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Week 56: ARR at #8
Featured Furry Friend

Hollie reading ARR

Meet Hollie, the dog who loves to cuddle up with Enzo. Hollie is an Australian shepherd Siberian husky who has a LOT to say!  She's incredibly smart and knows how to use her gestures to get her point across.  She was reading ARR in hopes of finding some tips for Jill, her human, to get her message.  You can see they've worn the book ragged.

Do you have a favorite furry friend? Share a picture on Garth's Facebook fan page for the chance to be featured here.

Readers' Two Cents

Facebook Fans Speak Out

"Your book "The Art of Racing in the Rain" is the best book I have ever read! I never read books more than once, and I have read it 3 times now. It is beautiful and really touched my soul, thank you so much for writing this book!"

"During the first couple weeks after the loss of my oldest golden, Tag, about 4 people came up to me to tell me I HAD to read this book... something about racing, and dogs... I usually interrupted long enough to tell them the REAL title and that it is probably one of my favorite books ever."

"ARR should come with a warning label: beware when reading in public--this book will cause you to laugh hysterically and cry uncontrollably, sometimes even simultaneously!"

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Garth's Event Calendar

All Fairfax Reads
Fairfax County Reads Program
George Mason University, VA
Sept. 19

Richardson Reads One Book
Community Read Program
Richardson, TX
Sept. 21

Garth Speaks

The books, the process, the movie! Listen to some fascinating interviews.

The Kathleen Show
Better World Books
Fairfax County Bookcast

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 Garth Talks Raven with Author Magazine

Last time we gave you a little riddle:


Q. What do you get when you cross a green-eyed gent, a thieving bird, and shape-shifting Otter people with an insightful Q&A?


Still wondering what we were talking about?


Now you can see for yourself. It's a new series of Garth Stein interviews with Bill Kenower of Author Magazine. In this fantastically interesting conversation, Garth delves into the story and inspiration behind Raven Stole the Moon, his first novel that was recently re-released by Harper Collins.


Check it out on YouTube


If you'd like to learn more about Bill Kenower, visit Author, a free online magazine for writers and readers.
Drive and Dine with Dempsey

Mike Rich (ARR screenwriter), Patrick Dempsey and Garth at Pacific Raceway.
Mike Rich, Patrick Dempsey and Garth
A rainy day at Pacific Raceway didn't stop Garth from joining Team Seattle and The Dempsey Foundation for a special fundraiser, Drive and Dine with Dempsey. For $1,000 each, donors were taken for a few thrilling laps in the seat of a Ferrari. Over $60,000 was raised, and the money will be split between Seattle Children's Hospital and The Dempsey Center for Cancer, Hope & Healing.

Taking a few minutes off to sightsee..Garth brought his mom along, and she got the ride of a lifetime from soon-to-be ARR screen star Patrick Dempsey. Garth as a son and Dempsey as a driver? How lucky can one girl be?

Garth explores Billy Collins poem in Shambhala Sun

In the July issue of Shambhala Sun, Garth is a guest writer for "About a Poem." He explores Billy Collins's poem, "I Chop Some Parsley..." which is at its heart a search for momentary delight.


From Garth: "Billy Collins has cautioned his readers to gently "walk inside [a] poem's room and feel the walls for a light switch," rather than "beat it with a hose to find out what it really means." Because sometimes a poem is just a poem. Sometimes it exists for a moment - a sigh, a laugh, a stirring of emotion - and then, having served its purpose, is gone."


Read the full poem and commentary here.

In the Rangers Radio Booth

Eric Nadel and GarthThe Seattle Mariners hosted the Texas Rangers on Saturday, May 1, and Garth was lucky enough to join Eric Nadel in the Rangers radio booth during the game. As he noted on Twitter, "Okay, I'm short. Or Eric is tall. Or both. Still. Eric Nadel is the man and it was cool to hang with him today."

Join Garth on Facebook

Looking for Garth on Facebook? Find him on his Facebook fan page. Join him here for posts, events, YouTube videos and more. Best of all, meet, greet and converse with an ever-growing community of Enzo lovers.


If you're not a fan already, visit Garth's Facebook fan page and click "like." Share a picture of your favorite furry friend!

Neil Peart of Rush reviews ARR

Garth's 13-year-old son recently discovered a review of ARR by a somewhat unlikely character: Rush drummer, Neil Peart. Turns out drumming is not the only thing Peart does well. He's also a published author and maven of literary critique. Bubba's Book Club took a look at ARR last December and concluded, "... The Art of Racing in the Rain is about much more than car racing, or it would not have attracted a few hundred thousand readers-not to mention a forthcoming "major motion picture." The novel is about love and loss, hope and despair, birth and death, struggle and acceptance, wisdom and compassion-the stuff of every great novel."

Read the entire review here.

Garth will be taking his son to see Rush later this summer at the White River Amphitheater as his 14th birthday present. Rush is his son's second favorite band!

Could ARR be the next great American novel?

Taking a few minutes off to sightsee..Brittney, an 11th grade AP English student, sure thinks so.


She recently wrote a paper for her English class outlining her argument, and shared it with Garth. He was both impressed and flattered by her thoughtful assessment. So much so, that we decided to share it with you.


Great job, Brittney! Here's an excerpt:


That Which We Manifest is Before Us, by Brittney

In years to come, students across the United States will be assigned books to read, analyze, and discuss. What makes a novel worthy of researching? What truly are the markings of a great American novel? These books are works of prose fiction that gather the ideals, customs, and traditions of American society and synthesizes them together to form a work that reflects the attitudes and actions of modern culture. These books must convey something of this time period to the generations of the future. A great American novel must take that which is today and explain it for tomorrow. A book of these classifications has been discovered, and is already being praised as "sweet without bathos, profoundly moving throughout, and with a perfect ending coda." (qtd. in Nichols). The Art of Racing in the Rain combines a heart-tugging storyline, a fantastic author, modern American culture, stunningly brilliant literary techniques, and the lesson of a lifetime.


The Art of Cooking in the Rain

Taking a few minutes off to sightsee..Enjoy Garth's savory addition to the King County Library System's Literary Feast: The Famous Author's Cookbook.

In the book, Garth writes that this recipe "evolved from a simple cannellini bean and garlic side dish I used to make for my wife when we were first married. Later, I added more stock, Parmesan and some escarole, and it became a soup. And finally, I got to this form after I saw someone cook clams and sausages together on TV - I didn't know that was possible!"

Clams with Sausage, Beans and Pasta

1/2 lb. Italian sausage, sweet or hot to taste
4 cloves garlic, sliced
2 lbs. Manila clams
1/2 cup white wine
3 cups chicken stock
2 cups cooked pasta (orcchiette, shells, fusilli, but not spaghetti)
1 can (15 oz.) cannellini beans, drained
olive oil
1/2 tsp. red pepper flakes
1/2 cup Parmesan cheese
a small handful of chopped, fresh Italian parsley

1.  Heat a couple of tablespoons of olive oil in a deep sauce pan.  Cook sausage until well browned.

2.  Add sliced garlic.  Stir.

3.  Add clams and wine.  Cover.  Cook three minutes until the clams have opened.

4.  Add 2-1/2 cups chicken stock.  Add beans.  Add cooked pasta.  Simmer two minutes.  Add more stock if necessary.

5.  Add Parmesan cheese and red pepper flakes.  Stir and simmer.

6.  Stir in chopped parsley.  Remove from heat.

7.  Serve in individual bowls with a crunchy baguette on the side and a salad of romaine, sweet onions, and tomatoes, tossed in red wine vinegar and olive oil.

Literary Feast benefits literacy and lifelong learning programs and features recipes from several notable Northwest authors. Order one and get cooking with your favorite authors.
On the Road

Garth poses with Serena of Savvy Verse & Wit
Garth with SavvyVerseWit in Bethesda

The Writer's Center, Bethesda, MD:
Garth received a stellar outpouring of support in Bethesda at the reading and signing event at the Writer's Center. At least three bloggers attended the event, and they all dished about it the next day: Bookwormz2010, Planet Books, and Savvy Verse and Wit

Garth also visited Borders in Fairfax, VA, Books & Crannies in Middleburg, VA and the Brickell Avenue Literary Society in Miami.

The Skype Story

Taking a few minutes off to sightsee..West Sound Academy:

Barrie Hillman's eighth-grade English class in Poulsbo, WA enjoyed a fascinating Skype on May 4 as a special follow-up to their class reading of ARR. They even caught a glimpse of Comet!

"I have one very serious aspiring author in my class who is determined to be published before she turns 16 so even if Garth and I have just inspired that one student, it was an incredible success," said Barrie.

Sunnyslope High School: More than 150 students and teachers, and one dog named Lily, crammed into the library on May 11 for a much-anticipated Skype visit with Garth. A 15-year teacher said it was "the most exciting thing that has ever happened at Sunnyslope." And that's saying a lot for a school that's filled with famous parents and located just down the road from the McCain household.

Cathy Droz, the event organizer, acknowledged Garth's impact on Sunnyslope's underprivileged students who have limited access to books at home. "These children, that read Garth's book, sat there in total amazement. I was watching their faces. They were excited and empowered," she said.

Streets of Madison Book Club for the Homeless:

Streets of Madison book club

Garth had a very memorable chat with the Streets of Madison Book Club. The group brings together homeless men and women around a common reader. ARR was an inspirational pick and Garth's visit was marked with great excitement!


"When it ended you would have thought our team just won the Super Bowl," said Suzanne Alexander, program director. "There was a real sense of joy and accomplishment. These folks are used to being ignored or treated lightly, so having someone like Garth Stein take the time to chat with them... Wow! What a boost!"

Manhattan Moms Book Club: By recommendation of her father-in-law, Alan Rinzler, Beth Ann Day suggested that her book club read ARR. The well-known book editor's advice led to a Skype chat with Garth on May 10. Beth Ann said her favorite moments included catching a glimpse of Garth's real life - a peek from his son, a hello from Comet, a call from his wife, and hints about Garth's grill-fired dinner. The group has had several authors speak to them over the years, but Beth Ann said, "I can speak for all of us by saying our talk with Garth was a real high point."


Sound fun? If your book club is interested in hosting Garth via Skype, contact Sarah Daily at

A Horse Named Enzo's Show

Enzo's Show HorseThe Enzo-naming trend has officially crossed species! Introducing Enzo's Show, a competitive equestrian horse belonging to 13-year-old Christian of Iowa City. Christian is a huge auto racing fan and an instant lover of ARR. Enzo's Show competes under the name Dances in the Rain, an appropriate tribute for this graceful equine.

Enzo's Challenge

We've heard some chatter about using Enzo as a motivational speaker for athletes.


This month, we're wondering, have you ever sourced an Enzoism to help get you through an athletic event or training session?


Send us your stories by Aug. 1, 2010! We'll choose a winner based on creativity and passion. The winner will receive an Enzo swag bag and signed copy of The Art of Racing in the Rain.

And the winners were...

Sara and her dogsThe Cloven! Sara J. Henry was the first one to respond correctly to our last challenge. She lives in southern Vermont, where on sunny days her dogs insist on a daily swim in the river. Sara is pictured here with dogs Lucy and Monty.

 Patrick Jones

Patrick Jones won the riddle about Raven Stole the Moon. He says he wasn't much of a reader until his fiancÚ gave him a copy of ARR. He read it in four days and has since rediscovered how words, especially Garth's words, can mingle with his imagination.


Happy Manifesting,
Garth Stein