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October 16, 2009
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clergy gathering 10-16-09Clergy gathering

Bishop James Swanson warns preachers of a "sickness that's loose in our communities."  

reading list griffin 10-16-09
Reading List
We asked these participants at Clergy Gathering ...

interstate 10-16-09
District Roundup
Why did a church group from Knoxville District travel down the interstate for a Cleveland District event?

pet inclusive 10-16-09
Pet inclusivity
Six in 10 U.S. households have pets. Does your church welcome pets? (UM Communications)

small church 10-16-09
Ode to the small rural church
"To realize our potential, we will need to stop measuring small congregations by unrealistic and inappropriate standards, and help them to set goals for themselves." (UM Reporter) 

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Conference Calendar
Conference Calendar
  • Oct. 16-17: Tennessee Wesleyan Homecoming/
  • Oct. 20: Deadline for Witness grant applications
  • Oct. 23: Hiwassee's Kefauver Gala in Knoxville
  • Oct. 23-24: Early Response Training in Knoxville
  • Nov. 8: "Adventures in Missing the Point" in Chattanooga
  • Nov. 29: United Methodist Student Sunday
  • Nov. 30: Deadline for health insurance changes
  • Dec. 1: Deadline for Worker's Compensation questionnaire
  • Jan. 11: Deadline to submit 2009 apportionments
  • Jan. 15-17: Resurrection youth event in Gatlinburg
  • Jan. 17: Human Relations Sunday
  • Jan. 22-24: Resurrection youth event in Gatlinburg
  • Jan. 29-31: Divine Rhythm young adult event in Pigeon Forge 
  • Feb. 15: Change for Children grant applications due
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audiovisual 10-16-09 Picks
  • Need forms? The conference finance department has 2010 pension and health benefits forms online now.
  • Need a phone number? Several copies of the "2009-2010 Conference Handbook and Directory" are still available.
More of ...

windows 7 1-16-09 Picks
  • Cheaper software: TechShop offers Windows 7 for $74.99 vs. $200 retail for United Methodist churches.
  • Sticky questions: Is it required to announce church committee meetings 10 days in advance? The answers to this and other UMC questions on the Leadership: Comittees page.
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lewis center 10-16-09

Holston Conference of the United Methodist Church