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The Holiday Season

The season has just started and it's here to stay until we get ready for the  beginning of the new year.

It's snowing tonight in New York City but the store windows and the streets look more festive than ever.

Spice Girls , Damien Hirst and the designer Tony Duquette memory
inspire us in their continuous  reinventions of themselves and controversial visions of life.

  This week we discover Fashion designer Malini Murjani , at her parents elegant hom in Midtown New York,  and  the   Barney's "Enfant Terrible " window dresser   Simon Doonan in an inteview on the latest store eco-creation.

And for a city that never sleep here are some final tips ...



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Victoria's Secret Spice Girls

The reunion of the Spice Girls was definitely the highlight of Victoria's Secret Lingerie Fashion Show.

That is, if you don't count the gorgeous half-naked models like Heidi Klum, Alessandra Ambrosio and Karolina Kurkova wearing thongs, corsets, thigh-high stockings, peacock-, pheasant-, goose- and turkey-feather wings, crystal-covered bras, and teetering on stiletto boots and red-soled Christian Louboutin platform heels. Read more

Sleep Chic in NYC

The holiday season is stressing me, on top of everything I got the new dehydrating flu that is not allowing me to concentrate, half of the day I am nauseated with an upset stomach, and and the other I am coughing. At night I am completely focused thinking, during the day I am in an irritated mood and in a disoriented dream state. Something's wrong here! Read more
Barney's Green holidays

"This year, Barneys "Give Good Green" initiative will include "Rudolph the Recycling Reindeer", "The Twelve Green Days of Christmas," and "The Heroes of Green"-paying homage to everyone from Al Gore to Wangari Maathai-as well as artwork by children of Mother Earth, which is available for sale to benefit regional charities. Read more
Damien Hirst Strikes Back

Never mind that the world financial markets are in turmoil, or that Sotheby's had a very rocky auction night last Wednesday. A rich artist and his developer patron proved this weekend that excess endures. Read more
The Diamond Wish list

Five years into an oil boom, Moscow is becoming one of the hottest markets for luxury goods. Already, it counts 25 billionaires, along with a healthy number of Russia's total of 88,000 millionaires.The GoldVish cellphone, for example, glitters with 120 carats of diamonds, encrusting a case of white gold. And if the sparkle alone did not draw in customers, Mr. Morren hired a blonde model to hold up a plaque declaring: "Certificate of the most expensive mobile phone."  Read more
Marlini India Grandeur

Hong-Kong Born Malini, Indian of nationality, reveals to my surprise that she has been designing for over five years a line of accessories-handbags and belts, her forte that have become a favorite with editors at Harpers Bazaar, W magazine and Vogue. Among her clients are Paula Abdul and Tori Spelling. Her line is sold in high-end stores in New York, Los Angeles,including Harvey Nichols, and on Pedder in Honk Kong. Read More
 Tony Duquette

Tony Duquette, the brilliant and eccentric California designer of interiors, stage sets and jewelry, this season is rediscovered as the inspiration in Wednesday unveiled New York Fifth Avenue luxurious Christmas windows at Bergdoff Goodman retailer and his vision rendered in scenarios that are part Elsie de Wolfe and part Brothers Grimm. Read more