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Key Questions & Handling Objections in Your Advocare Business


You will want to address each of the 6 questions below in any group or 1 on 1 presentation. However, when someone has an objection that you may or may not have covered, begin by seeking more information before engaging in a long monologue. Your first question should be: May I ask what concerns you about ________? Continue asking follow up questions until you get to the heart of the true objection or you realize that they are not truly interested in the facts.  We've found that many people are MisInformed Or UnInformed


The following principles of selling will also highly increase your success rate in presenting the products or business opportunity and overcoming objections.


1) Question the prospective customer to discover their needs, desires, concerns, etc


2) LISTEN to their response


3) Explore- continue asking questions until you have a good understanding of their needs, desires, concerns, etc


4) Position Advocare as a solution whether products, income opportunity, or both


5) Close the sale by asking whether they prefer retail or a savings of 20-40% and how they would like to pay for their order, membership, etc


1.) Are the products safe?


Our products are formulated by an Elite Scientific and Medical Advisory (SciMed) Board and are tested for over 200 Banned Substances through Informed Choice. The SciMed Board has over 200 years combined experience in nutrition, biochemistry, pharmacology, toxicology, sports medicine, and surgery. Our SciMed board is composed of world class doctors who are respected leaders in their area of expertise:  Below are two of AdvoCare's Sci/Med Board Members


* Dr. Sidney Stohs who is on the short list to be head of the FDA and is Dean Emeritus at the School of Pharmacy at Creighton University.


* Dr. Stanley Dudrick is the Chairman of the Dept of Surgery at St. Mary's Hospital (a Yale affiliate) and Professor of Surgery at Yale. He is also the pioneer of TPN-intravenous nutrition.


Our esteemed Sports Advisory Council is a group of well-known coaches and trainers that advise the SciMed Board as to the needs of today's athletes. This board includes Kevin Yoxall - strength and conditioning coach for Auburn University, Mark Mauldin - pit crew coach for Kendrick Motor Sports, Dr. Gene Coleman-strength and conditioning coach for the Houston Astros, as well as several other elite members


2.) Do the products work?


AdvoCare has many NONPAID professional and Olympic athletes and entertainers who use and endorse our products."


**Share your own AdvoCare product stories here:  Impact/DVD


3.) Does the business work?


Advocare Advisors can earn income 5 ways!  The business works for those who are teachable and who apply AdvoCare's proven "Success System". Because the products always work, there's a tremendous income opportunity.  Some work Advocare as a "hobby business" to pay for their own product, make a few hundred dollars each month or maybe make a house payment.

Others who treat it like a true business can build a full time income on a part time basis. In fact, I know several people who have paid off all of their debt, including their mortgage. I also know some individuals and couples who have been able to replace their full time incomes and "retire" quite early. The bottom line is if you work it right, and never quit it grows exponentially, and you and your children can reap the benefits for many years to come. 


**Share your own AdvoCare business story plus 1-2 others here: Impact/DVD


4.) Is this the right time to build an Advocare business or is my market saturated?


Today in 2012 there are roughly 200,000 AdvoCare distributors in the entire country!  With AdvoCare's Sponsorship of the Independence Bowl, Drew Brees as the National Spokesman, The sponsorship of the #3 Car, and being the only supplement company testing for OVER 200 banned substances using Informed Choice, AdvoCare is FAST becoming a household name.


What an incredible opportunity to have your hands on an 19 year old, debt free company that is highly respected among college, professional athletes!  The market is wide open and now is the perfect time to start your AdvoCare business!


5.) Will I get the help and support I need to build my business?


AdvoCare's founding principle is to help others and I am committed to that. We have a proven Success System that you can plug into and start making income even while you are training. If you have a teachable spirit and a strong work ethic, you and I can do some incredible things together. However, I do want you to realize that this is a work program, not a "get rich quick" deal. In order to build a long term residual income, you must be willing to commit to at least 2 years to build a strong foundation. You can make some great money and earn some amazing trips along the way, but our long term goal is to build a business that will pay you and your children for a lifetime.


I will help you grow your business by conducting information meetings, 3 way calls and 2 on 1 appointments. You will also have many opportunities to view webinars, listen to conference calls and attend local and national trainings.


6.)  NOW YOU ASK:  Where do they want to be with their health in 2 years?  Where do they want to be with their finances in 2 years?  Do they have a plan to achieve their goals?


Mastering the "Bullet Proof Shield"


If you can master 10 words, you can go to the top in this business. The key phrase is "I don't know about that, but here's what I do know". We call this the "bullet proof shield". Basically, you want to avoid comparing Advocare with other companies or counseling someone against other products since really you probably don't know enough to do this. (Even if you do know a lot about other supplements, try not to go there. It will make you sound defensive and it is not transferable to your team which will handicap your business.) Be strong, assertive, bold, and passionate and follow this easy way of making sure the focus stays on Advocare. People will usually soften and listen. Below are 8 examples that will help you know how to apply this principle in almost any conversation.


1. How do advocare vitamins compare with other vitamins like those in Wal-Mart?

Answer: I don't know about that, here's what I do know. Advocare products are formulated by a scientific and medical advisory board with over 200 years combined experience in pharmacology, toxicology, nutrition, and biochemistry etc. What we say is in the product is in the product and therefore the products always work when taken correctly and consistently.


2. Is this a pyramid?

Answer: I don't know much about pyramids, but here's what I do know.  AdvoCare is a direct sales nutrition company with products that work and are used by everyday people and elite athletes!  In Advocare you get paid what you're worth, and earn income based upon the number of people you mentor and serve!  You can earn more income than the person mentoring you!


3. Why is there caffeine in your products? I've heard caffeine is bad?

Answer: I don't know everything about caffeine, but here's what I do know. All levels of athletes from youth to professional and Olympians use advocare products because they are safe and make a definable difference in their performance and recovery. They totally trust our products because of the elite science and the fact that we use the finest ingredients available.


4. Advocare products didn't work for me!

Answer: I don't know about that, here's what I do know. AdvoCare products work because they're based on over 260 years of combined science and research!  Just like exercise, Advocare products will always work if a person takes them correctly and consistently. (Note: To set someone up for success, you'll always want to make sure that you stress from the start, taking the products correctly and consistently and that they give their bodies time to change. With weight loss, I always present a 90 day plan!)


5. My friend did Advocare as a business, but it didn't work for her! Answer: I don't know about that, here's what I do know.

1) Distributors in advocare have a proven success system that they can plug into. It works for those who commits to the process. If a person leaves out any portion of the success system, then it's very difficult to stay focused and make it through alone

2)Share Success Stories: Your income story, your mentor's income story, OR one from the DVD or Impact.  EX:  We have been working our business for ___months, have already made over ____ in additional income. My friend who trains me has been building her business for ___ years and she is debt free and averaging ____ per month. 


6. My friend lost money in Advocare!

Answer: I don't know about that, here's what I do know. There's no way you can lose money, you can only make money since the products and opportunity are unconditionally guaranteed up to a year. If a person decides that that they don't want to do the business or keep their discount, they can resign, and send any unopened portion back for a full refund. If a person says they lost money, then they simply didn't utilize this wonderful option.


7. My friend took the products but when she stopped all her weight came back.

Answer: I don't know about that, here's what I do know. If someone stops having full and complete nutrition in their system (which is what our products provide) then they go back to being deprived and reaching for the foods they shouldn't. The products are part of a lifestyle and should be used forever. A person's product regimen may change but if someone desires to maintain optimal health and wellness and slow the natural aging process, they must have great nutrition including supplements on a daily basis. (It's no different than brushing and flossing your teeth every day. As the sign at my dental office reads: You don't have to floss all of your teeth, only the ones you want to keep!)


8. The products gave me a headache and I felt sick.

Answer: I'm so sorry, and I'm not sure about that, but here's what I do know. The products wake up your metabolism and help rid your body of toxins. Sometimes it may take a few days for your body to adjust to a new regimen. Also, if someone doesn't eat enough or skips meals they could experience some discomfort.


Find out what they ate, what time they ate in relation to taking the product, and help them start over the next day following your directions. Always follow up with people on day 1, 3, 7 you make sure they know what to do and you address issues early on! Never use negative language like "sick", "jittery", or plant any other negative seed in their minds. Don't tell then what they will not experience. Tell them how terrific they are going to feel and most will. If someone is having any negative symptoms, it is usually best to eat right after they take the pre- meal packets with no waiting for the first several days or maybe a week or so.


REMEMBER THIS IMPORTANT KEY:  In AdvoCare we retail to recruit.  Many people will decide to make money with AdvoCare with just a few days on product!  Our job is to become so acquainted with our product users during the first 10 days (by talking on days 1, 3, 7, & 10) that by day 10, they're ready to host a mixer, come to a mixer or learn about the business! 


Shy away from saying, "I will be following up with you on days 1, 3, 7, BUT especially on Day 10 so you know what to do on day 11"  Make sure that by day 10, you've spoken to them several times!  Speeding up the relationship, will speed up the lag time! 




In Pursuit of Your Success,

Carlton & Lisa Hardman