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Bill & Tammy Woods
February 2010

  It's almost time for the children to come home from school and what peace and quite we have been able to enjoy this morning is about to come to a grinding halt. There is one inescapable fact about children. They need attention and lots of it. It they can't get it from you in a positive way then they will manage to figure out how to get it from you one way or another. Positive or negative, attention is attention. 


   Bill just bought four new brooms, we have one left. Our inventive boys found a way to unscrew the broom heads and use the handles as long swords.


I am positive that the boys won their imaginary backyard war after seeing the carnage of decapitated brooms and broken, twisted broom handles. Of course we can no longer connect the two and the original purpose of sweeping the floors has become a point of contention between the girls and boys. In other words they are fighting over the remaining broom. The concept of "living by faith" is lost on the children as Bill is giving his lecture about the costs of brooms. One day it's brooms and the next day it's trying to make everyone understand the cost of leaving lights and fans on. I am sure you can identify.  I have to tell you sometimes it is a real struggle to stay in faith. The severity of problems that the children face can be daunting and then there is all the financial needs to keep things running. Several of the children need some major dental work. I have learned so much over the last few years about God's faithfulness and even though I have moments of sinking below the water's surface, for the most part I am able to walk on it, because He has bid us come.

All in all our children are doing well. Carmita, who had been beaten so severely around her head and neck, is finally learning to read! Her fits of anger are almost non existent and she is communicating so much better. Jonathan is still a handful. He is the boy who was abandoned by illegals trying to make it to the United States on the train. He gets distracted so easily and provokes the other children. We kept him out of school last week. His poor teacher needed a break. She has five of our children in her class! 

   We received two 14 year old girls right before Christmas. Although we were a little anxious about receiving older girls, it has worked out very well. One girl's parents had both died of AIDS and the other was being molested by her step father. They have adapted well and are flourishing under the care of the Lord.

Below I have listed some of our needs. I have been hesitant to do this but as one of my very good friends recently admonished me, sometimes people need to know what you need so that they can pray about helping. 


Much love to you and yours,

Bill and Tammy 

Needs List
1. Monthly Sponsorship of a Child
    Our current monthly budget to run the ranch the orphanage and the
    church is $7,000 
2. Vehicles for the orphanage and the ranch
     A van to transport the children and small pickups for ranch work.

3. funds to finish the Bunk house on the Ranch that will house short
    term work teams. It will cost about $25,000 to complete.

Short Term Team Projects

1.  Painting the exterior of the Orphanage in Arriaga

2. Construction of the tractor barn and horse stable

3. Planting fruit trees

4. Tilapia farm project

5. Rabbit production facility

If your are interested in any one of these projects please write us at the
email address below.

Tax deductable donations can be made to:
In the US:
 Lost and Found International
PO Box 84
Stillwater, OK 74076
In Canada:
P.O. Box 25
Stouffville ON  L4A 7Z4