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Bill & Tammy Woods
MAY 2010

"OK, no more children for awhile."

We were in agreement. Eighteen children and two girls in college were keeping us plenty busy and stretched emotionally and financially. That on top of a flourishing church and our children's ranch project, our plate was definitely full! Then the call came. A little girl abandoned by her mother. Left in a crib her muscles have atrophied. Bill, Ronnie, Ivonne and I made the trip to check out her situation and have all come to the conclusion that we need to do something. Her name is Kimberly and she has beautiful brown eyes and a contagious smile. She seems to be fine mentally, but her muscles are weak and stiff. So now we have 19 children and two in college......Kimberly is another reason why we feel the need for the Potters Ranch to be built. On a weekly basis we are given the opportunity to make the difference in the life of a child and it breaks our hearts not to have room for one more. So please prayerfully consider partnering with us in the Potters Ranch Project. 

Building Blocks Arrive

What a blessing! We finally have the block to continue the construction on our bunk house! A brother in Tuxtla (capital city of Chiapas) heard about our work with the children and donated 10 tons of cement! Another brother in our church has a block press and gave us a discounted price to make the blocks. Bill and volunteers from the church spent five days moving 6000 blocks. They have about 3000 more to go. It should be enough to finish the bunk house, tractor barn and two more barns for the rabbit project. Yippee!

                                  "Tia Pia"

After five years of serving the Lord as a missionary on the islands of Micronesia, Pia Kaufman felt like the Lord was calling her to a different mission field. Growing up in Germany, she loved working with her father on their farm. As she thought about her future, she felt a strong desire to work with children but she also wanted to work in a farm or ranch setting. Doing a search on the internet she typed in those words and our website popped up.

As she read about our work in southern Mexico, she had a growing sense of excitement that this might be the place the Lord was calling her to. After contacting us, we asked her to come for a visit. She has just spent ten days with us on her return trip to Germany. We are all so happy to report that it looks like Pia will be joining our family here in Arriaga. She has to finish up her commitment in Micronesia this coming year but it looks like the Lord will be bringing her our way after that. Please be in prayer for her as she starts her Spanish studies and  finishes up her previous commitments.

The children are all in agreement, they love Tia Pia!

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