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VOLUME 004   APRIL 2009
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Family Vacation
One Big Happy Family
The children are giving glory to Jesus!
During the spring break the children experienced an amazing answer to their prayers. Over the last few years we had been able to take them on a three day vacation to the the capital city. In the past we had made visits to the zoo, the circus, the movies and of course a visit to McDonalds for a Happy Meal. This year we didn't feel we had the extra money we would need for the trip. So, we told the children if they wanted a vacation they would have to pray in the money for it. God answered. A local business woman in our church gave Kevin a small, plastic bag to give to me. When I opened it up it had $20,000 pesos in it, about $1800 USD. She had sold a piece of property and wanted to bless us. The children went crazy when they heard the news and our friend was amazed that the Lord had used her to answer the children's prayers.
P.$. We had a great vacation.


 We are giving God the glory for the success of our medical and dental campaign in the small village of San Marcos. God has blessed us with wonderful Christian doctors and dentists who have a like vision for reaching the lost and serving the poor. Over a hundred villagers were seen and ministered to for the glory of Jesus.

Tax deductable donations can be made to:
In the US:
 Lost and Found International
PO Box 84
Stillwater, OK 74076
In Canada:
P.O. Box 25
Stouffville ON  L4A 7Z4
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How much does a five year old boy cost? Well, the one above sold for less than $5.
We don't know Jonathan's full name, his age or even what country he was born in. He says he is five and that his name is Jonathan. He doesn't want to talk about his past or any family he may of had. And as he told one of us the other day, he would prefer if we would quit asking. What I do know is that he arrived here on top of a train with illegals trying to make their way up to the US border. A childless couple was approached at the river by a man and small boy. The man said the boy was too much trouble to travel with on the train and offered to sale him for $50 pesos (less than $5US). They paid for him but after two days they turned him over to the local authorities, he was too "difficult" for them to keep. That same day he was brought to live with us.
He had three large burns on his back and open sores and wounds on his legs and knees. His stomach was distended from parasites and he was one very sick and angry little boy. He had some colorful language for a five year old and it was obvious that he had been traveling with a rough group of men.
Jonathan has been with us for several months now. His antics keep us all laughing. Just looking at him fills me with joy.
What is the cost of a boy? The price of a Son.
Hellos and Goodbyes
What a blessing it is to be able to be part of a miracle that will change a life forever.
Lupita's mother left Lupita with us when she was about a year and a half old. She had been born with club feet and a failed surgery had left her little legs scarred and atrophied. She quickly stole our hearts as she became a part of our large family. After two years of prayer, therapy and surgeries...Lupita took her first steps. Those steps were to lead her out of our lives and back into the lives of her biological family. Her mother and brothers love her and had waited patiently until they could be reunited with her. It was with mixed emotions that we watched Lupita walk out of our home, but we are still rejoicing because, after all...she walked.
3 amigos
Church Life

"The doctors say I have cancer and it has spread," she said.
"Will you pray?"
The couple had caught us in between classes during our Saturday Bible School. They had been in the church for awhile and usually set in the back. I always felt that there was something "dark" about them. Later, I heard that they were both heavily involved in witchcraft.
Now here they were looking at us asking for prayer. I was surprised when Bill started to pray over the husband first. It was right out of the book of Acts. The man reacted as if someone had punched him. His body bent over backwards and he fell with a thud. We had a different sort of Bible School that day. Students looked on with shocked faces as they watched and prayed. After the man repented and renounced witchcraft, he prayed to receive Christ. It was like a light came on and his countenance completely changed. His wife received prayer and the following week came back with her doctor's report. No cancer. They both have committed themselves to Christ and Bill had the privileged of baptizing them a few weeks ago.
 We are delighted that they are now walking in the freedom that only Christ can give.
You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free!

Hid in Him,
Bill & Tammy Woods
Lost & Found International
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