Lost & Found International
Short Term Mission Update                 Arriaga, Chiapas, Mexico August 29,2009
Brick Layers, Plumbers,Carpenters
and anyone with a desire to help build.


Short Term Construction Team From Michigan

  We are sending out this email with the hopes that it will touch the heart of a few hard working builders, men and women alike. Willing to sacrifice some of their time, money and energy, to help us build a better future for some of the many orphaned and abused children in Chiapas, Mexico.
  For those of you who aren't familiar with "The Potters Ranch" project, it is a 106 acre ranch located in the mountains of Cintalapa, Chiapas that was purchased two years ago with the vision of constructing a working ranch/children's village. A place where children can grow in a healthy environment, surrounded by the beauty of God's creation. As part of the goal of making "The Potters Ranch" self-sufficient we currently have 39 head of cattle, 15 goats, 50+rabbits, 70+chickens and one old horse that the kids love to ride.

Angel the Horse 
  When the project is finished it will consist of 20 small homes that will house between 8 to 10 children in each home. There will be a school, carpentry shop, gym and clinic/dentist office.
  The training center/administration is where we will focus our energies on raising up local believers to fill all areas of work and ministry on the ranch, knowing that the best legacy we can leave as missionaries, are qualified local believers to carry on the work of the ministry.
  So now comes the part where we need your help. We are in great need of a team of block layers, plumbers, carpenters, and all those who are willing to work. Over a year ago we started the construction of our first house the Bunk House called that because it will be where we will host or bunk our short term missions teams while they help us build the various structures that will make up the ranch. Last year we were blessed to host a team from Michigan that came down and helped us get the Bunk House to the point that you see in the picture below. What a blessing they were, I've never seen people work so hard..

Bunk House Best

Bunk House

 But that's as far as we've gotten. So we need plumbers to come and help us put in all of the drain pipes, water pipes, the water tower, septic field etc.  Next we need block layers and masons who can help us put up the walls (3000 blocks will do the job). Last but not least Carpenters to help us with doors and windows.

Tammy and I had the privilege of sharing in a church here in Chiapas last Sunday and afterwards a brother came up to me and said that he and his family would like to donate 30 tons of cement towards the construction of the ranch, WOW praise the Lord. What a huge blessing, since cement is one the most costly parts of the construction.
Please pray, and if you feel like this is something that you might be interested in call us:

in Mexico at 011-52-966-662-2635 or email us at hidinhim@gmail.com

With your participation we can begin to put a team together made up with believers from different parts of the world.

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