This is the 30th Edition of the BetterHealthGuy Newsletter.  I would have never thought that I'd still be doing these when I started them in 2005.  In fact, when I did the first newsletter in August of 2005, it had only been a month since I had been diagnosed with Lyme disease after searching for answers since 1997 when I first became ill.  This month marks 5 years since my Lyme disease diagnosis. 

Today, I am back to feeling quite good most days.  On average, I would say that I am approaching 85-90% of where I would like to get to with my health.  I feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to work with so many healers along the way and to have had the chance to have an ongoing dialog with so many of you as well.

At present, I am doing quite a bit of detoxification work and continuing to manage any continuing microbial issues with herbs.  I have been off pharmaceutical antibiotics for almost 2 years (October 2008) with only one short antibiotic treatment for nasal staph as part of the Shoemaker protocol which I discussed recently on my blog.

After having done the Cholestyramine/Actos protocol along with the MARCoNS treatment, my C4a, TGF-beta, MMP9, MSH, and other markers all normalized.  The longer-term question remains as to whether or not they will stay in the normal range, but for now, things look hopeful.  I'm glad that I circled back around to the Shoemaker work and did this targeted biotoxin removal and nasal staph protocol as they seemed to have been beneficial. 
There are a lots of other things that I am looking into, and I am hoping to have some exciting updates to share with you in the Fall Newsletter.
Here's to Your Health!
My Current Protocol

I constantly adapt my protocol to changing information, new treatment options, and new challenges as they present themselves.

The antimicrobial portion of my treatment consists of a number of herbal blends from Healthy Directions including Bar-1, Bab-1, ImmunoVira, and Prota-Z.  I am also using Researched Nutritionals Transfer Factor STP to support my immune system against any remaining staph after the MARCoNS treatment I did earlier this year.  I am also doing a lengthy parasite cleanse using Barefoot's Herbal Dewormer.

For probiotic support, I am using Mutaflor, Body Biotics, and BioImmersion Cranberry Pomegranate Synbiotic. 

I use Healthy Directions Tox-Ease for general detoxification support and Apex Rad-Tox for radiation/EMF detoxification.  I do regular far infrared saunas and drink detox tea.

I support my endocrine system with adrenal and thyroid support and use sublingual melatonin at bedtime for sleep.

I use an enzyme called Boluoke to address any hypercoagulation, Priority Zyme to reduce inflammation, and Gatrone HCL as a digestive enzyme.  For essential fatty acids, I use Nutiva Hemp Oil and YES Parent Essential Oils. 

On the mineral front, I use Blue Ocean Minerals, Sango Coral Calcium, "The Core" for KPU, and occasionally a liquid copper.

I supplement a small amount of Vitamin D3, take a whole-food multivitamin, amino acids for neurotransmitter support, Glucosamine Plus for a back injury I sustained last year, and Stemgevity to support my body's natural production of stem cells.

I still use the Bionic 880 and other frequency therapy devices and utilize ozone.

I know this sounds like a lot, and it is.  I'm anticipating that this will reduce over time, but for now, it seems to be doing the trick so I am not complaining for a second.

The Lyme Diet

Lyme Diet

The Lyme Diet is a fantastic book written by Dr. Nicola McFadzean, ND.

In this book Dr. McFadzean talks about:
  • Reducing and controlling inflammation
  • Maximizing immune function via dietary choices
  • Restoring the gut and regaining healthy digestion
  • Addressing hormone imbalances
  • Detoxification
  • Specifically aimed at obstacles facing Lyme patients
This book is a powerful resource for those of us that have been dealing with Lyme disease.  Further information can be found

My earlier blog post on the book is available here

LIA Takeaways

In April, I attended the "From Roadblocks to Recovery" conference put on by Tami Duncan and the LIA Foundation.

As always, it was a fantastic event packed with tons of great information.  To learn more, you can watch a short video (Thanks Dana!) on my takeaways from the event here.LIA

An extended conference summary article will also be available very soon in the Public Health Alert.  So, if you are interested in much more detail, watch for it in the PHA the first week of August.

A New and Powerful Social Media Tool: Medizzle
MedizzleThe founder and CEO of Collaborative Health Solutions, C. Layne Fontenot, PhD was undiagnosed with Lyme for 7 years.  His health eventually degraded to the point that he was disabled. Fortunately, he was able to connect with the right people via the internet during a 4 year online search to find the right diagnosis and treatments. 

He has now dedicated his life to helping people suffering find answers in the quickest most advanced way possible.  The first product of his company's vision, was launched in May 2010.  It is the newest, most advanced medically focused social network on the planet. 

Medizzle is the only social network hosted in a physically secure HIPAA compliant server array.  People suffering from health issues or chronic illness now have a place where they can easily find and interact with others just like them.  Users can then join a group and be part of the discussion to share information to help each other.  The days of scouring the internet for message boards, groups and forums for other people in your situation are over.  Medizzle's algorithms do all the work for you.
Note: has no financial relationship with Medizzle
Byron White Blends Now Available!

Exciting new herbal options continue to emerge in the treatment of Lyme disease.  The latest is a series of herbal blends from Byron White.  I've used these blends personally and have found them to be very powerful options.

A-L Complex, A-BAB, and A-BAR are now available to practitioners through BioResource.  Additional information can be found here.

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Parasite Cleanse

After listening to several podcasts on parasites, I recently started another parasite cleanse. 

To learn more about what I am currently doing, visit my blog entry here.

Townsend Letter Report on Samento and Banderol

Dr. Eva Sapi, PhD and her team at University of New Haven recently published on the effectiveness of Samento and Banderol on Borrelia burgdorferi.  Even more interesting was the observed effect of both of these herbal extracts on Borrelia biofilms.

It is exciting to see research being conducted on integrative therapies for Lyme disease.  The entire article can be found here.

Dr. Garry Gordon

Garry Gordon
Dr. Garry Gordon is a leader in the field of integrative medicine.  Dr. Gordon and I collaborated on an article in 2008 that can be found here.

Dr. Gordon shares a truly holistic message looking at the whole body in any attempts to improve one's chronic health condition.  He has created the "FIGHT" protocol which addresses Food, Infections, Genetics, Heavy metals/Hormones, and Toxins. 

Recently, Dr. Gordon has updates his web sites and I wanted to share them with you here.

Gordon Research
Fight For Your Health
F.I.G.H.T. Blog
Longevity Plus

On his main site at Gordon Research, Dr. Gordon freely shares a number of powerful webinars.

New Optimum Nutrition Bible 

One of the best books I have read in awhile is "The New Optimum Nutrition Bible". 

It has been said by many Lyme practitioners that it is nearly impossible to get well if diet and nutrition are not addressed.

This book covers every aspect of diet and health optimization through improving our nutrition.  I highly recommend arming yourself with the valuable information contained in this well-written book.

Optimum Nutrition Bible


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BetterHealthGuy Tidbits!
Below you will find a number of links to information I have found useful over the past few months.  I hope you find them to be of interest. - a top blog on Lyme disease
Lyme PSAs - several excellent PSAs recently produced
Chronic Fatigue and Nutrition - tips and information on optimum health and nutrition
India Stem Cell Patient Blogs - a list of patients that have gone to India for stem cell therapy and their stories
Los Altos Town Crier - an article on local people impacted by Lyme
Ritchie Shoemaker Video on Lyme Disease - listen to Dr. Shoemaker discuss Lyme disease
Barlow Herbals and Parasites - a blog entry on one of my favorite herb companies
Photon Genius - another device I may look into further in the future as initial reports sound quite promising
Lyme Induced Autism - treatment discussion from a Lyme treating doctor

Thanks for all your kind words, inspiring stories, thoughtful direction, and for your compassion. Live, love, and laugh each and every day; for tomorrow is not a given.

In Better Health,

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