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 " In his blue gardens, girls came and went like moths among the whisperings and the champagne and the stars" - F . Scott Fitzgerald
Summer can be found in the characters of Scott Fitzgerald lush garden celebrations, twinkling stars, the glint of champagne glasses, the breeze flowing softly through layers of chiffon worn by Margherita Missoni on her wedding day, but also the anticipation of what's  coming next . 
On this first Summer edition while packing for the season, I have invited you to a sneak peek in the world of  couture , hideaways and seasonal lifestyle taking the opportunity to  wish you all,  my dearest readers,  the best Summer ever.
 After all as Fitzgerald would notice , tender are the nights these days.

Missoni Fitzgerald and Carol Hannah
Like the beautiful flower embellished dress worn by Margherita Missoni,  last weekend when she married her racing car driver fiancÚ Eugenio Amos, designed  by Margherita herself,

Givenchy Haute Couture Fall 2012

When "Monsieur Hubert" originally designed Hepburn's 1960s dress, it was all about simplicity of form. The garment -- alongside Coco Chanel's -- is among history's most iconic little black dresses. Here, 50 years after Blake Edwards' romantic comedy, the look is far more eccentric.


Summer Packing

It's the beginning of July , the trip in China is very far away now and it boiling hot in Manhattan.

Last night I watched a great new movie called Savages and the  layer back lifestyle in a Californian home on the beach gave me a sense of deep nostalgia... t's time to pack, and to pack for Summer.


Gaya Island Resort

There is a place, accessible only by boat, where all that nature has created, from sheltered coral reefs to protected mangroves, over thousands of years has been preserved by those devoted to its care.

The place, opened last week is called  Gaya Island Resort at Pulau Gaya. 




The Footloose Season


 Nothing better than going to Mid-town Manhattan's Bergdorf Goodman and Barney's sumptuous shoe salons to check  under  fresh air-conditioning  the  arrivals of the footwear that will brave the our unforgiving concrete this coming Fall and Winter .





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