Shambalala Begawan Giri Ubud Bali

Como Shamabalala Estate, Ubud Bali


 Dearest Friends and Readers ,



Because of my great passion for travel and the unpaired emotion felt every time I stepped in a beautiful hotel during the last 40 years, I have now found a way to better share those vivid emotions with you by offering a new service on-line.


I am proud and exited to announce Joelle Magazine brand new partnership with the spectacular Kiwi Collection 


 Through Joelle Magazine and Kiwi Collection, now you will be able to enjoy expert guidance on the best luxury hotels and book for a range of tastes and budgets.


From Ryokans in Japan and tented luxury camps in Africa, to luxurious palaces in Europe and hip urban hotels around the globe we are sure that you will enjoy the ride as much as we do.


The only difference is that by booking through us with a Visa Premium Card , your price on-line  and exclusive benefits will be the best ever, guaranteed. 


Start being an Hotel Collector like us by browsing through Joelle Magazine for your dream destination making that Collection of Affordable Luxury Experiences , finally come true.






  J.M  interview with C.E.O and Founder Philippe Kjellgren

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