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Samaritan's Purse Project
Over 200 hundred smiling children packed the church sanctuary.
A special thanks to all of you that have prepared shoe boxes for the Samaritan's Purse Project. We were blessed to hold an event for a little over 200 children. Many prayed to received Christ and through your wonderful gernerosity all the children were able to receive a special Christmas present. For many it was the only Christmas gift they received this year. God Bless you!
Update on Lupita


Lupita is an inspiration to us all. After several surgeries and months in casts she continues to laugh and smile. The heavy casts haven't stopped her. She has invented a way to scoot around on her bottom and keep us all on our toes.
We have found a specialist in Mexico City who is doing her surgeries for free, but we have had to fly Lupita and a caregiver back and fourth at least seven times. So far we have spent about $8000 on airline tickets, hotels and travel expenses and we aren't finished yet. So, if anyone wants to pitch in, we would be ever so grateful.
Thank you so much for your constant prayers and support.
Tax deductable donations can be made to:
In the US:
Lost and Found International
PO Box 84
Stillwater, OK 74076
In Canada:
make checks made payable
P.O. Box 25
Stouffville ON  L4A 7Z4
There should be a reference to Bill & Tammy Woods/Lost & Found International name on the memo line of the donor's cheque


Lali sharing flowers at the ranch

There are days that I question my sanity.  Other days, I question Bill's.

I think I knew from the moment that I received the Lord that this was what God had in store for me. I would stand transfixed as those ads would come on television asking for donations for the starving children of the world. Tears would roll down my face and a sob would work its way out of my throat as I watched the gaunt faces paraded before me. It wasn't just my emotions getting away from me. It was a deep knowing that I had been created for a purpose and that purpose was tied up in the blank stares of suffering children.  Life is crazy because now our home is filled with those little faces and behind the suffering is a lot of anger and rejection. Bellies are easy to fill but wounded hearts are a little more complicated. We lean hard on God and we see miracles, but loving comes with a cost. Our days are filled with activity and refereeing. Now I find myself in the middle of my dreams and there are still days that I question my sanity, but never my calling.

Ranch News
Things are moving forward with the Children's Ranch project. The fence is up and we have planted a hundred and twenty mango trees.
Hopefully, construction will begin soon on the first building. The children love going for picnics and exploring and they have been helping, even the smallest wants to get in on the action!
The Church and Bible School
People continue to come to Christ through the services and classes at the church and Bible school. Weekly, if not daily we hear testimonies of how God has brought healing, deliverance and reconciliation to individuals and families.
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