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Church Growth
The Ranch
Lupita's Surgery
Bill and Tammy Woods
Recipe for Hairloss
13 school age children
2 babies
2 college students
1 teen
135 School books to be covered
28 pairs of new shoes
14 new back packs
25 new uniforms,
a pinch of underwear and socks
pencils, crayons, notebooks, markers, glue, etc.
birth certificates and school records
Two trips to the dentist
Stir well and whip in
12 cases of Chicken Pox
3  cases intestinal worms
Bake for several weeks in 100 plus degrees with high humidity and rain.
Serve with an abundant supply of grace and garnish with praise!
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Dear Friends and Family
We just want to give you a brief account of our latest news here in Arriaga, Chiapas, Mexico. Although we have had many trials this last few months we have had some tremendous victories as well. We rejoice that the kingdom of God is advancing in our part of the world! As always, we are extremely grateful to those of you who have been faithfully supporting and praying for us and the work here. We love you!
Church Growth

The last few months our meeting area was bursting at the seams. What a wonderful problem to have. As more and more people have come to Christ we were really struggling with our inadequate net! Our catch was spilling over the side. But the Lord has provided once again in a miraculous way and we have been cleaning, repairing,and painting an old (and I mean OLD!) movie theater. Meetings started last month and what a blessing it has been to have some elbow room. The brothers and sisters have been giving and serving sacrificially to see all of the repairs done. It's wonderful to see them taking on the responsibility for their local church. To God be the glory!
Rancho "La Manada Pequeña"
Ranch with kids 
The ranch property has been bought and all we can say is "YeeHaw"! We are all so excited about what the Lord has planned for this piece of property. For the last seven years we have passed this area several times a month and I would always say to Bill that this was one of my favorite areas. The view is amazing in this little valley surrounded by beautiful mountains. I never dreamed that this would be the place where the Lord would bless us with the location of the children's ranch.
We have had this vision in our heart for over twenty years! The Lord has spoken to our hearts that the time is now and that we are going to see hundreds of children rescued and blessed through this work.
So, dust off your cowboy hats and put on your boots cause we're gonna be "needen" some help on this 106 acres of choice property!
Lupita's Surgery


Praise Report! A surgeon in Mexico City has offered to preform surgery on Lupita's club feet! He is one of the best surgeons in his field here in Mexico. The surgery is set for September 18th. Please be in prayer for her.
Our other baby, Christian is finally putting on some weight and is a joy to all of us. At one year old he weighed about 12 pounds. He was classified as 3rd degree malnutrition and was so weak he couldn't hold up his head without support. He is now walking and talking. He says "more" when he wants more food and is an expert at blowing kisses to everyone!

We wrote a little bit about these two little girls in our last newsletter. The one on the left was beaten so badly that her two front teeth had been broken. Well, they are doing much better now although we are still having to help them deal with rejection and anger issues. They now come running for hugs and kisses instead of hiding under tables and behind doors. We were able to enroll them in school and they were so excited to dress up in their uniforms and carry their backpacks like the big girls. They still need lots of prayers. Please pray that the Lord will give us his divine wisdom so that we can truly minister to their wounded hearts.
Jason and Amanda Butcher
jason and amanda 

Last year the Lord blessed us in a wonderful way by answering our cry for helpers. Jason and Amanda Butcher had read a newsletter we had sent to Jason's parents. They said they new immidiately that the Lord was calling them to join us in Chiapas. So, they flew down to meet us and see the work. We fell in love with them and I think they kind of like us too! They went back to the states and loaded up their van with their two sons, Chandler (5) and Peyton (1) and made their way here. Almost a year later we are still rejoicing over the goodness of God in sending us such a perfect fit for our work here.
Please pray for them as they continue their fight of faith for finances, the Spanish language and raising their children on the mission field. Thanks!
Hid in Him,
Bill & Tammy Woods
Lost & Found International
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