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The Medieval, Gothic, Baroque, Art Nouveau, and Renaissance of the last millenium slowly built up Master Janius Astonomical Clock fireworks in Stare Mesto at the beginning of my new Year.

The haunted legends of the past belonging to
men like Francis Kafka, Wolfang A. Mozart , St Agnes , Alfons Mucha, King Wenceslas, Charlemagne, traveled the world of  Cubism, Comunism, Modernism, Revivalism reaching the Avant-Guarde design of what is Prague today. A city with an enormous desire to finally aquire its own soul and identity at last.

A never-ending source of intoxicating Bohemian inspiration while the Vitava river still arcs peacefully through its heart.

It has been quite an experience, I hope you'll enjoy me sharing it with you.
Happy New Year to all!



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It's my last day in Prague.

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Mucha and the Cathedral

While in Prague my mother called me on my cell from Brussels "You still didn't go to the Mucha museum ??"-" No mum, not yet!" I replied in a defensive voice without really knowing what I had done wrong... "Mum... there is so much to do in this city!..." Read More
Shop Cubist in Prague

Thankfully there's more to Prague than Paritzska street, the city equivalent to Bond street or Rue Faubourgh Saint-Honore .It Is on the surrounding streets of Dlouha, Dusni,and Kolkvove,where rents are more affordable, that the real heart Czech creativity beats. Read More
Stahov Monastery Libraries

Founded in 1140 by Prince Vladislav II, the giant white Strahov Monastery looks down from its Petrin Hill vantage point over the busiest areas of Mala Strana.

This tranquil setting was established for the Premonstratensians, followers of the teachings of St Augustine. Read More
Josefov: The Jewish Quarter

While the city holds an allure to worldwide literati and coffee connoisseurs, I particularly chose to have my breakfast coffee at the charming and atmospheric Frantz Kafka cafe. Prague café culture was a pivotal element in his life and an inspiration to his writing. Read More
St. Agnes of Bohemia Convent

The St. Agnes convent, tucked in a corner of Staré Mesto and hard to find , is the first Gothic building complex of churches in Prague.

It was built in 13th century by Agnes, sister of King Wenceslas, and now houses a magnificent collection highlighting Bohemian and Central European Medieval art from 1200 to 1550. Read More
 Czech Design Avant-Garde

In 1984, at the time he shot the movie on the life of Wolfang Amadeus Mozart Oscar nominated director Milos Forman hadn't probably met yet Barbora Skorpilova co-founder of Mimolimit studio, architect Boris Sipek , and Graphic designer Ales Najbr of Studio Najbrt. All represent today the Czech architectural and design Avant-Garde. Read More
The New Year in Romantic Old Prague

I was offered as a surprise for my birthday to spend the New Year of 2008 in Prague.

With all the traveling I have done, it would be my first time in the Czech Republic . I knew it would be a different experience from anything else but had no idea about the emotional impact the city would cause on me.  Read More