March 14th, 2008
Grant Money Update
Call Todd About the Tax Increase
Infrastructure Hearings
Building Operator Certification
Guest Columnist Herb Shields
CAPS Program
New Tax Incentives
New Board Member
Upcoming ICNC Events
Other Upcoming Events

Grant money for Kinzie Corridor companies

Two important grants are about to be re-funded and Moneycompanies interested in funding should contact ICNC to determine eligibility and get started with their applications:

  • Capital improvements and building rehab - Companies in the Kinzie Industrial Corridor TIF District may qualify for matching grants of up to $150,000 for capital improvements to their property. Applications are expected to be available in late April or early May.
  • Employee training costs - If you spend money on trainings for your employees, ICNC may be able to reimburse up to 50% of your costs. Most training other than sales training is eligible; click here for examples or call ICNC.   
Tell Todd How you feel about the Tax Increase
Due to a county tax increase, Chicago Sales Tax will soon climb to 10.25%! Want to let the Cook County Board know how you feel about this? Record your opinion with Cook County Board President Todd Stroger by following the instructions below:
First call 1-312 -603-6400 - then Press 1, Press 2 and Press 2 (It's a voice mail prompt system.)
CALL NOW! It only takes about 15 SECONDS to punch in your vote.

Infrastructure budget hearings- April 22nd

The City is preparing its capital improvement budget,Worker which funds infrastructure improvements throughout the city. ICNC is attending a hearing on industrial area priorities to request the street, alley, and sidewalk repairs our member companies have told us they need. If you can send a representative to help us make the case for more city money, we'd love to have you along. Tuesday, April 22 at 9:30 a.m. at the Harold Washington Library, 400 S. State Street. Call ICNC if you'd like to go.        

Building operator certification

Building and plant managers who want to learn how to cut operating costs through energy efficiency can get certified through the Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance's Building Operator Certification program. The next one begins April 1st in Evanston. Call Paige Knutsen at 312-587-8390 x 19 or click here for details.

Guest column - Herb S. Shields on reducing lead time to cut costs

One of Lean Enterprise's core concepts is that SBDClogo

inventory is not an asset, but a cost or waste. But many ICNC companies have to maintain some inventory to compensate for uncertainties in customer demand, new product introductions, or lead times - both internal and external. Don't overlook the relationship between lead times and inventory levels. Inventory reduction initiatives that focus on improving forecasts, cutting safety stock, or pushing inventory back to suppliers are difficult to execute and the improvement can be temporary. ICNC member Herb Shields suggests a better way to reduce lead times and inventory permanently. Click here for the full article.

13th District Police organizing court advocacy

The Chicago Police Department's CAPS program has long helped citizens organize to attend court cases where criminal offenders were being sentenced. They can also help business representatives who want to let judges know that it's not OK to let repeat offenders of vandalism and theft walk away unpunished. Contact ICNC if you'd like to send a representative to upcoming court cases.

New Tax Incentives for Small Manufacturers
The Economic Stimulus Act of 2008, contains two provisions that can be of immediate benefit to small
manufacturing companies.The stimulus package includes a provision  to double the Section 179 small business expense tax deduction.Current law allows business owners to write off up to $125,000 in expenses
immediately rather than depreciating these expenses. The stimulus act allows a $250,000 deduction for 2008 only. A second provision of the stimulus package provides 50 percent "bonus" first-year depreciation for capital equipment purchased and placed in service during 2008.
Make sure your accountant know about these recent changes.

Membership luncheon attracts over 200

More than 200 ICNC members gathered at Alhambra Palace on February 20th for our organization's annual membership luncheon. Board members recapped zoning, infrastructure, and company funding victories and asked city officials for more business assistance in 2008. The City of Chicago Department of Planning and Development's new commissioner, Arnold Randall, announced $2 million in capital improvement grants to be released in the Kinzie Corridor. ICNC also welcomed a new director to its board: Everett Bell, the president of Midwest Fence Corporation, 900 N. Kedzie Avenue, was elected at the meeting.

Upcoming ICNC Events
Stop wasting money and energy
March 19th at ICNC

Find out how your building can and should save you money on energy costs. With energy costs on the rise, don't throw your money out the window (or door). Energy design expert Ben Sliwinski will teach you the best places to cut costs. Also, new ComEd subsidies for energy-efficient equipment will be presented by Brian Linehan of Delphi Energy. Come to hear about financial rewards. $10, lunch meeting Wednesday, March 19 at 12 p.m. at ICNC.

Electricity Purchasing Seminar
April 16th at ICNC

ICNC member companies have many choices about where they buy their electricity. Hear from electricity purchasing experts and electricity suppliers at this free seminar and get your questions answered from the professionals.  9 a.m. Wednesday, April 16.

Upcoming Events 
Alliance for Illinois Manufacturing
Economic Forecast Luncheon
March 20th
Cafe La Cave, Des Plaines
On March 20,2008,Andrew B.Busch,the Global Foreign Exchange Market Strategist for the Bank of Montreal 's Capital Markets' Investment Banking Division in Chicago,will present his economic forecast on the fundamental trends affecting manufacturers. Mr.Busch is a recognized expert on the world financial markets and how these markets are impacted by political events.Mr Bush has a weekly column in Canada's leading business newspaper, The Globe and Mail, and appears regularly as a guest and contributor on CNBC. Don't miss this opportunity to hear this leading expert share his insights on how the economy may impact your business. Cafe La Cave, 2777 Mannheim Rd, Des Plaines,IL 60018 , $60/ticket, $500/table. Call 773-594-9292 to register.
Building Operator Certification 
April 1st 
Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance 

Building and plant managers who want to learn how to cut operating costs through energy efficiency can get certified through the Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance's Building Operator Certification program. The next one begins April 1st in Evanston. Call Paige Knutsen at 312-587-8390 x 19 or click here for details. 

Sustainable Manufacturing Summit
April 8th and 9th
Art Institute of Chicago

Top companies from GM to Philips and Caterpillar will discuss the manufacturing sector's role in addressing climate change. They'll address carbon emissions and environmental impact through the supply chain from product design to manufacturing and consumption. This is a world-class event with some of the sector's biggest names participating. Registration is $1,700 per company attendee, but the organizer has agreed to give ICNC three places for $3,400, so let us know if you'd like to attend. April 8-9 at the Art Institute of Chicago. Details here.

EEOC seminar for employers
May 6th and 7th 
Lincolnshire Marriot Resort 

The US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is running a technical assistance program to teach businesses about employment law, including: Regulations regarding people with disabilities, EEO complaints, race discrimination and sexual harassment, and other important issues. Call Rita Coffey at 312-353-7254 for more information. May 6-7 at Lincolnshire Marriot Resort.

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