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December 8
Chuckanut Radio Hour
Bellingham, WA
7:00 pm
February 1, 2010 
Spoken Interludes
Los Angeles, CA
February 2, 2010
Luncheon Reading and Fundraiser
Laguna Beach, CA
*tickets required

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Readers' Two Cents

"To say your book in a sense has saved my soul may be an understatement. I have never read a book so empassioned about the art of being alive. Your novel helped me to free my own own "zebras"...and to learn I have been hindering my own growth by refusing to look ahead in life."
~ Lauren, Mass.

"I don't know where to begin, here at 7 a.m. after I have closed your book and had a good cleansing cry. Do I gush and blubber and tell you that I saved the last four pages of ARR for this morning after tearing through the other 317 at breakneck speed over a 20-hr period, even carrying it along with me to my daughter's "meet the teacher night" in case I had just one spare minute to gobble up a paragraph or two? Perhaps the sole traffic light on my journey would be delightfully red! Should I tell you who I am? I'm a fan, man! I'm a fan.
This morning I...  needed to get the girls up and going, but first... I read. I gasped. I wept and sobbed. I smacked the covers then threw them back as I sat up, grabbed hold of poor unsuspecting Jonah sleeping peacefully by my feet.(I think he makes himself small so we'll forget he's on the bed.) I dragged all 65 pounds of him into my arms so I could feel his beating heart against my cheek as I cried into his fur and I breathed in his popcorny dog smell that is so distinct in the morning. Thank you for your story Mr. Stein. I was with you on the turns. I mourned Eve's passing like a sister. I watched over Zoe all the while she was being held captive by the evil twins. I admired Denny and rallied for him. I wanted to touch Enzo.
Your book meant so much to me. Thank you."
~ Stacey, VA

Number Six on NYT!
The Art of Racing in the Rain holding strong on the NYT bestseller list, where it rests comfortably this week at number 6.

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Article Headline
Holiday Gift Lists...and more 

The Art of Racing in the RainIt's that time of, not snow and decking the halls with boughs of holly, but making lists. Kids might have their lists for Santa, but booksellers and the Internet have generated hundreds, even thousands of lists with suggestions for the best titles for holiday season gifts. And what title seems to be appearing on dozens of these lists?  That's right, The Art of Racing in the Rain. So far nearly 100 Blogs and other on-line sites have selected this spiritually uplifting title for their holiday gift lists. Costco chose it as one of three titles for their December book buyer's pick ( here's their list). Oprah's Book Club chose it as a Stocking Stuffer Suggestion and the #1 choice for book gifts: Oprah's Christmas suggestions.

If you want an autographed copy of The Art of Racing in the Rain, find out how to get one at our Fan Stuff page.

GoEnzo Coffee MugAnd if you want some stocking-stuffers to go along with your book don't forget to visit the Enzo Store at

In the spirit of giving, we donate 10% of all profits to:  

Lost Dogs Films, striving to protect the feral dogs of Chile,

The Defenders of Wildlife program to stop wolf hunting in America,

The Humane Society of America,

Animal Awareness-Enzo Style
Animal Aid
After a long day spent at a book industry tradeshow, Garth visited Furever Pets to participate in a fundraiser for Animal Aid, a Portland no-kill animal rescue organization. Garth regaled the 75 guests--all generous supporters of Animal Aid--with stories of Enzo. Broadway Books also joined the party and donated proceeds from sales of The Art of Racing in the Rain to help all of Enzo's lesser known canine relatives. Great fun, and for a great cause!
More information about Animal Aid and its work in the Portland area can be found at the Animal Aid website 
Garth kept busy this fall with visits to several regional tradeshows for the book industry. Among them was the Great Lakes Independent Booksellers Association tradeshow, held in Cleveland, where Garth was asked to speak at the Booksellers' Banquet. Part of his speech was later quoted in "Shelf Awareness," a daily trade newsletter for the publishing industry. Here's what Garth had to say to the independent booksellers:
"My job is to get books into the hands of readers. I can't do that without booksellers. . . . Writers always hear the word no. I daresay indie booksellers hear the word no a lot, too. I plug my ears. I have to hear yes inside. This tradeshow is where you come to hear people say yes."
On The Roadticle Headline
In September, Garth made another trip back to the central California coast, where The Art of Racing in the Rain was the Community Book Group selection for Bookshop Santa Cruz, an independent bookseller. Apparently, surfers are not the only residents of Santa Cruz. The audience kept Garth so busy with questions that he didn't have enough time to read any excerpts from his book! 
              Santa Cruz
Closer to home, The Art of Racing in the Rain was also selected for If All Kirkland Read The Same Book, a community reading program in the Seattle Metro area. Garth helped to kick off the event with a presentation at Parkplace Books, which was attended by over two hundred people. 
          Parkplace Books   _____________________________________________________
Live From Bellingham!
Live in the Bellingham area? Garth will be the featured author on the Chuckanut Radio Hour on Tuesday, December 8th, in the Crystal Radio On AirBallroom at the Leopold Residence Center. The Chuckanut Radio Hour is Village Books' monthly radio variety show which is aired live and features music, the poetry corner, author interviews, and an episode of "The Bellingham Bean."  

You can find more information at the Village Books Website.
The Art of Racing in Belgium
Rossi's carIn September, Garth and sponsored a young and upcoming racecar driver at the Belgium Grand Prix, part of the 2009 International Formula Master Championship. Alexander Rossi ended up taking first place in the final race and went on to earn the International Formula Master Rookie Championship a month later. Congratulations to him! 
Alexander RossiAlexander took another step closer to Formula 1, impressing many at his Formula 1 debut in Jerez, Spain last week! Leading the charge for BMW/Sauber F1 Team, Rossi drove Day 1 for the official test in Spain. Rossi seemed comfortable in his powerful automobile and drove 82 flawless laps for the team in the BMWF1.09.
More information about Alexander and his racing career can be found at his website.

Garth's Alter Ego on Second Life
                          GS Second Life
Garth's alter ego was looking pretty hunky  when he made a "guest appearance" at Tammy Domike's virtual bookstore as part of a series of author events she hosts in this whacky world called Second Life. You can see Garth's Second Life interview at YouTube here or just listen to the online podcast of the same reading. Tammy's real store, Jackson Street Books, is completely online now--and she does all of her author events on the web as well!  Check it out: Jackson Street Books.

Where's Enzo?
Enzo and a friend at the Laguna Seca RacewayPosters for Enzo have been popping up all over America these past few weeks. Garth's website collects those pictures, including the one shown here, which was taken at the Laguna Seca Raceway by Chris Ohlweiler and several friends. 
We're still looking for more pictures of the GoEnzo posters in the strangest--or funniest--places you can find. You can submit them via the email link at the end of this newsletter, and we'll put them up on Garth's website with your name. The latest pictures can be viewed at Garth's online picture gallery
Enzo's Winter Challenge
I heart EnzoAs the weather grows colder, Enzo is slowly but inevitably moving away from the TV and closer to the heating vents. He's also dreaming of how much better it would be to celebrate as a human: the Swifts get to have cookies and eggnog, while he's still stuck with kibble.   
In this puzzle, find the following twelve words. Some of the words intersect. Take the letters where they intersect to find the answer to the question below. (For example: if 'joy' and 'solstice' intersect on the letter 'o', the letter 'o' will be in the answer to the question). In honor of the upcoming winter holidays, the first three people to solve the puzzle and send in the answer will receive their choice of either a zebra mug or an "I Heart Enzo" t-shirt. 
Final Question: Enzo does like to play with discarded wrapping paper and ribbons, but he would much prefer this kind of gift for Christmas: __ __ __ __     __ __ __ __!
Winter Crosswordsnowflakes

Hidden Words:

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