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As far as eating goes, don't feel restricted, but a general rule of thumb is that the cleaner you eat, the more your system will release toxins and the better your results will be. The "big ones" to try to stay away from are white flour, sugar, fried foods, greasy foods, alcohol.... nothing that you wouldn't already know :) When cleansing, place your focus on LOTS of fresh fruits, vegetables, lean meats, brown rice, sweet potatoes (yum!) 

FIRST 10DAYS = Herbal Cleanse (green box) , OmegaPlex, &  Spark Drink !
You can drink your Spark in the morning, before a workout, or anytime.  If you add in the Meal Replacement Shake during the first 10 days, drink it immediately after your Fiber Drink on days 1-3 and days 8-10.  On days 4-7, drink your shake 30 minutes after your morning serving of ProBiotic Restore.  Take 2-4 OmegaPlex a day with any meal. 

3 Products inside the Herbal Cleanse Box
1) FIBER DRINKS* (see note at the bottom)

[days 1-3] 
morning:  Fiber Drink right before 1st meal of the day (Shake)   
afternoon: Spark /3 Catalyst on an empty stomach (twice daily for best results) !
before bed: Herbal Cleanse tablets (packet)

[days 4-7]
morning: Probiotic Restore packets empty stomach, 30 minutes before your 1st meal of the day  (Pref Shake as first meal) 
afternoon: Spark /3 Catalyst-twice daily on an empty stomach for best results!
before bed: Herbal Cleanse tablets

[days 8-10]
morning: Probiotic Restore packets empty stomach, 30 minutes before your  Fiber Packet and 1st meal of the day (Shake).  afternoon: Spark /3 Catalyst twice daily on an empty stomach for best results!
before bed: nothing

*Helpful Hint about the Fiber Drink... it is thick (fiber!) So, once you mix it with water, drink it FAST before it gets super thick :) and always drink 8 - 10 ounces of water after you drink it. This is important. You can put it in orange juice with pulp if you need help with texture, or add to oatmeal... these are a few tricks we use. Otherwise, just slam it down and drink a big glass of water afterward!


1) What are the benefits of a cleanse/why should I do one?

-          (Benefits) - Generally weight loss (5-10 lbs typically),increased energy and overall feeling of general wellness is associated with completing a good cleanse.

-          (Why) - Kind of like the lint trap on your dryer gets clouded with lint, this is what eating processed foods does to the lining of our colons.  Yes, your dryer will still continue to work, but it is going to have to work much harder to get the same work done.  In our bodies, this film layer prevents the nutrients from foods to get processed properly/efficiently by our bodies, resulting in loss of engergy and overall health, which can eventually lead to general illnesses associated with poor health.

-          We recommend our cleanse to anyone, especially about to begin a good Nutrition and diet plan - it just gets their bodies ready to receive the good stuff.


2) How often should a person do a cleanse?

-          Doctors who study the clinical benefits of nutrition in general, recommend every 3-6 months - depending on your diet (basically, if you know that you eat more processed foods - you may need to do a cleanse more frequently)


3) What are some basic considerations that I should have when doing a cleanse?

-          Generally a good physician is going to recommend that you need to make sure to keep yourself well hydrated during your cleanse (3 to 4 liters of water per dayat least - sounds like a lot but it really isn't), because you are going to be cleansing your body of impurities.  He is also going to recommend that you focus on eating as healthy of a diet as you can during the process.

-          At the most basic level - stay away from fried foods and dairy products while on the cleanse.


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