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"We Spaniards know a sickness of the heart that only gold can cure."

  Hernando Cortez

                                           Wishing you my reader a 2011 of gold.


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Twice a month, Joelle Lifestyle News will bring you the greatest hand-picked must-haves, as well as Joelle's travel posts and the latest hot news from around the world.

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Hell of a Year

New York City, 90 degrees Fahrenheit, I am walking on the sidewalk of Lexington Avenue drained by the cruel, unbearable humidity of the day. I need to find paradise..." Do you think you could be of help through your powerful portfolio of connections?

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They Call Me Los Cabos

The desert is calling: the Saguaro Cactus are warriors that urge me on, and Chollas are the armor protecting me. My patient brothers the puma and falcon show me the way. In the silence, the whistling wind fortifies me. I take wings and fly.

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Bienvenida al Paraiso

I am delighted to confirm your private transportation, please feel free to contact me should be any other special detail that I would need to know in order to ensure an enjoyable stay at Paradise. Julio Salas - That one , I am proud to introduce as my third Angel.

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Art Angels and Landscape

The building materials are Mexican and largely organic, the inlaid-pebble walkways are from local riverbeds; the latilla ceilings are made with wood from Mexico's mainland; the palapas are created from local palm thatch; and, instead of carpeting, Mexican conchuela stone floors were put down.
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Paradise Suite  Salud

Capri SeascapeThe sky of a dark blue, the gentle breeze, the distilled fragrance of the flamboyants trees , the waves of the ocean, the smell of the sand, the noise of a desert squirrel make me feel alive. I breath deeply released at last.

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Cacti Mundo

There is no better place to experience the beauty of cacti than in the picturesque tropical setting of Cactimundo Los Cabos Botanical Gardens. This magical oasis for cacti aficionados shimmers with a tropical aura of ecological majesty.

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Shopping in San Jose

Through pictures and useful addresses, I have chosen to take you around Cabo San Luca' s smaller but charming city sister. Some of the most interesting shops are clustered within patios, secret gardens and delicious restaurants.

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Edith Fiesta of Flavors

Passionately committed to serving authentic Baja Californian regional cuisine, dining at Edith Jiménez's restaurants overlooking Cabo San Lucas Bay is an enchanting event. Check the party!

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Celestial Chef

He is one of the world's few masters of this unique cooking technique based on the finest meats and freshest seafood, the flavors imbued by the woods, fine olive oils and fresh herbs from Las Ventanas' own herb garden. Check the recipes!

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Hotel California

When hippies would pay $2 to sleep in a hammock and have the use of a communal bath and shower at the Hotel California. As hype and legend would have it, it became the Hotel California of Eagles rock and roll fame.

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Todos Santos Pueblo Magico

Where desert meets the Sierra Laguna mountain range, the Southern Baja peninsula on the Pacific coast hosts Todos Santos. As you enter by car, you will delight in this Oasis of palms & fruit trees producing delicious mangoes, papayas, avocados & more.

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Guess Who's Coming for Breakfast?

Follow me, not in Twitter though, as I describe one simple and enchanting aspect of my new routine at Las Ventanas del Paraiso. It maybe frequent, or infrequent but the unexpected here can always be expected...

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Querencia and Palmilla

The area that takes you along the coastline and beaches from San Jose del Cabo to Cabo San Lucas is known as the Corridor. It is considered the most prestigious, exclusive and beautiful real estate in all of Mexico.

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Leaving Paradise

On my way to the room a small note asking me to pick my "Take Off Menu" the ultimate flight menu preference and a my small night companion, a Mexican folk doll thanking me for my stay at Las Ventanas and wishing me good night.

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