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New/Old Client Special

$25 for 2 Weeks Unlimited!
Must be an Arizona resident.  Valid for new students and those who have not practiced at our studio since February 1st, 2010!
20% off all other yoga packages during your first two weeks!
Congrats Challengers!
There's nothing easy about the 30 or 60 Day Challenge.  30/60 hot and sweaty 90 minute classes in 30/60 days is tough (we don't call it a challenge for nothing!).  At the end of it though, you have to admit it was worth it!  


Just ask any of these yogis who recently finished their challenges!
 30 Day Medal
30 Day

Josh Bevil 3/17
KC Lin Mon 3/17
Marissa Whipple 3/20
Amy Armstrong 3/25
Karen Danner 3/26
Tracy Thompson-Burks 3/27
Rhonda Deadrick 3/27
Hannah Tangi 3/30
Veronica Aldrete 4/1
Nancy Gray 4/5
Robyn Unrau 4/15
Maria Silva 4/15
Fatima Silva 4/15
Mary Rico 4/15
Alyssa Bowles 4/16
Kim Whattler 4/16

 TShirt Front
60 Day  

Stephanie Tsui 3/18
Sukey Dominguez 3/31
Carmen Blankenship 4/7
Sheri Owens 4/7
Megan Gibson 4/12
Comelia Orndorf 4/20

If you have finished your challenge but have not received your certificate and gifts, please see us at the front desk!



$25 credit!

Would you like to share your Bikram Yoga story?  Can we include you in our next newsletter?  How has Bikram Yoga helped you?  We would love to know and if we publish your testimonial, we will add $25 to your account.

Please email:
Free First Friday for Firefighters, Police and Paramedics
As a service to our community, Bikram Yoga Tempe offers FREE yoga to all Phoenix Metropolitan area firefighters, police, and paramedics for the first Friday of ever month.  Please bring a valid ID and choose from the 6 am, 9 am, 12 pm, 2:30 pm, 4:30 pm and 6:30 pm classes.

Friday, May 4th is the next First Friday!

Firefighters, police and paramedics also receive 10% off our yoga packages.
Lost and Found
Left something behind?  Ask the front desk to check the back.  Items not picked up are donated to Good Will at the end of each month.  For sanitary reasons, we cannot hold onto wet towels or underwear.
Birthday Special
Receive 10% off retail during the week of your birthday!
Tempe Community Action Agency
Thank you for supporting the Tempe Community Action Agency Food Drive!  They are very grateful for your generosity!



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Questions? Comments? Suggestions?
Please do not hesitate to let us know how we can improve our facility.  We strive to make Bikram Yoga Tempe a very comfortable, peaceful environment for everyone.
Please email:
WellSpring Holistic Health

A Wellness Center affiliated with Bikram Yoga Tempe

Wellspring, a beautiful wellness center created by Dr. Benjamin Zorensky, ND, is located at the northeast corner of Kyrene and Warner at 430 W Warner Rd. Ste 104.  The center hosts the following practitioners:

Anna Lunaria
Licensed Massage Therapist, "Pain Relief Guru", Yoga Teacher

John Schultz
Reflexology, Reiki, Energy Healing, Spiritual Life Coaching, Metaphysical Consultation and Therapeutic Prayer

Karla Kay
Life Rejuvenation, Couples Coaching and Grief Counseling
Certified Bikram Yoga Teacher

Gabi Garrisi
MBS Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork
Certified Bikram Yoga Teacher

Two rooms and the lecture/yoga room are currently available for lease to health and wellness practitioners.  For inquiries, email drzorensky@gmail.com or call 480-323-9641.
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Happy Earth Day!   While it is important to recognize the earth today, it is more important to acknowledge it every day.  There are several simple ways to help mother earth: 

1.  Cut back on the use of plastic.  Instead of buying plastic water bottles each time you take class, invest in a stainless steel water bottle or a BPA-free Nalgene bottle and fill up your water at home. 

2.  Raise the temperature on the thermostat.  Every summer we hear from many of you how Bikram Yoga has helped you live in a more comfortable temperature at home.  Dana F. used to keep her house at 65 degrees in the summer and now she keeps it at 78.  She saves a lot of energy and $200 each month!  Bikram Yoga helps one regulate their body temperature and endure the relentless AZ summers.

3.  Turn off lights and electronic devices when you are not using them.

4.  Switch as many bulbs as possible in your home to compact fluorescent lights or LED bulbs. 

5.  Use a low-flow shower head.

6.  Use solar energy to dry your clothes.

Be good to your mama!

Yoga Tip
Kapalbhati Breathing 
Bikram's Key: As you exhale, pull in the stomach vigorously.  This expels the air.  When it's in and the exhale is finished, relaxing the stomach muscles create the inhale.  Then pull the abdomen in again--moving your belly button toward the back of your spine--with the next exhale.  Only the stomach moves, nothing else.

This vigorous movement of the stomach takes practice to perform properly.  To accelerate your progress, try placing a hand on the abdomen, on or around the navel, as you begin your exhalations.  This way you can tell immediately if the midsection is moving inward as it should.  An alternate method is to start by pushing the stomach outward, letting it hang out completely relaxed, which will exaggerate and accelerate the inward motion when it comes. 

Medical Benefits
for Kapalbhati Breathing: 
  • Improves digestion and circulation  
  • Increases the elasticity of the lungs with every forceful exhale 
  • Generates prana, and pushes out every ounce of carbon dioxide, replacing it with life-giving oxygen 
  • Strengthens abdominal organs and increases circulation to them 
  • Promotes detoxification

By Ashley Z

I purchased a Groupon to BYT about 1.5 years ago, and started my journey mid April 2011.  I have been very active most my adult life, and prior to bikram I was doing spinning classes in the AM daily, with a weight-lifting or vinyasa yoga class at night.  I enjoyed the gym, and felt the activities were a necessity in keeping me healthy and toned. Looking back, I was pretty much obsessed with my weight and working out, truth be told.  My routine pre-bikram went a little something like this: wake up at 3:45 am (yes...), get to gym by 4:30 (needed coffee time in there), work out until 5:45 and head to work.  After work I'd get to the gym for a weight lifting class or vinyasa, sometimes both.  I felt incredibly guilty if I skipped, and was very neurotic about my crutch of a routine. Amazingly, I was rarely tired on my very limited sleep. It also warrants mention that I was diagnosed with OCD at age 9, and although had not been on medicine for years, many of the 'obsessive' components of the disorder still drove my life...although I am fairly certain I was blind to this.


However, in 2011 I started to experience what I later came to learn were panic attacks. I had no idea what the first 2 or 3 were, but they really freaked me out to put it mildly.  They progressively got worse in the coming months.  I have always been a very bubbly and social person, and I was now afraid to socialize after work, or with friends for fear I'd have another attack: with the wave of hot and cold flashes, dizziness, dry mouth, pounding heart, and shaking legs.  They would sometimes last for hours, and I seemed completely incapable of doing anything to control them. On the contrary, my obsessive nature made me so concerned about their origin and the lack of control I felt, that I likely made them worse by thinking about it constantly. Once the first to speak up in a setting, I became nervous to talk in meetings, and dreaded interaction with colleagues and strangers-I felt like I was on a really bad drug and was genuinely concerned I would never be 'me' again.


I eventually saw a doctor and went on Xanax and Zoloft.  Taking up to 2.5 mg of Xanax a day seemed to become normal, but I still did not feel right.  This was still the case when I started bikram.  I was immediately put at ease by Charles' great big smile, and welcoming attitude. I fell in love with the class right away. The intense heat and sweat disallowed me from thinking about ANYTHING but the yoga.  Finally! An escape from incessant worrying and thinking.  It felt so cleansing, strenuous, yet calming at the same time. Initially I kept up my morning workouts in addition to the yoga, but was finally able to see that I was getting what I needed from the yoga alone.  It took a bit, but I was able to allow myself to let go of the anxiety that had apparently driven me through years of minimal sleep, all in the name of keeping my 'morning routine' intact. Many would consider this an easy task, but it was a great effort for me.  To allow myself to sleep until 6am, not rush through my day, and attend yoga at night was a huge leap forward for me.  


Through many months of sweat and stretching, I could feel 'myself' coming back.  I felt happier, and more relaxed than I could remember, dropped the anxiety medicine gradually, and no longer felt anxious about work or social situations.  I'd completely lost the fear of a panic attack.  And I'd also, conveniently, lost 22 lbs, and was thinking about my body less than ever!  To think that all my life I'd forced myself into a routine that was at the end of the day driving me towards a breaking point, was almost a funny realization in retrospect.  The control I'd always thought routine would bring, actually caused the opposite effect in the end. 


My body feels better than it ever has,  and I'm sleeping more than I have at any point in my life.  I am still what most would probably refer to as 'high strung,' but trust me...I've come a long way!  And I don't want to lose all of that ... after all, that is part of what makes me 'me.' I love this yoga. I find myself looking forward to it every day as I sit in my chair at work, excited to get to the heat, interested to see what my body and mind will show me that day.  It's still hard, almost a year later! One day I have a perfect standing head to knee, and then the next week it's gone, and I can't get it back for a month! Just like life I guess...one day seemingly perfectly balanced, and the next...well... !  But that is part of the beauty of it in my opinion.  Knowing I will never perfect the yoga is somehow a great feeling.  Gives me something to strive for.  After all, if we could perfect anything and hold that perfection, where would we travel from there?  Thanks to all of you for the support and fun over the past year!!


We are so proud of you Ashley! ~BYT Staff 

Charles Thanks YOU!
His Karma Class was a huge success!

Dear Friends,

I write this letter with more gratitude in my heart than I could ever express in words. The support from each of you these past few weeks is more than I could have ever imagined.  Your kind words and belief in me has been overwhelming.  I'm truly humbled.  The Karma Class on March 30th was AMAZING and by far the best yoga class I have ever taken. Over 75 people came to take class with me and there was such good energy moving in the room!  My skin was buzzing and I think I cried tears of joy about six times during that class.

On April 15th I left for LA to attend Bikram's Teacher Training.  This training lasts 9 weeks and entails a grueling schedule; two classes a day (M-F), one class on Sat, and hours upon hours of lectures covering asana, anatomy, nutrition, philosophy of Yoga, Bikram's Posture Clinic, and the Bikram Yoga dialogue.  About 400 students from around the world are here, and we're all taking class together.  On June 17th, I will graduate and return to BYT as your yoga teacher!
Getting to this point has taken years, and I'm so excited that it all finally came to fruition!  Thank you so SO much for the donations. The money will be used solely for expenses at training and will help me tremendously.  

With love and gratitude oozing my heart, I THANK YOU.



BYT Supports Tempe Family Fun Run!
Saturday, May 12th  www.tempefamilyfunrun.com 


Recent studies have shown that children today are not expected to outlive their parents. "Because...individuals are reaching a higher prevalence of obesity earlier in the life course, they are experiencing a greater cumulative exposure to excess weight over their lifetime, which will likely have profound implications for future rates of obesity-related chronic diseases and mortality within the US population." Unhealthy lifestyles are the main contributing factor of this disturbing trend. According to the CDC, obesity rates in children and adolescents have tripled since 1980. With one-third of adults and seventeen percent of children and adolescents qualifying as obese, the financial cost is incredible. As of 2008, $147 billion was spent on medical care costs due to obesity. The Naturopathic Advocacy and Community Awareness Team (NACT) has created the 1st Annual "Tempe Family Fun Run & Walk" on May 12th 2012, as a way to generate positive change in the health of Arizona families and reverse this disturbing trend.  

N-ACT is a non-profit organization started by students at Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in 2003. Their main objective is to use grassroots approaches to educating the public on the importance of healthy lifestyles as well as how alternative modalities can aid in positive change in the health of their family. To achieve these goals they are kicking off their first community event, "Tempe Family Fun Run & Walk".  This event will be a 5K run and walk that will take place on May 12, 2012 in beautiful Kiwanis park in Tempe. They are looking for health fair vendors for this event and this would give you exposure to between 500-700 attendees. The Mayor of Tempe, Hugh Hallman, will attend the event. Go to www.tempefamilyfunrun.com to learn more about the event and join them for a little run and tons of fun, while creating healthy families one by one! Money raised from this event with enable N-ACT to support students and states in their quest to educate the public on healthy lifestyles and licensure for Naturopathic Doctors.


BYT will have a booth at this great event.  Come check it out and bring your family!  


Referral Program

Staff excited! GET YOGA FOR FREE!

The person who refers the most people every month will receive a FREE 30 DAY UNLIMITED ($150 value)!  Please make sure your friends write down your first and last name on the registration sheet.

Please note:  A minimum of 5 referrals is needed to win.
Earth Day Quote: "There is a great need for the introduction of new values in our society, where bigger is not necessarily better, where slower can be faster, and where less can be more." --Gaylord Nelson
Best of Health, 

Elaina and Dr. Benjamin Zorensky, ND, Co-Owners
and Staff of Bikram Yoga Tempe, est. 2002!
1825 E Guadalupe Rd #103
Tempe, AZ 85283
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