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New/Old Client Special

$25 for 2 Weeks Unlimited!
Must be an Arizona resident.  Valid for new students and those who have not practiced at our studio since February 1st, 2010!
20% off all other yoga packages during your first two weeks!
Congrats Challengers!
There's nothing easy about the 30 or 60 Day Challenge.  30/60 hot and sweaty 90 minute classes in 30/60 days is tough (we don't call it a challenge for nothing!).  At the end of it though, you have to admit it was worth it!  


Just ask any of these yogis who recently finished their challenges!
 30 Day Medal
30 Day
Moni In  
Jonathon Blair  
Erica Schifsky  
MaryAnn Graff  
Diann Arnold  
Jennifer Grentz  
Melanie Ben  
Alyssha Gardner
Stephanie Urruela  
Emily Glass  
Shadow Asgari  
Hannah Cheloha  
Mary Gregson  
Sheri Owens
Carmen Blankenship  
Marcin Harasiuk  
Jamie Fontana  
Megan Gibson  

 TShirt Front
60 Day  

Lawrence Fatica
David Barrios 
Jennifer Hladik
Danielle Stanisic
Monique Murillo
Nikki Dolce
Ashley Tattrie
Tyson Vickers
If you have finished your challenge but have not received your certificate and gifts, please see us at the front desk!



$25 credit!

Would you like to share your Bikram Yoga story?  Can we include you in our next newsletter?  How has Bikram Yoga helped you?  We would love to know and if we publish your testimonial, we will add $25 to your account.

Please email:
Free First Friday for Firefighters, Police and Paramedics
As a service to our community, Bikram Yoga Tempe offers FREE yoga to all Phoenix Metropolitan area firefighters, police, and paramedics for the first Friday of ever month.  Please bring a valid ID and choose from the 6 am, 9 am, 12 pm, 2:30 pm, 4:30 pm and 6:30 pm classes.

Friday, April 6th is the next First Friday!

Firefighters, police and paramedics also receive 10% off our yoga packages.
Teacher Training
We are very excited to announce that Charles Arnold, BYT's manager, and BYT student Jennifer Jorde will be attending Bikram's Teacher Training in LA starting mid April!  They will endure nine weeks (800 hours) immersed in an in-depth study of Bikram Yoga with Yoga Masters Bikram and Rajashree Choudhury and their staff of senior teachers. We look forward to having them teach at BYT when they return!
Lost and Found
Left something behind?  Ask the front desk to check the back.  Items not picked up are donated to Good Will at the end of each month.  For sanitary reasons, we cannot hold onto wet towels or underwear.
Birthday Special
Receive 10% off retail during the week of your birthday!
WellSpring Holistic Health

A Wellness Center affiliated with Bikram Yoga Tempe

Wellspring, a beautiful wellness center created by Dr. Benjamin Zorensky, ND, is located at the northeast corner of Kyrene and Warner at 430 W Warner Rd. Ste 104.  The center hosts the following practitioners:

Anna Lunaria
Licensed Massage Therapist, "Pain Relief Guru", Yoga Teacher

John Schultz
Reflexology, Reiki, Energy Healing, Spiritual Life Coaching, Metaphysical Consultation and Therapeutic Prayer

Karla Kay
Life Rejuvenation, Couples Coaching and Grief Counseling
Certified Bikram Yoga Teacher

Gabi Garrisi
MBS Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork
Certified Bikram Yoga Teacher

Two rooms and the lecture/yoga room are currently available for lease to health and wellness practitioners.  For inquiries, email drzorensky@gmail.com or call 480-323-9641.
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Questions? Comments? Suggestions?
Please do not hesitate to let us know how we can improve our facility.  We strive to make Bikram Yoga Tempe a very comfortable, peaceful environment for everyone.
Please email:
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It was so nice to finally have some rain this past weekend!  The desert always smells amazing after the rain.  The wildflowers have begun to bloom and the orange blossoms are especially fragrant at the moment.  Please take a minute to stop and enjoy the 'flower petals blooming'!  

Spring is officially here!  We tend to Spring Clean around this time.  Have you considered replacing your old yoga mat? We now offer four different styles of yoga mats, two of which are a mat/towel combination! And maybe it's time to take your practice up a notch and do the 30 or 60 Day Challenge.  Watch your practice bloom!

Yoga Tip
Lock the Knee! 
Bikram's Key: "At this point we go into the three postures that comprise the standing one-legged concentration series.  This is where you begin to employ one of the most misunderstood principles in Bikram Yoga.  It's also an apt metaphor for living the life of a yogi, with determination and balance.  Here's how I express this principle in my Dialogue: Lock the Knee! Lock the knee! Lock the knee!

You may not be able to lock the knee.  It sounds simple, but to continuously contract the thigh muscles, lock your standing leg and balance evenly on a solid, unwavering leg for even 10 seconds is nearly impossible for most beginning students.  But unless you can do this, you can't really do Bikram Yoga.  Here's why: If the thigh muscles remain slack, you will create unnecessary compression in the knee joint, eventually causing damage.  When you engage the quadriceps femoris muscles, the tendons and ligaments of the knee become active and pull bone away from bone, strengthening and rehabilitating the joint.  This is a strong example of why concentration is so important to practicing Hatha Yoga and successfully healing the body."

By Jennifer Hladik (on the right)


I can vaguely remember my first yoga class years ago. I remember it was hot, and afterwards, there wasn't enough Gatorade in the world. Back then, all we had was Gatorade.

Fast forward 15 years. I've grown up, had 3 kids and live in a great neighborhood. Who knew the woman down the street would become a dear friend? My friend, Danielle (on the left), is a fitness junky like me - doing crazy things, just to keep life interesting and try to avoid size increases. She told me that she had been going to a yoga studio not far from us for years. I decided to give yoga a go again, and I would go occasionally.


As 2011 came to a close - it was a time for reflection again. What goals did I want to set? Danielle and I agreed to team up and try the 30 Day Challenge. All we had to do was show up, right? After about 20 days, the challenge became serious, and we began to realize what a feat daily Bikram could be. If we even wanted to consider extending this to a marathon 60 Day Challenge, we had to do it now (as not to repeat the 30 days in the future). We decided yes. Again, all we had to do was show up, right?


When they write 'they don't call it a challenge for nothing', they weren't kidding. There were days that we pushed hard ... days that we just survived. And, there were days that we were just plain tired. But through it, Danielle and I inspired each other, shared experiences, continued to do laundry, and show up. We could now do a pose that we couldn't do before. Or, we 'heard' something different and that little shift in our position made a huge change. On those hard days, when our friendship wasn't enough, we were inspired with those around us. The new people who came to class and kept coming, other people who were working on their own challenges, and the great staff at BYT all really pulled us through. It was the days that we were dragging that a teacher reminded us that those are the days that we needed to be there the most. The encouraging comments in class knowing we were working on day 21, 37, or 42. Or, saying our name, pushing us to go farther. After 60 days, we really got to know the staff and enjoyed seeing them daily.


We found that in finishing the challenge, it was more than just showing up. It was losing 4.5% body fat. It was being inspired and accomplishing a major physical fitness feat. It was checking off an item on the bucket list. It was growing our friendship. It was fun! After 60 days and a few days or rest, we found ourselves lost and missing yoga and BYT. It was a welcome return to BYT with the smiling, happy faces of the staff greeting us at the door.


We are so proud of you Jennifer and Danielle! ~BYT Staff 

Charles is Going to Teacher Training!
KARMA CLASS Friday, March 30th @ 6:30PM

Dear Friends,

After five years of practicing next to you, and four years of checking you in at the desk, I have been moved to take action and go to Bikram Yoga Teacher training this April.  When I come back in June, I will be a Certified Bikram Yoga Teacher!

It has always been difficult for me to ask for help of any kind from anyone for anything.  So this letter has been a challenge for me to write and put together.

Ben and Elaina have given me a home here at BYT for half a decade, and are kind enough to offer a "Karma Class" this coming Friday, March 30th at 6:30pm.  This class is intended to raise some funds for me to pay for necessities while at teacher training for 9 weeks. This is a donation* based class.  If you donate, class is covered and will not be deducted from your package.  Any donation is appreciated and all proceeds will be used solely for my necessities at training.

Thank so much for all your support and encouragement as I tackle
this next chapter in my life.  I look forward to being your yoga
teacher more than you know.

With Love,
                                                 *suggested $10 minimum donation


Referral Program

Staff excited! GET YOGA FOR FREE!

The person who refers the most people every month will receive a FREE 30 DAY UNLIMITED ($150 value)!  Please make sure your friends write down your first and last name on the registration sheet.

Congratulations to Hunter Nichole for referring the most people in February! He won a free month valued at $150!  The free month giveaways will be held on the 3rd day of the next month.  You have a chance to win each month! 

And congratulations to Stephanie Urruela for winning our February facebook check-in contest! She won a free month unlimited valued at $150!  Tune in daily to our facebook page to find out when we will offer the next contest  Like us on Facebook.


Help Tempe Combat Poverty and Empower People!


BYT will be collecting items for the Tempe Community Action Agency through March 31st.  Their supplies are running low and they need our help.    



Any food donation is appreciated but here is a list of their most needed items:



Peanut Butter

Powdered milk

Dried or canned beans

Canned meals (ex./ chili, ravioli, stew)

Canned meat (ex./ chicken, tuna, ham, salmon)

Boxed meals (ex./ Annie's Organic Skillet Meals)



100% Fruit juices

Canned vegetables*

Canned sauces/gravies*

Canned tomato products*

Fruit leather (100% fruit)

Dried fruits (ex./ dried bananas, raisins)

Canned fruits (in own juices or light syrup)

*Low-sodium/no salt added preferred




Rice cakes

Brown rice

Granola bars

Multigrain cereal

Whole wheat pasta

Macaroni and cheese

"Ordinary efforts consistently applied yield extraordinary results."  -Anonymous 


Elaina and Dr. Benjamin Zorensky, ND, Co-Owners
and Staff of Bikram Yoga Tempe, est. 2002!
1825 E Guadalupe Rd #103
Tempe, AZ 85283
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