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Nonprofit Infrastructure Needs Assessment
Online Collaboration Package

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  June 2009

Welcome to Creative Collaboration's e-newsletter. We're excited to bring useful information and resources to community and nonprofit organizations and their supporters. We'd love to get your feedback, comments, and input. And if you'd like to talk more about how we can work together, please send us an email. Thank you!

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For Nonprofit and Community Organizations
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Online Collaboration Package Webinars
Learn how online collaboration tools can benefit your organization's work. Register for one of the sessions below:

Session 1:
Monday, June 22:

12:00 pm PDT

Session 2:
Tuesday, July 14:
12:00 pm PDT

Session 3:
Sunday, July 19:
1:00 pm PDT
Grid Nonprofit Infrastructure Needs Assessment
Preliminary Report & Beyond

Download Preliminary Report
Download Executive Summary only

Do you and your organization find too much of your time and energy spent on and drained by routine, non-mission-related, yet essential tasks?

For the organization with an office: who will buy the toilet paper? Where's the cheapest place to get toilet paper? Should we go with organic or cheap? How much staff time should we spend on this decision? Is it fair to ask a volunteer to pay for the toilet paper up-front and wait for reimbursement, or should a director with a corporate card make the run?

For the all-volunteer organization: who has the outreach materials? Is this printed version the most recent? Do we have an editable electronic version? Who has the money to get it printed? Who did the research last time to figure out which copy store is the cheapest, and is there a record of that research anywhere?

We suspect that you would rather have that time and energy freed up to focus on your missions, passions, and strengths. If that's the case, you may be interested in our survey. In early 2008, Creative Collaborations conducted a survey of 38 organizations addressing infrastructure needs in five categories:
  1. Benefits and Insurance
  2. Financial
  3. Operations
  4. Technology and Communications
  5. Facilities, Supplies, and Printing
We've released a Preliminary Report of our survey results thus far. The report outlines the services ranked as most needed, some of which were contrary to our expectations, and considerations for survey follow-up.

We welcome your thoughts and feedback on the report. We also need your participation: if you haven't yet, please click here to take the survey.
When organizing can't overcome time, location, distance Online Collaboration Package
Building our infrastructure together...

Creative Collaborations is offering our members a special introductory price for an online collaboration package. Price varies based on organization size and requirements; contact us to learn more. The package includes the following tools
  • A web conference/teleconference tool through Citrix GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar;
  • Basic web hosting and CMS (content management system) through DreamHost;
  • An online intranet/document repository tool through MS Sharepoint
  • Survey support through SurveyMonkey; and
  • An online e-newsletter / contact management tool through Constant Contact
The package also includes system administration, ongoing trainings, and customized documentation.

These tools typically cost $175 per month when purchased by individual organizations. Our package is shared among all our member organizations, thus enabling us to reduce costs for each individual organization.

While your organization may have some of these tools already, we believe that all organizations can benefit greatly by collaboratively using the tools and sharing training resources. Learn more about these benefits by joining one of the scheduled webinars listed in the sidebar to the left. Or please email us to set up an individual meeting.
About Us

Creative Collaborations is a nonprofit based in Seattle, WA. We support progressive nonprofit and community organizations by freeing up staff and volunteer time to focus on their mission. We hope to increase the capacity, sustainability, and impact of the nonprofit sector by supporting collaborations, sharing resources, and helping to reduce organizational costs through pooling administrative activities - specifically for small-to-midsize organizations and coalitions working toward social change.

Our vision is to support an equitable, enduring, and nurturing community empowered and embraced by strong, sustainable nonprofit and community organizations.

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