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(for Athletes 12 and Above)


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WHO IS ADVOCARE?  We are an 18 year old world class nutrition company with over 100 unpaid professional endorsements including athletes such as Drew Brees (our national spokesperson), Colt McCoy, Thomas and Julius Jones, and the US Olympic wrestling team.  Our products are formulated by an elite science and medical advisory board with over 200 years combined experience in pharmacology, toxicology, nutrition, sports performance and pediatrics. (See IMPACT).  The Universities of Auburn, Washington, Kansas, Oklahoma and Ohio State as well as many high school teams across the state are also among those who benefit from using Advocare supplements.  Advocare products are safe enough for young athletes and yet effective enough for elite athletes!


Prices listed are retail / 20% member discount / 40% advisor discount.


POST- WORKOUT RECOVERY: Optimizes muscle recovery to enhance growth while minimizing soreness. Consume immediately following a workout (within 1 hour)

Chocolate or Vanilla                               Packets (14 Servings) $47.50 / $38.00 / $28.50

                                                     Value Canister (25 servings) $75.95 / $60.76 / $45.57


CATALYST: Power and strength formula originally designed for the US Olympic Wrestling Team to preserve and enhance muscle strength and endurance. 

 Take 3 capsules on an empty stomach before workout (weights or cardio).

                                                            90Capsules (30 servings) - $31.50 / $25.20 / $18.90


MUSCLE GAIN:  Superior source of high grade protein to be used in combination with weight training for increasing muscle mass.  Not intended as a meal replacement.

Chocolate or Vanilla                              Packets (10 servings) - $33.95 / $27.16/ $20.37

                                                   Value Canister (25 Servings) - $71.95 / $57.56/ $43.17


MEAL REPLACEMENT SHAKES:  Delicious way to nourish muscle ; recommended for breakfast but may also be used as an extra meal later in the day to help increase muscle mass; contains 24 grams of easily digested protein combined with muscle powering peptides and free amino acids + RDA of calcium.

Mix only with water or juice for best absorption of nutrients.

Chocolate, Vanilla, or Berry                                    14 Servings - $39.95 / $31.96/ $23.97


REHYDRATE: Advanced scientific formula for optimal hydration-Contains the proper ratio of electrolytes for optimal muscle cell  PH balance and for boosting muscle energetics; also contains antioxidants which help prevent muscle damage and speed muscle recovery.

Fruit Punch ,Citrus, or Grape         Packets (14 servings) - $14.50 / $11.60 / $8.70

                                                       Value Canister (70 servings) - $51.95 / $41.56 / $31.17

SPARK: A sugar-free energy drink for heightened mental focus and performance. Recommended 30 minutes before exercise to help sustain the brain and muscles for longer, more intense workouts and performance.  For optimal results, take with catalyst.

(Not intended for use as a hydration product.)

Fr. Punch, Grape, Cherry, Orange, Citrus    Packets (14 servings) $22.95 / $18.36/ $13.77

                                                         Value Canister (42 servings) $51.95 / $41.56 / $31.17


COREPLEX:  Multiple vitamin and mineral antioxidant formula; core component of any nutritional system; fills in nutritional gaps not received through daily foodintake; high bioavailability (maximum absorption) Take 3 per day with a meal.                            

180 caplets per bottle                                                  60 serving - $41.50 /$33.20 / $24.90


OMEGAPLEX:  Blend of essential fatty acids required daily to ensure proper metabolic function and to regulate many body functions.  EFA's are not produced by the body and must be obtained either by supplementation or through eating specific foods such as wild salmon, dark leafy green vegetables, avocadoes, and certain seeds and nuts.

Benefits associated with increased EFA consumption include 1) Improved mental functions 2) Reduced inflammation associated with joint problems and arthritis.

3) Stronger immune and cardiovascular systems.

Take 2-3 capsules per day with Coreplex.      

                                                       90 gel caps (30-45 servings) - $19.95 / $15.96 / $11.97


The above info was taken from Advocare's Product Guides and Trainings. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and the products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease



     4 Possible Relationships with Advocare


   *Retail Customer


     *Wholesale Customer ($79 annual fee) =

     20% discount + FREE website & Debtbuster system


 *Wholesale Distributor ($79 annual fee) =  20-30% discount + FREE   website & Debtbuster system + 5-30% profit on sales


 *Advisor ($79 annual fee) = 40% discount for life + FREE Website and Debtbuster system + opportunity to get paid 5 ways


(After first year, annual fee is only $50.00.)