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VOLUME 001 MAY 2007
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Bill and Tammy Woods
This month Tammy and I will be celebrating 25 years of marriage and 25 years of ministry together. WOW does time fly when your having fun. Had someone told me back then where we were going to go and the things we were going to experience in those 25 years I would have told them they were crazy. But looking back I canīt think of a better way to spend my life, and I canīt think of a more perfect mate to experience it with. Thank you Jesus.
 Youth Camp
What a joy it was to hear testimonies and see the transformation in the lives of the teens that participated in our first annual youth camp. There were over 50 youth that attended.  Special thanks to all of you who flew in to help us from Canada and the U.S. We love and appreciate you. The seed you have sown here has landed on good ground and we continue to see fruit from your labor of love.
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Dear Friends and Family
This has already turned out to be a year of change, it has been so exciting to see the Lord work. First in the Bible school then the Church and last but not least the Children's home. We are so excited to share with you just a few of the things that have happened in these few short months.
The Lord's Flock

New Church Location For the last 7 years the ministry in Arriaga has all operated out of one location. First it was the Bible School and then came the Church and after that the Childrenīs home. In the beginning it worked but as the Lord has continued to prosper the work we have now out grown the facility. Sunday morning, itīs standing room only and we continue to see new growth every week. So, recently we began looking for a place to rent and as always the Lord supplied in a way we would have never imagined. One of the graduates from the Bible school ownīs a furniture store with her husband, which at one time was the old town movie theatre and he is allowing us to rent it. Hammers and paintbrushes have been flying as we have been making needed repairs. The Bible School and the Church will be moved to the new location. This will give us the needed room and privacy that we need for the orphanage. Rejoice with us! The Kingdom of God is being extended.

A New Baby Christian in the House
Tammy and YajairaIn March we were contacted by the local authorities about a baby boy that had been removed from his motherīs care. She is a prostitute with a severe drug problem. The baby was eleven months old and only weighed about 12 pounds. To keep him from crying when he was hungry she was putting glue in a bag and holding it over his mouth and nose to make him sleep. The authorities brought him to us straight from the hospital and he was just all bones. Ironically, the mother had named him Christian and we can see the hand of the Lord on this child. He has already gained five pounds. The rest of the children are delighted to have him here with us and the older children are such a tremendous help.
Rancho ĻLa Maņada PequeņaĻ
Rancho For years we have had a vision in our hearts to start a childrenīs ranch. In the mid eighties we worked on a boyīs ranch in Texas and we have always felt that one day we would be able to apply that experience and knowledge on the mission field. Well, it looks like that vision is in the process of coming to pass. If we have heard the Lord correctly than in the coming months we will be purchasing a piece of land about 25 minutes from Arriaga. Two Springs originate on the property which ensures us a continual water supply and it is also in the mountains which will give us some relief from the heat. Please be in prayer with us.
Carmita and Romelia

Carmita y Romelia A few days ago we received a frantic phone call from a woman that Tammy had taught in a Bible study. Her neighbor had been beating his little girls. They had called the police the night before but no one had every arrived from the police department. She said that she had seen one of the little girls that morning and her face was black and blue. Could we somehow help? We had Jonathan call the local authorities and they sent out social workers and the police who arrested the man. They then called us and asked us if we could take the girls in until their future could be decided. When the girls arrived we were so shocked to see the results of their fatherīs rage. The oldest girl is about five years old and he had hit her so hard that the blood vessels in both of her eyes were ruptured. Her face is swollen and bruised. Those wounds are healing but itīs very evident that there are other emotional  wounds that arenīt healing so fast. Would you please be in prayer for these two little sisters and that the judge would make a decision that is in the best interest of the girls. After all, we serve a higher court of justice and a judge who is always righteous in his judgements.

A Miracle for Lupita
lupita Teresa refused to abort her baby girl. Her husband was on his way to prison and he demanded that she abort her pregnancy. After all, she had the responsibility of two older children. But Teresa didnīt abort her and she kept it a secret from her husband. When the little girl was born she felt God was punishing her because the child was born with severe club feet. Over the next year the burden of caring for her handicapped daughter and her two sons became unbearable. She brought 18 month old Lupita to us and asked us to take her and help her if we could. So, for the time being Lupita is a part of our family. We have her under a doctorīs care and we are giving her physical therapy three times a day. In three months the doctors would like to preform surgery to straighten her feet. When she trys to walk now, she is walking on her ankles.
We are praying everyday that the Lord will heal her, so that she doesnīt have to have the surgery. Would you please be in prayer with us about this? Thanks!
In Jesus love,
Bill & Tammy Woods
Lost & Found International


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