Insert Garth's chuckle here.>

My dog ate your book

TallulahThis is just too funny not to share! Barbara from Bay Village, Ohio sent us a picture of her pup. It's not the typical cute puppy photo we're used to, though. Tallula, a tiger pitbull blend, got into trouble with a library copy of The Art of Racing in the Rain. She ate it!


She may not have opposable thumbs, but she sure has some sharp canines.

Tallulah's torn book
The Art of Cooking in the Rain
A culinary treasure, written by Garth Stein

Bistecca Fiorentina and Broccoli di Rape 

SAL Dinner

Here are two of the dishes we cooked for the Seattle Arts and Lectures benefit dinner.  This dinner for 6 guests was prepared by three of us:  me, Erica Bauermeister, and Jennie Shortridge.  Each of us took a different course.  The dinner raised $2,000 for Seattle Arts and Lectures and Writers in the Schools!

For these recipes, we do not measure.  We let the goodness of the food guide us!  

Bistecca Fiorentina

Porterhouse or bone-in rib eye steaks, 2" thick.  Each steak will serve 2 people.
kosher salt
olive oil

1.  Remove your steak from the refrigerator at least an hour before you plan to grill it.  
2.  Chop and mix herbs.  The ratio is 1-1-1-2-2 (sage-rosemary-thyme-salt-pepper), or thereabouts.  
3.  Spread herb mixture on one side of the steaks, moisten with olive oil.  Flip steaks and repeat.
4.  Get your grill super hot.
5.  Grill those steaks!  Five minutes a side for rare.  They will smoke!  They will flame!  Do not be afraid!
6.  Remove steaks and let them sit five minutes, then slice them up and serve on the cutting board.

Broccoli di Rape

2 bunches broccoli rabe (di rape, rapini, or whatever you like to call it, it's all the same--it is NOT broccolini, which is goofy and you should feed it to the kids.)
garlic, sliced thin
olive oil
red pepper flakes
black paper

1.  Wash broccoli rabe well.  Bring a pasta pot of water to a rapid boil.  Parboil the broccoli rabe in bunches--not very long, just a couple of minutes--drain well.
2.  I mean, drain really well.
3.  When you're done draining the broccoli rabe really, really well, grab a handful of it, hold it over the sink, and wring more water out of it.  
4.  Repeat step 3 with the rest of the broccoli rabe.
5.  Chop coarsely.
6.  Heat olive oil in sauce pan until smoking.  Add the broccoli rabe.  It'll all fit now, no problem.  Cook for a couple of minutes.
7.  Add the sliced garlic, a few pinches of red pepper flakes, black pepper and kosher salt to taste.
8.  Heat thoroughly and serve.

Note:  What you've done in steps 1 - 3 is gotten the bitterness out of the broccoli rabe.  You can use Grandpa Steve's Variation if you like:  reserve 1 cup of cooking water and add back to saucepan in step 7.  

Also, you can make a simple pasta dish using orcchiette (little ear) with broccoli di rape.  Prepare the broccoli di rape as above, and prepare the pasta according to instructions (using some of the reserved cooking water).  Mix ingredients well and grate some nice Parmesan cheese on the top while it's heating so it gets all melty: this is quite excellent!

Read the next issue for another recipe from this delicious night! Coming soon: Jennie Shortridge's Torta di Fichi e Pesche, or Fig and Peach Cake.
The Skype Story

The Cleveland Clinic Book Club recently hosted Garth for a Skype discussion of ARR. Member Sarah Delley especially enjoyed their discussion about the sensory perception of animals as it relates to detecting chronic illness in people. She was also impressed with Garth's down-to-earth personality and accessibility.

Tasha's Tootsies Book ClubThe members of Tasha's Tootsies Book Club
were very excited to ask Garth about Eve's road to spontaneous remission. Wish you knew the answer? Request your own Skype with Garth today!


Sound fun? If your book club is interested in hosting Garth via Skype, contact Sarah Daily at

Enzo's Challenge

This challenge takes you to Facebook. What was your favorite Garth post and why? Did you laugh? Did you learn? Did love him even more?


Send us your answers by September 20, 2010! We'll choose a winner based on creativity. The winner will receive an Enzo swag bag and signed copy of The Art of Racing in the Rain.

And the winner was...

Enzo Challenge winnerMary-Lane Kamberg for her response to last month's question: Have you ever sourced an Enzoism to help get you through an athletic event or training session?

Mary is a swimming coach for the Kansas City Blazers. Swimmers must master seven different turns in the sport: one for each of the four strokes and three for the individual medley. Before they work on turns in practice, she tells the kids:  "No race has ever been won in the first turn; many have been lost there."

Congratulations, Mary! Your team is lucky to have you.

Happy Manifesting,
Garth Stein