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"In the journey of celebrity, sometimes, it's  important to stop
and close the world at our back.
- Andy Garcia

Behind an elegant facade, there are values to protect. Solid and refined, Tonino Cacace's Capri Palace Hotel & Spa  is by excellence, the experience of living simultaneously with art, luxury and wellness. Your only doubt would be when to go.

Capri Palace Hotel


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I'll Take It

I Can't Believe I'm  Still Around!

I  received an email that the coming winter is going to be the coldest, longest and snowiest in the last 50 years. I decided to extend my Summer a little longer in a wonderful hidden spot in Anacapri.

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Entrepreneur with a Soul

Capri SeascapeThe day I met Tonino Cacace, second generation owner of one of the most luxurious hotels in the world, the Capri Palace Hotel & Spa, was few weeks before my recent arrival to Anacapri.

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Medical Spa Oasis

The Capri Beauty Farm has acquired significant experience in the field of wellness medicine. A specialized medical team, in collaboration with several Universities, is constantly involved in medical scientific research

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A Star of a Chef

Fish from the SeaPart of the my success in losing weight at Capri Beauty Farm is due to the Executive chef Oliver Glowig at the Capri Palace Hotel & Spa. I spoke with him to better understand  the why the Mediterranean cuisine is the most balanced diet in the world.

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The Boutique: New Luxury Trends

One of the best things to do in Europe during the Summer, besides tanning under the sun, is to make sure you do not miss what's going on in the upcoming Fall/Winter fashion trends.

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Villa San Michele

Villa San Michele on Capri in Italy is a magical place that must be experienced. While some speak of its Feng Shui perfection and its enchanting beauty, it awakes a feeling of dread in some.

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Living with Art

Bidders defied grim market sentiment this month, with the majority of lots attracting enthusiastic bidding at Damien Hirst's "Beautiful Inside My Head Forever" sale at Sotheby's, London.

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September Shopping in Anacapri

The people of Anacapri have a certain gentleness and hospitality that is touching as it is inviolate. In their daily work, they seem to command respect by virtue of not asking for it.
On Top of the World

Monte Solaro is the highest part of Capri, towering 589 meters above sea level, and boasting a 360 panorama of the island of Capri. In the distance one can identify the mountains of Calabria, the Apennines.