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Spring 2012

This issue of GetAheadLines features new roster additions, the GSA Scandal Re-Framed, a quick look back at a winter memory, a short story about how I get inspired and a big thank you to some of our recent customers. As the weather warms up and you start to plan your summer and fall events the Get Ahead Pro Team would like to ask you to consider making us a part of your conference, meeting or event success plan. A recent customer said it best: : "What do I say? Thank you could never be enough. You kicked off our program with a bang! You made me look good, but most importantly....opened eyes." The Get Ahead Team is looking forward to earning your business, engaging your audience and opening eyes.

Introducing Karen Baetzel a former Navy pilot who was nicknamed Battle Ax!
Sea King In action CAPT Karen Baetzel retired after 30 years of commissioned service in the United States Navy. She is one of the few Naval aviators of either gender to qualified as Aircraft Commander in helicopters, propeller and jet aircraft, amassing over 2000 military flight hours in seven aircraft types and serving aboard six ships. After her Commanding Officer tour, Karen was one of two senior Navy Reserve officers nationwide to be chosen to attend the prestigious Naval War College in residence, earning a Masters Degree in National Security and Strategic Studies. She was then hand picked to serve on the elite Navy Leadership Training Team for senior officers. Karen also specialized in defense emergency preparedness serving at the state level and in the Offices of the Secretary of Defense in the Pentagon. She was a military responder to numerous national emergencies including the 9/11 attacks and Hurricane Katrina.

One of Karen's Sea Kings
Karen's Sea King Why we like Karen: Karen is the real deal. She has traveled the world and has led teams during critical periods that faced our country. She can handle any audience and delivers programs with tremendous take away value all based upon time tested real world experience. She does this will a mix of humor humility and grace that is hard to find in today's speaker industry. We trust Karen with some of our toughest assignments so you know you can depend upon her when your mission is critical. Call us today to secure Karen for your next critical mission.

Interactive, Humorous, Dynamic, Fun: Joel Zeff!
JoelZeff FUN Plus Results Joel Zeff creates energy. His spontaneous humor and vital messages have thrilled audiences for years. As a national workplace expert, speaker, author and humorist, Joel captivates audiences with a unique blend of hilarious improvisational comedy and essential ideas on work and life. He has shared his experience and insight on creativity, communication, work/life balance, leadership, teamwork, passion, and fun with more than 1,200 companies and organizations. His new book, "Make the Right Choice: Creating a Positive, Innovative and Productive Work Life" is consistently listed as one of the top work/life balance books on Amazon. He has appeared on CNBC's The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch, the Fox Network's Fox and Friends Weekend and been featured in the Dallas Morning News, Houston Chronicle, The Kansas City Star, and many other media outlets. For more information contact our office 603.664.8888.

Why we like Joel: Joel passes the ultimate speaker test! When ever we book Joel he always get's asked back for a repeat performance. Joel is excellent and our customers know they can count on him for a uplifting program that get's results for their organization.

The GSA story re-framed. A quick note on the GSA conference scandal. Meetings are part of the solution to our world's challenges and problems. Real honest connections and experiences lead to great ideas and the changes our society needs to thrive and prosper. As a conference organizer and meeting professional working to empower your members or associates you are part of the solution. I applaud your work and know that the vast majority of conferences and meetings deliver a substantial return on investment for the organizations that plan them properly with specific goals and objectives in mind. The United States General Services Administration needs new strong leadership and professional meeting planners with the training to develop appropriate conference goals and objectives that will deliver a solid return on the tax payer's investment. Canceling or limiting conferences and training programs is not the answer. Speak up about this issue and let others know how professional's in our industry do what's right and create great events, conferences and meetings that deliver positive results for every stakeholder.

How I get inspired: The NH Family Support Conference Story
Tom Hayes Keynote Over the years I've experienced the world's best and worst thought leaders and motivational speakers. Reviewing and experiencing hundreds of speakers and entertainers is a key part of my job. So I've been inspired, I've been moved and I've experienced more than a few speakers that needed to rethink their career path. In today's never ending tweet, youtube multimedia world it's hard to know what is real and what really matters. So I wanted to share a story of a gift of inspiration that I received. It's made a difference in my life and my hope is that it can in yours too! A few years ago my wife asked me to attend the NH Family Support Conference for families with children with severe disabilities. Of course she was a key stake holder and helped run the event so I knew I would be "put to work" during the days of the conference. Most of you all know that running a conference can feel like a never ending "put out the fire" experience. This particular event is run on a very, very tight budget by a group of wonderful people interested in making a difference for the families they support. Something special happened to me during the conference. I was given a new understanding and appreciation for individuals and families that have to "work" ( I use that word for it's specific meaning ) with individuals who have different or unique challenges. Every day seemed a little less bothersome and a little brighter knowing how fortunate I was to not have to "work" quite as hard as many families do, due to their families' developmental disability. You see, that is a never ending 24/7 deal for these families. They don't get to opt out or take a break. They are on call and in demand all the time and for many of them it is a life long commitment.

The Family Support Conference is a once a year opportunity to share, learn and be rejuvinated in an environment that truly understands the "work" of supporting and loving a family member with challenges. Over the years I've been lucky to go the conference, work a little, share some laughs with the staff and attendees while making a small positive impact for these families. Last year I found out about the struggles the team was having in raising the money to be able to produce the conference. So, on the spot I offered to provide a keynote speaker for them. I was hoping the offer would give the team a lift and lighten the burden that you all know is a part of producing and running a 700 plus person event! After careful consideration and a quick look at the balance sheet the conference team accepted my offer. This year I'm fortunate to be able to help provide them with keynote speaker, Tom Hayes, a person who knows perfectly well that a disability can actually become an ability maker. Tom's personal life story of losing a leg to a very aggressive form of cancer at age 12 and moving on to business and life success is truly inspiring. Tom's inspirational keynotes, Cancer Survivor Day programs, comedy and trainings have touched thousands of people. A big THANK YOU to Tom Hayes and the entire conference team that puts together the NH Family Support Conference. You folks inspire me and the Get Ahead Pro Team is grateful to play a small part in the success of this year's conference. All of us in the meetings industry give back and inspire families, attendees and business associates.
Please take a moment today to acknowledge the great work you do and how as a meeting professional you make the world a little brighter every day. Meetings, conferences and events are part of the solution not part of the problem. "There is nothing so powerful as truth, and often nothing so strange." Daniel Webster

For more information about the Family Support Conference please follow this link:

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A Winter memory: Chris with his Ski Team at Camp Sunshine just a few weeks ago!
Chris with his family at camp Sunshine Planning a meeting or event? In need of entertainment or a great keynote speaker? Our clean corporate entertainers and speakers keep things clean and do it with style. if you need a message to be delivered in between the comedy or music that can be worked right in. The old saying "A spoon full of sugar always helps the medicine go down" is so true during these challenging times.

A big thank you to some of our recent Get Ahead Pro customers: The Social Security Administration, Securian Financial, LeadingAge Rhode Island, The Concord Regional Visiting Nurses Association, Department of Child Services State of Florida, NH Primex and the Infusion Nurses Society.

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