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"Supreme excellence consists of breaking the enemy's resistance without fighting."
Sun Tzu - The Art of War

"Let's be realistic, let's demand the impossible."
Ernesto "Che" Guevara - The Motorcycle Diaries

"Greatness is not reserved for the great.  The great are simply those who have risen to meet their destiny."
Michael Berg - Becoming Like God

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Joelle Lifestyle is the ultimate destination for style, spirituality and useful advice for travel, fashion, food and design.  It is a stimulus for culturally charged communities, where the choices are infinite.

Twice a month, Joelle Lifestyle News will bring you the greatest hand-picked must-haves, as well as Joelle's travel posts and the latest hot news from around the world.

A personalized, custom-fit lifestyle consulting service with Joelle herself is now available globally, online, with just a click.

"I truly hope you'll enjoy the lifestyle, the passion, and the love I wish to share with you.  May harmony, bliss, and beauty be in your life with that touch of style!"

- Joelle

Multi Peace Sign Necklace
by Jill Jacobson

I'll Take It!
2009 Instant Karma Resolutions

Based on the Instant Karma principle, I gathered from the planets a few simple and immediate suggestions to enliven and enlighten your life in 2009.

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Spiritual Jeweler

Capri SeascapeWhen Rachel Brown walks into a room she immediately makes you think she came out from Rue Cambom, the legendary headquarters of Chanel in Paris. But what is her connection to the spiritual teachings of the Kabbalah?

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Wardrobe Guru

She's worked with celebrities like Susan Sarandon, Natasha Richardson, Jessica Alba, Cameron Diaz, Selma Blair, Queen Latifah and Cynthia Nixon. They've all benefited from her keen and discerning eye." Meet Stacey Mayesh.

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A Peace of Our Time

Fish from the SeaJust like Madonna and Michelle Pfeiffer, the peace symbol is turning 50 this year. When an icon turns that age, you can start making some judgments about whether it has what it takes to endure.

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Lost and Found Connections

The day those towers fell I was in a car, stuck in the heavy morning traffic of the Sao Paulo streets. I received a phone call from a friend saying, "A minute ago an aircraft hit one of the World Trade Center towers..."

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Have a Tatoo Heart 

The 2008 Gucci UNICEF Campaign called "Tattoo Heart" will has special-edition Gucci products bearing a tattoo-style heart motif, with 25 percent of sales being donated to UNICEF program that supports children affected with HIV/AIDS in Africa.
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Boho is Dead Long Live Foho

It'll come as no surprise to you to hear that the Boho look is dead. The term Foho, represents the origins and influence of the trend; it's origins in the Boho look, and the heavy influence of folk culture.

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Luxury Goes Online

Though consumers are slowing their spending, luxury online retailers may be the first to benefit. Luxury goods companies cater to the growing number of ultra-affluent shoppers who prefer to buy their luxuries online.

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Secret Black Diamonds Catwalk

The annual Victoria's Secret fashion show kicked off with Heidi Klum and Adriana Lima wowing the audience in a $5 million Black Diamond Fantasy Miracle Bra, encrusted with rubies and black and white diamonds.