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Issue #24 Fall 2008
Scott in GermanyIn October, I traveled to Germany in order to be treated by a doctor that uses photons or light energy as a tool for helping the body to rid itself of Lyme disease. 

The trip was remarkable.  Not only did I learn e
ven more about the disease that has been with me for twelve years, but I also had a wonderful, relaxing time visiting many of the towns in southwest Germany, France, and Switzerland.

I blogged daily from Germany on my experiences with the Bionic 880, the light device used in the treatment.  My blog can be found here.

Overall, I believe the trip was a success.  The treatment went very well.  I have been off antibiotics for two months now, the first time I have stopped in 3.5 years.  I am feeling strong with no signs of a relapse.  Not only am I not on any antibiotics at this time, but I have also stopped all anti-microbials and reduced my daily supplements from about 40 different things a day to about six.

I no longer count my pills each week and put them into a pill box to support taking a handful four times a day.  It is freeing to no longer be so tied to so many pharmaceuticals and supplements.

The doctor in Germany indicated that the treatment was successful.  Whether Borrelia is physically gone or just no longer causes ongoing damage within my body we don't know for certain, but all signs are promising.

I have gotten many emails from people asking if I felt that this treatment is a "miracle cure".  The answer is I don't know yet.  It will take many more months before I can fully gauge the benefits that the treatment provides.

I am optimistic, though I am also realistic.  If, at some point in the future, I begin to feel more symptomatic and need to go back on some of my previous treatments, I will certainly consider it.

For now, I am quite happy with the decision to have gone to Germany and be treated with light....  Long live photons!
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Leaky Gut Leads to Leaky Brain
Dr. VojdaniDr. Aristo Vojdani, PhD Talks About the Connection Between Leaky Gut and Leaky Brain
My most recent article is a collaboration with Dr. Aristo Vojdani, PhD.
In this article, Dr. Vojdani connects the dots between a Leaky Gut and a Leaky Brain and explains how something as overlooked as the gut can lead to NeuroImmune disorders.
You can read the article here.  Don't miss it!
The Latest on Klinghardt
Dietrich Klinghardt4-DVD Set for Patients and Practitioners
"Protocols for Patients and Practitioners: Fundamental Teachings of Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD" is a 4-DVD set on the teachings of Dr. Klinghardt, a true healer and mentor.

There are four DVDs in the set. Each 2-hour DVD has a theme:
  • The Five Levels of Healing and the Seven Factors
  • Heavy Metal Toxicity and Neurotoxin Elimination
  • Lyme and Chronic Illness and Protocols/ EMF Sensitivity
  • Emotional Issues in Chronic Illness - How to Test, Treat and Resolve
The set is available for ordering now.  More information can be found here.

Dr. Klinghardt's 2009 seminar schedule is also available now and can be found here.  I will be attending the "Chemical and Heavy Metal Toxicity Seminar 2009" in February and hope to see many of you there.
Beating Lyme Disease by Dr. David A. Jernigan
Beating Lyme DiseaseRevised Edition of Beating Lyme Disease Now Available
One of the books I had read and learned from in the past is "Beating Lyme Disease" by Dr. David A. Jernigan, DC.  The book was recently released in an updated new edition with the latest information on his treatment approaches to Lyme.

I found the book to be full of information reminding us all as to the importance of detoxification in a well-planned treatment protocol. 

I highly recommend the book as it helps to provide an understanding of the role of toxins from Lyme disease, chemicals, heavy metals, and more and how these toxins cause the majority of our symptoms.

The book is well organized and definitely worth the read.  You won't walk away empty-handed and will hopefully feel even more empowered.  I also think that sharing this book with your practitioner could be very helpful.

More information on the book can be found here.
A Warrior and Friend Tragically Lost
My Dear Friend Leslie Rae Wermers Passes On
 Leslie Rae Wermers
Leslie Wermers was a Lyme warrior that I met at a conference a couple of years ago.  Her passion for helping those of us with Lyme disease was immeasurable.  I felt a connection to Leslie from the moment I met her. 

I had just seen her in San Francisco in October as she and her sister Tracie were there to volunteer at a Lyme conference. 

While I was traveling in Germany looking for more answers for those of us with Lyme, I received an email saying that Leslie had passed away November 2 as a result of complications of Lyme disease.

I was shocked and deeply saddened.  Not only was her passing a tragic loss for her friends and family but it was a loss to all of us struggling with Lyme disease that Leslie so lovingly helped.

The day I returned from my trip, there was a message on my voicemail that Leslie had left calling to chat with her always bubbly personality.  I was saddened that I had not returned her call as she had passed just four days later and prior to my return home.  Nonetheless, it was great to hear her voice. 

A tribute was put together by Andy Wilson which can be found here.

More can be learned about Leslie's important work by visiting Minnesota Lymefigher's Advocacy.  A tribute video from Leslie's memorial can be found here.

We must continue our fight, continue our search for answers, and continue to find solutions. My friend was a light in this world. I was so blessed to know her.

In honor of you, my friend, Leslie, I hold you in my heart.

BetterHealthGuy Tidbits
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  • Thanks for all your kind words, inspiring stories, thoughtful direction, and for your compassion. Live, love, and laugh each and every day for tomorrow is not a given.

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